11 Best Sit-Down Pizza Places in the US You Should Visit

From New York to California: A Delicious Tour of America’s Top Pizza Restaurants

When talking about the Cosmopolitan nature of the United States, it offers a wide range of experiences, be it shopping during the day or partying at night. One of the best experiences of being in the US is being able to enjoy a diverse range of cuisines. And when it comes to cuisines in the US not mentioning pizza would be a complete injustice. 

However, when it’s about choosing the best pizza place, it could be a tricky deal. Not because there are not enough places but in fact, there are tonnes of places serving mouth-watering pizzas. And even so, the taste of pizza bud is a subjective idea. But I still tried penning down the best pizza places that you can enjoy in the US. 

From different styles of pizza, cheese, and toppings to various types of crust, having the perfect taste of pizza is a daunting task. So to lessen your burden, here are some of the best sit-down pizza places in the US to choose from. 

  1. Coals Artisan Pizza- Louisville

Want to enjoy the complete experience of sitting down and eating pizza? Located in Louisville, Coals Artisan Pizza is the best sit-down pizza place in the US. When you want pizza and also want to be a little fancy, you could head to this restaurant, which is renowned for serving the greatest handmade pizza. It offers 12-inch artisanal pizzas with the names of many Louisville neighborhoods. For those who don’t feel like pizza, there is also a large assortment of soups, salads, and other Italian food.

  1. Please Louise- Portland

Please Louise in Portland’s Slabtown district, is a relatively new pizzeria that serves great, inventive pizza and small meals. You can enjoy comfort and a greatly satisfying experience here while pampering your taste buds with delicious pizzas. So come here for a limited yet steady selection of menu items featuring pies like Margherita, potato carbonara, bolognese, and other seasonal offers. No doubt, it is one of the best sit-down pizza places in the US

  1. Eleventh Street Pizza- Florida

Located in Florida, Eleventh Street Pizza is another best sit-down pizza places in the US. Co-owned by three, it is a relaxed and nostalgic pizza restaurant in Miami. Although it offers New York-style sourdough pizza, it also likes to keep you on your toes with inventive and traditional menu choices. So in addition to savoring their pizzas in well-known, well-loved flavors, you can also come across meals in this fast-food pizza place that give your taste buds a fresh experience.

  1. Di Fara Pizza- New York 

Established in 1965, Di Fara Pizza is one of the top pizza restaurants in the US. It is a family-owned pizzeria, on the corner of Brooklyn streets. It offers an incredibly straightforward menu that is packed with wonderful options. Nothing will take your attention away from the deliciousness of their NY-style pies, despite the little room and slices being served on paper plates. To make the most of your visit, get a slice of their Chaos Pizza, which is a combination of fresh vegetables and meat. 

  1. MozzaPi- Louisville

Located in Louisville, MozzaPi is another best sit-down pizza places in the US. They take pride in being the only millers, bakers, and pizza makers. Here, pizza is only a natural extension of their dough-making abilities. MozzaPi also bakes fresh corn cookies, focaccia bread, and buttery pastries like flaky croissants in addition to its wood-fired oven crust.

  1. Square Cut- Louisville

Among all pizza places, Square Cut in Louisville, US is another great option. In addition to their square-cut pizza, they also serve Roman-style pizza. With white brick walls, cross-back chairs, and a front patio with a view of Shelby Street, this contemporary European dining room is sleek and elegant. Simply put, it is one of the city’s most upscale pizzerias.

  1. Pizzeria Mozza- California

Located in Los Angeles, Pizzeria Mozza is an Italian restaurant. It has a casual elegance and bistro-style ambiance. It’s obvious why customers frequent this restaurant because of its delicious pizza selections and rustic Italian flavors. The pizzas made in its wood-burning oven are praised for their crust here. So you only need to focus on the mouthwatering gourmet versions of your favorite pizzas that are served here.

  1. Oven and Shaker- Portland

Co-owned by Cathy Whims of Nostrana, Oven, and Shaker is a popular pizza parlor and bar in Portland’s Pearl District. It is one of the best pizza places in the US. They provide a decent variety of three traditional pies, seven specialty pies, and also a build-your-own pizza option. Every pizza has a gorgeously thin, charred crust created in a wood-fired oven. You can also adore their famous Bianca pie, which has fried sage, Bufala Mozzarella, Sottocenere al Tartufo, garlic, and fontina.

  1. Flour + Water- California

Another best pizza chain is Flour + Water. It is a San Francisco eatery with Italian influences that offers a constantly-changing menu of pizza. It also serves homemade pasta, Neapolitan-style pizzas, and seasonal antipasti. The soothing, laid-back atmosphere at this restaurant creates a peaceful environment with the gourmet spin on traditional Italian fare served there. For all of their recipes, they only use fresh ingredients.

  1. Bufalina Due- Texas

When looking for pizza places near me in Texas, US, you’ll surely come across Bufalino Due. Here a Stefano Ferrara wood-burning oven is used to make the Neapolitan pizzas. Besides, there is no doubt that the reason Bufalina Due is the best pizza restaurant in America is due to its sleek, modern, minimalist design. So you can enjoy eating perfectly prepared traditional Italian delicacies while sitting in a picturesque setting.

  1. Lovely’s Fifty Fifty- Oregon

When looking for good pizza shops near me in Oregon, US you’ll surely come across Lovely’s Fifty Fifty. It is a family-run pizzeria in Portland that specializes in wood-fired, naturally-leavened pizzas. They are organic and locally sourced ingredients. Besides, this casual pizzeria’s laid-back, soothing ambiance makes it a wonderful place for lunch. Furthermore, your leisurely lunch experience will be complete when you add in its rustic twist on pizza.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re a pizza enthusiast or just like trying tasty meals, these sit-down pizza places in the US would not disappoint you. From Neapolitan pizzas to deep dish pizzas, the region-to-region varying toppings and innovative flavor combinations will give you a hint of the US’ impeccable pizza delicacies. So why not plan a pizza tour of your own and see which of these delicious eateries become your new favorite?