Pizza Puffs: Places where you will get from the best to fairly good Pizza Puffs 

Pizza puffs are just what you need to amp up your evening but where to get some? 

Pizza is a universal love language of foodies. It’s hard to resist the luscious calling of a pizza with a crispy crust, gooey cheese, and mouth-watering toppings. But have you ever heard of pizza puff? It’s not that known yet but believe me, it is an even more satiating answer to your pizza cravings.

A pizza puff is a mini pizza pocket that can be made in a few easy steps. It is a pastry snack that consists of a dough case filled with pizza toppings like tomato sauce, veggies, meats, cheese, and spices. A pizza puff is made with puff pastry which is a light and flaky pastry that puffs up when baked.

If you haven’t tried it already, pizza puffs are the pockets of sheer joy that you’ll keep craving for a very long time. But let’s be honest, it is a meal that not every pizzeria has aced making. So, to help you from all the trials and errors before you eventually start hating pizza puffs, let’s get you the right pizza puff on the first try. 

What are Pizza Puffs?

Mini pizza puffs are basically deep-fried dough that is filled with different types of pizza toppings. Some of these include veggies, sauce, cheese, and more. Whereas, the outside of the pizza puffs is probably the flour tortilla. Pizza puffs are deemed to be originated from Chicago and they are not pizza rolls.

In fact, pizza puffs are very similar to Calzones and Panzerotti. They are available in the ready-to-make form in grocery stores but they can be prepared from scratch at home easily. Also, you can find these hot pockets in various pizzerias including Iltaco’s and Grassano’s pizzas.

Moreover, there are many types of pizza puffs frozen available including pepperoni pizza puffs, beef pizza puffs, taco puffs, ham and cheese puffs, buffalo chicken puffs, and more.

Now Let’s look at the best pizza puff places. Pizza puffs are mainly popular in Chicago, so there’s a high possibility that the pizzerias mentioned below might not have a franchise in your city. But anyway, for the sake of information, let’s look at the best ones:

Pizzerias that serves the Best Pizz Puffs 

After reviewing the various pizza puffs and considering the opinions and reviews of the everyday food critics, I’ve curated the list of the five pizzerias that serve the best pizza puffs:

1. Iltaco Foods 

Iltaco Foods is the father of Pizza puffs, that is pizza puffs originated at this place. They really went over the line for their customers and created 15 flavors of pizza puffs. 

The pizza puffs at Iltaco are stuffed with saucy fennel sausage and gooey cheese that makes these hot pockets mind-blowingly flavorsome. The crispy golden brown appearance of the pizza puffs here is the right indicator that your pizza puff experience at Iltaco is going to be worth it. 

2. Grassano’s Pizza 

The overloaded square pizzas at Grassano’s are what this place is famous for. But have you ever tried pizza puffs at this place? The pizza puffs at Grassano’s are am-a-zing! The dough tastes fresh and chewy in their pizza puffs and overall it’s a 9 out of 10. Just wait for a while before feating on these piping hot pizza puffs. 

3. Jr. Red Hots 

If you’re going to Jr Red Hots for the popular cheeseburgers, do try their pizza puffs this time. I know they are not very famous but one thing is for sure, they’re underrated. Pizza puffs here give you a belly-full meal and taste great. 

4. Jimmy Gyro’s and Grills 

See the name of this place is Jimmy Gyros and they do justice to the taste of their star dish. But add pizza puff to your meal and you will keep returning to this place for more. 

Besides, this place has been established for decades now, so they are experienced enough to serve the taste that your taste buds crave. The cheese that they put in their pizza puffs is thick and creamy. Jimmy Gyro’s One Big Baby double cheeseburger with a pizza puff will satisfy your hunger for the whole day. 

5. Albano’s Pizzeria 

If you’re a foodie and your cure to food cravings is huge-sized meals with a lot of fillings and sides, Albano’s pizzeria is your fantasy world. And if you’re ordering a pizza puff here, then you’re in for a mouthful of treats, because bud, the pizza puffs here are HUGE and tasty! 

The pizza puffs at Albano’s pizzeria are stuffed with lots of cheese, meats, and sauce and they are absolutely cooked to perfection. So if those tiny pizza puffs are not your thing, then Albano’s puffs are what gonna satisfy your taste buds and belly. 

The Takeaway 

Pizza puffs are a simpler and more delicious alternative to pizza. When you’re not in the mood of having a whole pizza, pizza puffs could be your best bet. I know they are not totally out there yet and well, they will not beat pizza at least when it comes to popularity. But occasionally, pizza puffs satisfy your cravings just the right way. 

In my opinion, If you’re trying pizza puffs for the first time then you should visit Iltaco Foods because they’ve got the most authentic taste of pizza puffs. Obviously, because they are the ones who originated pizza puffs.

All the other places mentioned above are also worth trying because they too are widely applauded for their taste when it comes to pizza puffs. Those hot pockets are calling out to you, have them before they get cold.