Best Cici’s Pizza

Before going to Cici’s Pizza, a chain Italian food buffet, it’s essential to first find out what the best Cici’s pizza is. They have numerous delectable pizzas on display, but which one will keep you asking for extra slices. We just might have the answer.

Buffalo chicken pizza is the best Cici’s pizza on the menu due to its combination of flavorful ingredients and crispy crust. It is topped with chicken, cheese, and spicy buffalo sauce. The rich flavor and the zesty kick of the buffalo sauce make this hand-tossed pizza stand out from the rest.

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Why Is Buffalo Chicken Pizza the Best Cici’s Pizza?

The popular Italian food buffet attempted to create an authentic recipe that would be loved by many. Their buffalo chicken pizza succeeded in combining everything pizza lovers want on their pizza. It is hard to determine the weakest component of the meal.

The crust is loaded with cheese, the sauce is not too potent, and there is a lot of meat. It doesn’t feature the popular Cici’s tomato sauce but instead just the buffalo sauce. The traditional crust brushed with garlic is the perfect base for the various pizza toppings. The best aspect of the dish is that it can satisfy various cravings simultaneously.

Upon trying the first slice, you immediately taste the medium-hot buffalo sauce and grilled slices of chicken. The aroma might trick you into thinking that the sauce will be too hot to handle, but as you keep eating, you discover that the sauce adds a bit of sweetness to the delicious meat. This makes the dish even more flavourful and appetizing. It might remind you a bit of New York-style pizzas. Also, the melting cheese and the freshly baked dough taste extraordinary.

Buffalo Chicken – The Ingredient That Makes the Dish Stand Out

What makes the dish juicy, crunchy, and quite flavorful are the pieces of grilled chicken. They were not dry or dull, which can happen with some other chicken pizzas.

It is considered that the tomato sauce and the flavor of the chicken usually clash and don’t work well together. However, buffalo chicken doesn’t have ordinary tomato sauce, just zesty buffalo sauce, and the difference is noticeable.

It took me by surprise that the pieces, in combination with the buffalo sauce, created a unique mixture of flavors. The meaty and powerful taste of the chicken, combined with the zesty and sweet sauce, truly gave the meal its distinctiveness.

Is the Best Cici’s Pizza Affordable?

Many people think that the ultimate tasty meal at Cici’s pizza will come with a costly price tag. However, that cannot be further than the truth. Not only is buffalo chicken the perfect dish at this Italian buffet, but it is affordable as well. One can order either a medium or large pizza. The difference in price is not significant. The Medium Buffalo Chicken order goes for $3.99, while the large one will cost you $5.74.

So whether you desire to grab a quick bite or have a pleasant meal with some of your dearest friends, order buffalo chicken pizza from Cici’s. The flavor of the fresh ingredients and the mouth-watering aroma will make it worthwhile.

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Buffalo Chicken Pizza Nutrition Info

While enjoying the crispy bites of this fantastic dish, it’s vital to know some nutritional facts. Here is a chart with nutrition information you can expect from one slice of buffalo chicken pizza.

Total Fat7 g
Dietary Fiber1 g
Protein8 g
Sugars1 g
Total Carbohydrate23 g
Cholesterol15 mg

Cici’s Pizza – What Makes It Unique?

Founded in Plano, Texas, Cici’s Pizza has served delicious pizzas since 1985. They are known for authentic dishes, affordable prices, and a family-friendly atmosphere. There is always something on the menu that would win over the pickiest eater. It is located in the Southern and Midwest regions of the US.

The best thing about this Italian food buffet is that they have various pizzas that are served right out of the oven, hot ‘n fresh. You have the opportunity to try stuffed crust, flatbread, and traditional and deep-dish pizzas. If you want to customize your order or add something special to your dish, you have the option to do that, too.

What Other Pizzas Are Worth Trying?

The pizzas are separated into different categories on the menu, meaning you can order depending on your personal preferences. Here is a list of their other dishes that come second best to the buffalo chicken.

  • Specialty pizzas – Pepperoni & Jalapeno, Veggie, and Zesty Ham & Cheddar
  • Flatbread pizzas – Honey BBQ Chicken, Spinach Alfredo, and Chicken Bacon Club
  • Deep dish pizzas – Supreme Deep Dish Pizza, Meat Eater Deep Dish Pizza, Cheese Deep Dish Pizza
  • Stuffed crust pizzas – Stuffed Crust Cheese

What Can You Order at Cici’s Apart From Pizzas?

You should also consider exploring other culinary delicacies from Cici’s menu. From cinnamon buns, salads, and brownies, to pasta and breadsticks, you will certainly find something to like. The whole family can enjoy pasta with salsa marinara and cheesy bread for a very reasonable price.

If you want to excite your taste buds, don’t miss out on garlic parmesan wings and mild buffalo wings. And for those who are craving something sweet, gooey fudge brownies and apple dessert pizza would be a perfect choice.

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If You Want to Try the Best Cici’s Pizza – Order Buffalo Chicken

From Cici’s Pizza, one can expect a welcoming staff and a family-friendly atmosphere. The Italian American buffet restaurant stands out as a place where you can enjoy tasty dishes with the entire family. We recommend ordering the buffalo chicken pizza. The combination of ingredients and the garlic crust make this an exquisite dish everyone would fall in love with.

With only medium hot buffalo sauce, it surprises you how a zesty flavor can be sweet and enjoyable at the same time. The star ingredient is the grilled chicken which also completes the dish in a unique way. Order this pizza, and you’ll realize that it truly is the best Cici’s pizza.