BakerStone Pizza Oven Review

BakerStone Portable Gas Pizza Oven is one of the top sellers BakerStone has ever had. It’s designed to raise the temperature of an outdoor grill to the real wood-burning pizza oven, and its unmatched baking performance is surely something you need to experience.

The experts from BakerStone achieved all that by combining conductive, radiant, and convective heat and got amazing results- even and fast cooking of all varieties of foods. This amazing product became available for purchase on March 20, 2020.

Since then, it has had one variant – BakerStone Portable Gas Pizza Oven Box kit, which is the same product, but with an added spatula/turner and wood pizza peel. Whatever product you choose, know you’ll have one of the top-rated kitchen tools on the market.

BakerStone pizza oven is one of Amazon’s top-selling products because of its performance, features, and technical specifications. The product allows you to bake all sorts of food in less than 4 minutes and comes with a portable gas oven box kit where you get a pizza turner and wood pizza peel.

A person making a pizza

Is BakerStone Pizza Oven for You?

If you’re looking for an oven that provides you with wood-fire-style cooked pizza at home, BakerStone is just the thing you need. This means you can make your own delicious pie whenever you want and won’t have to worry about the final result. Also, there’s no more checking US pizza menus all the time. 

Reaching temperatures up to 900ºF, your pizzas will be baked in under four minutes. Yes, just like with traditional wood-fired ovens. Also, it’s not just for pizzas, as you can bake and grill other stuff inside. Rest assured, the crowd will be amazed every time you bake bread, cookies, stakes, roast meat, vegetables, and fish. 

Besides being beginners friendly, the product’s price is also quite reasonable considering what it offers, and it’s nowhere near as expensive as a brick oven pizza. Even if you’ve never used a pizza grill oven before, this product is a great investment that will help you make perfect pizzas at home.

What We Like About BakerStone Portable Gas Pizza Oven

The best part of this oven is the final product you get. When baking a pizza, know that it will be done in about two to four minutes. And the final result is more than amazing – the crust is perfectly baked, toppings are evenly and finely heated, and cheese will be a bit roasted, which gives the entire pizza that unique taste.

What We Don’t Like About Bakerstone Pizza Oven

Besides all the positive sides of this product, be aware of some possible disadvantages. For example, cleaning could be a real disaster if you let the oven cool down. Also, you won’t be able to store it as effortlessly as you thought and can cook only one small or medium pizza at once. Don’t forget the imprecise temperature gauge, too.

Another downside of this product is the customer service, as you can’t reach them as easily as you should. Even though you probably won’t have any issue with the product, if you need some information, arm yourself with patience because there surely will be some waiting time to do so.

Pros & Cons

Cheaper than many other pizza ovens on the marketCleaning can be a problem if you forget to let the oven cool down first
The product will fit perfectly on three-burner grills or a grill larger than thatIt’s possible to cook one small or medium pizza at a time
Impressive design and looksBulky object to store
Other things can be cooked besides pizza – meat, vegetables, fish, breadThe cooking temperature gauge is imprecise
Once you place the pizza in the oven, it will take four minutes max for it to be bakedHard to reach customer service
Easy to assemble and set up
Cooks at up to 800ºF
Wide opening makes getting pizzas in/out easy
Fits perfectly on a three-burner gas grill (or larger)

What’s Included?

  • Black pizza oven box,
  • 25,000 BTU firebox,
  • Two burner firebox with regulator and hose,
  • Removable Original Series Pizza Oven Box that can be used as a grill top accessory,
  • Metal pizza turner,
  • Wooden pizza peel.

As you can see, the BakerStone will provide you with everything needed for a perfect pizza. And who knows, you might become a real pizzaiolo yourself.

Technical Specifications

Baking chamber interior of 15″ W x 13-3/4″ D x 3.0″ H
Product assembled of 21.7″ W x 22.2″ D x 17.7″ H
Weight of the product (without the packaging) 47.6 lbs
Construction material is cordierite and carbon steel
Max temperature 900 ºF


  • The power source type is propane,
  • Stone baking chamber is five-sided patented,
  • The conductive, radiant and convective heat is used,
  • Bakes high-quality pizza in less than four minutes,
  • You can bake cookies and bread besides pizza, roast vegetables and meat, and cook fish,
  • Temperature icons are easy to read,
  • The oven can reach up to 900 °F,
  • The cooking power is 25,000 BTU,
  • Two large burners made of stainless steel,
  • Folding legs that ease transport and storage of the oven,
  • Made in China,
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty,
  • Used with liquid propane gas,
  • It requires light assembly.

Final Breakdown


When it comes to picking your new pizza oven, there are definitely some things to look for. No matter if you’re a beginner or not, the BakerStone Portable Gas pizza oven is a great solution. It will bake your pizza evenly in no time.

Being a versatile oven, it performs much better than what most people would expect. It offers amazing results while also being very easy to use. So, if you’re looking for a pizza oven, definitely take a look at BakerStone portable gas one.