A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Best Pizza Warmer

A guide on Pizzera’s way of serving piping hot pizzas

Ever wondered how pizzerias or restaurants serve hot pizza almost immediately? It’s because they’re pre-made and kept in pizza warmers. Pizza warmers are designed to keep the pizza warm, fresh, and ready to serve to customers.

The best pizza warmers are:

  1. WeChef Commercial Food Warmer
  2. Vevor Commercial Food Warmer
  3. Festa Essential 5-Shelf Electric Commercial Hot Box
  4. HeatMax Food Warmer Hot Box. 

Pizza warmers come in different shapes, sizes, and types. Your choice of pizza warmers depends on various factors including your business needs, the type and volume of pizza you serve, the space available to you, etc.

This blog is a comprehensive guide for choosing the best pizza warmers. So, If you’re looking forward to buying a pizza warmer, keep scrolling!

What is Pizza Warmer?

A pizza warmer is a food service equipment that keeps pizza warm and fresh for a long time so that it’s ready to be served when ordered by any customer. 

Restaurants and Pizzerias do not usually make pizza from the scratch as soon as they are ordered by the customer. It is practically impossible or too cumbersome for restaurants. So, these food service establishments make pizzas beforehand and keep them in the pizza warmers. So when customers order pizzas, they do not have to wait and get fresh pizzas or get quick but stale pizzas.

If you search for pizza warmers, you’ll see them none of them look the same. Pizza warmers come in different styles and sizes depending on their use. A kind of pizza warmers is also used during transport for delivering hot pizzas.

Overall, a Pizza warmer is an important piece of equipment for pizzerias and restaurants serving pizzas to ensure that the pizza is served hot, fresh, and delicious. So, If you’re planning to get one, below is my curated list of 4 best pizza warmers available online:

Best Pizza Warmers for restaurants and pizzerias 

All the pizza warmers look the same and all they do is warm the food and keep them fresh, you’d think. But your choice of pizza warmer can differ based on various factors like size, use, quality, and display. 

Below I’ve curated 4 of the best pizza warmers you can use for commercial purposes or for fundraising. Let’s start with the best one:

1. WeChef Commercial Food Warmer — 20x20x24

WeChef 3-Tier Commercial Food Warmer Display Pizza Warmer Countertop Pastry Warmer for Restaurant Cafe Buffet 20x20x24
  • Large Capacity Display Case - 20 1/16" x 20 1/16" x 24" food warmer features 3-tier removable shelves providing large storage space which allows to keep a pizza up to 18" on each shelf, along with a transparent design for easy displaying food such as pizzas, burgers, fried chicken and hotdogs, widely used in bakeries, cafes, cafeterias, etc.
  • [Adjustable Temperature & Thermostatic Control]: UL certified power cord and heating tube for safety and quality guarantee;Temperature control for adjusting heating temperature from 86 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit; thermostatic mode for keeping the food at your selected temperature constantly and avoiding over-heating, perfect for commercial catering use
  • [Internal Illuminating Light]: Built-in a bulb holder for installing a 25W bulb to illuminate the display case, bright and eye-catching, making your food looks more attractive and lustrous, comes with a spare bulb for easy replacement
  • [Durable & Easy to Use]:Features an integrated stainless-steel construction which is convenient for instant use without the need of installation, along with tempered glass walls and doors for a long lifespan, easy cleaning and clear vision of the food inside; heat emission holes on the top and removable bottom tray with holes for better heat dissipation, tray is designed for easy collecting oil and dregs
  • [Safe Design & Wide Applications]: Buzzer on the warmer for overheating protection, it will buzz and flicker red light for high-temperature warning; Suitable for commercial use in canteens, bakeries, cafes, buffets and fast food restaurants, ideal for warming pizza, egg tart, fried chicken, hamburger, etc

Not only do the users love this machine, Amazon does too. WeChef commercial food warmer is rated #9 in Amazon Best Sellers in Commercial Pizza Warmers. This food warmer is widely applauded for its huge capacity and ability to keep food accurately warm. 

So, the WeChef commercial food warmer is made with 3 shelves and those are customizable as well, So, apart from pizzas, you can store plenty of other items too like tenders, fries, hot dogs, and sausage wraps. 

You get temperature control with this pizza warmer and if in case the machine gets too hot, the alarm would start buzzing, giving you a high-temperature warning. 


Product Dimensions: ‎ 20 1/16″ x 20 1/16″ x 24″
Weight: 44.5 Pounds
Power of Warmer: 750W
Temperature Range: 86 to 185degrees Fahrenheit


Made with stainless steel, so easy to clean
Customizable shelves
Tempered glass wall


Many users reported the product as damaged 

2. Vevor Commercial Food Warmer 

VEVOR Commercial Food Warmer Display, 3 Tiers, 1800W Pizza Warmer w/ 3D Heating 3-Color Lighting Bottom Fan, Countertop Pastry Warmer w/Temp Knob Display 0.6L Water Tray, Stainless Frame Glass Doors
  • 3-Tier Commercial Food Warmer: Overall Dimensions: 35.2" x 18.9" x 24.5". Our countertop food warmer has 3 spacious layers of interior adjustable food-grade shelves, allowing you to place different sizes of food at will. It is the perfect choice for canteens, bakeries, cafés, fast-food restaurants, and convenience stores. Ideal for holding and storing pizzas, tarts, fried chicken, or burgers, ensuring lasting freshness. Taste the difference with every use.
  • Don't Lose Your Flavor: This pizza warmer is equipped with a convection fan that accomplishes 3D convection heating, ingeniously solving the problem of uneven food heating inside. In addition, it can be used with an internal water tray to ensure the humidity of the food and avoid excessive dry taste caused by heating, to present the most moderate taste to customers.
  • Visual Temperature Control: With the wide temperature range of 30-85 ℃, you will be ready to keep various foods heated optimally. It is so easy to operate. The temperature can be controlled by a knob to keep the temperature you want constant to avoid overheating. The external surface has a temperature display paired with an internal temperature-sensing probe that allows you to observe the temperature in real time, allowing for more accurate insulation.
  • Let Your Food Stand Out: Give your foods the chance to stand out! The thickened tempered glass not only insulates but also displays food in all directions, making food visible. The built-in tricolor LED light for illuminating the display cabinet is bright and eye-catching, so that your food looks more shiny and attractive. Adjust the light color you need according to different environments.
  • High Durability & Security: The sturdy stainless steel construction is designed for extended use. And guess what? It is rust and corrosion-proof, resisting deforming when carrying large amounts of food. The non-slip feet on the bottom ensure stability. Smooth edges will not cause scratches when in use. The tray is designed for effortlessly collecting oil and residue, making cleaning easier.

This Food warmer is an excellent choice for those people who want good heating qualities with an attractive display. The details in this pizza warmer are quite note-worthy. It doesn’t look like a machine just for heating but also for showcasing your culinary masterpieces. 

This pizza warmer comes with temperature control, so the pizza warms and gets that crisp according to you. It has magnetic doors which make operation seamless. The 3 tier racks give ample space for storing 14″ pizzas per shelve. 

The best part about this pizza warmer is its decorative warm lights that make the food look more lustrous and attractive. So, the Vevor pizza warmer acts like a practical advertising banner for your food products. 


Product Dimensions: ‎ 35.2 x 18.9 x 24.5 inches
Weight: 44.5 Pounds
Power of Warmer: 800w
Temperature Range: 86–185℉

Pro Points

Attractive Display
The heating system stops when the temperature rises to the set temperature
Adjustable racks 

Con Points 

The pizza base might burn on the bottom shelf 

3. Festa Essential 5-Shelf Electric Commercial Hot Box

If capacity is your main concern while buying a pizza warmer, rest assured this pizza warmer has sufficient space for 14″ pizzas per shelf, and there are 5 shelves. 

Festa provides Analog Thermometer that helps to monitor the internal temperature and has a passive heating mechanism, so it is perfect for people for whom Setting the temperature is like a guessing game.

Festa electric food warmer is appreciated for its even heat distribution quality. Also, the design looks quite presentable. 


Product Dimensions: ‎ 31.5 x 20.5 x 20.5 inches
Weight: 50.9 pounds
Power of Warmer: 600w
Temperature Range: 95° to 150°F

Pro points: 

Heavy duty, resists corrosion
Clear polycarbonate doors defend against heat damage
Easy to install
Passive heating mechanism
No sound emission

Con Points:


4. HeatMax Food Warmer Hot Box — 19x19x29

HeatMax 19x19x29 Commercial Food Pizza Pastry Patty Catering Hot Box Countertop Warmer Case, Great for up to 16" Pizza Fund Raising, Shelf is 16"Wx 18.5"D - Made in USA with Service and Support
  • Light weight aluminum, that makes it easy to carry
  • Affordable and reliable, to help you stay within budget
  • UL Listed, Full One Year Warranty, no worries
  • Takes up little counter space
  • Made in the USA, in our shop in Florida, Parts available if needed in the future

If you’re into the catering business or are a food service establishment that prefers lightweight but sturdy heat warmer, go for HeatMax Hot Box. 

This pizza warmer heats up quickly and uses much less power, so a perfect match for restaurants that want to deliver pizzas hot and delicious while saving money. 

One downfall though, this pizza warmer doesn’t come insulated. So, you’ll need to get the pizza warmer insulated yourself. Overall, this pizza warmer is a great choice because of its quick heating property and its ability to keep pizzas accurately warm for a long period of time. 


Product Dimensions: ‎ 19 x 19 x 29 inches
Weight: 20 Pounds
Capacity: Upto 10 15″ Pizza Boxes
Temperature Range: 100 to 170 degrees 

Pro Points:

Heats up Quickly
Does not take much space

Con Points:

Not insulated 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Pizza Warmer?

Before you make the purchase of a pizza warmer, here are a few things that must be considered beforehand.

  • Size of Pizza Warmer 

Your pizza warmer need to be large enough to hold the number of pizzas that you plan to keep warm. Also, the choice of your pizza warmer will depend on the size of the pizzas you make as the tray size of pizza warmers differs. 

  • Temperature control 

It is advisable that you go for a pizza warmer that has temperature controls. You don’t want to get your pizzas too hot or too cold. So, it should be in your hands to strike the right temperature for your pizzas. 

  • Durability 

Check for the type of material used in the pizza warmer. Get one that is built to last. Since it is warmer, choosing a high-quality material will not only be safe but also worth it in the long run. 

  • Ease of Use 

Look for a pizza warmer that is not only easy to operate but also easy to clean. Cleaning might not look like a big deal at first but it can become really draining if the warmer is difficult to clean. 

Usually, pizza warmers made with stainless steel are easy to clean. 

The Bottom Line 

Nobody likes Pizza that gets cold and mushy. It simply loses its flavor and does not serve the appetite the way it should. A restaurant or pizzeria owner needs to invest in a good pizza warmer that not only keeps their pizzas warm but also maintains their flavors by keeping the pizzas fresh for a long time.

Pizza warmers are a long-term investment thus they take careful consideration of several important factors such as size temperature control, durability, ease of use and cleaning, capacity, portability, and brand reputation. These are all important factors that help you establish your choice for the best pizza warmer.