Best Frozen Deep Dish Pizza

Are you ready for a pizza party in the comfort of your own home? No more waiting for delivery or rolling out the dough. I’ve got the inside scoop on the best frozen deep-dish pizzas that’ll have you saying “Mamma Mia!” with every bite. 

Trust me. These pies are the real deal! Whether you’re a die-hard pizza fan or just looking for a quick dinner option, I’ve got you covered. I’ve tried and tested the top-rated options, so all you have to do is grab a cold beverage, put on your pizza-loving pants, and get ready to dig in. 

From classic pepperoni to a three-meat extravaganza, I’ve got all the flavors you crave. Let’s dive in and find the perfect pie for your next movie night or game day!

Lou Malnati’s Frozen Deep Dish Pizza – Our Top Choice 

Pizza Highlights

Lou Malnati’s frozen deep-dish pizza is a game-changer in the frozen pizza world. It’s the perfect solution for when you want a taste of fresh pizza without leaving the comfort of your home. It is a well-known and beloved pizza chain based in Chicago, and its frozen pizzas are a perfect way to bring a taste of the Windy City to your home. 

This frozen deep-dish pizza features a flaky, buttery crust, gooey melted cheese, and a savory tomato sauce that’s bursting with flavor. Frozen pizza? It’s more like frozen deliciousness!


  • Made with high-quality, fresh ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives or fillers
  • Cooks up crispy and delicious in just 30 minutes 

What I Like About Lou Malnati’s

I love that Lou Malnati’s frozen deep-dish pizzas are made with the same care and attention to detail as their restaurant-made counterparts. The crust is perfectly flaky, the cheese is gooey and melted to perfection, and the tomato sauce is bursting with flavor. 

And with just 30 minutes to cook, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious, satisfying pizza in no time.

What I Don’t Like About Lou Malnati’s

The only downside to Lou Malnati’s frozen pizzas is that they can be a bit pricey compared to other options on the market. But in my opinion, the quality is worth the extra cost.

Pros & Cons 

It’s a taste of Chicago without the plane ticket!If you’re not a fan of deep dish pizza, this may not be for you. 
Perfect for those days when you just want to binge on some gooey, cheesy goodness. It’s a frozen pizza, so it might not have that “just baked” taste and texture. 
It’s a frozen pizza, which means it’s super convenient and easy to store. Can be a bit messy to eat, so make sure you have plenty of napkins on hand!
A great option for feeding a crowd or for stocking up for those unexpected guests. You might find the crust to be a bit thick for their liking. 

Red Baron Deep Dish Pizza 

Pizza Highlights

This single-serving frozen deep-dish pizza from Red Baron is an excellent option for anyone who wants a quick and easy pizza fix. The pie comes in personal size and has a crispy crust, gooey mozzarella cheese, and savory pepperoni toppings.


  • One-serving size
  • Made with a crispy crust, gooey mozzarella cheese, and savory pepperoni toppings
  • Ready to heat and eat in just minutes

What I Like About Red Baron Deep Dish Pizza

The Red Baron Deep Dish Pizza is a great option for those who want a quick and easy pizza fix. The pepperoni on their Deep Dish Pizza is made from real meat, not some mystery “meat product.” 

And the cheese? It’s 100% real mozzarella cheese, melted to perfection. These ingredients come together to create a pizza that’s truly irresistible. Simply pop it in the oven, and voila, a delicious and satisfying pizza in no time!

What I Don’t Like About Red Baron Deep Dish Pizza

The personal size of this pizza may not be big enough for those who are particularly hungry, and it only comes in one flavor (pepperoni). So, if you’re looking for variety, this may not be the best option for you.

Pros & Cons

One-serving size, quick and easy to preparePersonal size may not be big enough for some
Delicious toppingsOnly comes in one flavor

Gino’s East Deep Dish Pizza

Pizza Highlights 

Gino’s East Authentic Deep-Dish Pizza is here to satisfy all your cravings! This pizza may be budget-friendly, but don’t let that fool you – it’s just as delicious as all the others. With options for both large and family-sized pizzas, this one is perfect for sharing (or not sharing – I won’t judge!). 

Made with a crispy, authentic crust and loaded with yummy toppings and mozzarella cheese, you’ll feel like you’re right in the heart of Chicago.


  • Comes in a multi-serve option to feed a larger family or group
  • Uses authentic ingredients to bring the taste of Gino’s East in Chicago to your home
  • Includes a tin to keep the crust crispy and the cheese melted

What I Like About Gino’s East Deep Dish Pizza

Let’s focus on the good stuff! With its generous size, you and your pizza posse can chow down on some seriously delicious deep-dish goodness. 

And the included tin? That’s like the cherry on top of a deep dish sundae – it’ll keep your crust crispy and your cheese melted to perfection. So why wait? Indulge in the deliciousness that is Gino’s East Authentic Deep-Dish Pizza today! 

What I Don’t Like About Gino’s East Deep Dish Pizza

The crust can become soggy, so it’s important to follow the cooking instructions carefully. The multi-serve option may not be the best choice for single individuals. 

Pros & Cons:

Large size option that comes with a tin to keep the crust crispy and the cheese meltedCan become soggy if cooking instructions are not followed carefully
Uses authentic ingredientsNot the best choice for single individual

What to Look for When Buying a Frozen Deep Dish Pizza?

Frozen deep-dish pizza is like the big, burly sibling of the classic pizza – with a thicker, fluffier crust that can handle all the toppings and loads of sauce and cheese to keep you full for days. But with so many options, how do you pick the perfect frozen deep-dish pizza? 

To help you navigate the world of frozen deep-dish pizza, I’ve put together a list of things to look for when making your purchase.

1. The Crust

It’s the foundation, dear! Make sure it’s thick but not too dense, flaky but not too crunchy.

2. The Sauce 

That is where the flavor is at! Look for one that’s not too sweet, sour, or spicy and has a balance of flavors.

3. The Cheese 

It’s what holds it all together! You want a cheese that melts well and gives the pizza a creamy, gooey texture. Mozzarella and provolone are a winning combination.

4. The Toppings

Toppings are where you can get creative! Just make sure there’s a good balance – not too many, not too few.

5. The Brand 

Check out the brand of frozen deep-dish pizza. Some brands are known for their flaky crusts, others for their creamy sauces. Pick one with a good reputation and a flavor and texture you love.

And there you have it! With these tips, you’ll be well to finding the perfect frozen deep-dish pizza. So go forth, and enjoy the cheese, sauce, and crust-filled journey!


Lou Malnati’s Frozen Deep Dish Pizza 

After much taste testing and research, the clear winner for the best frozen deep dish pizza is Lou Malnati’s. This classic pizza has a flaky, buttery crust loaded with flavorful toppings that takes the cake (or should I say, the slice?) as the best frozen deep dish pizza. 

The tangy tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese make for a delicious and authentic Chicago-style pizza experience. If you’re in the mood for a comforting slice of pizza that tastes as if it came straight from the Windy City, Lou Malnati’s is the way to go. 

You can buy this delicious frozen pizza right here.


What is a deep-dish pizza?

A deep dish pizza is a type of pizza that has a high-rimmed, round, and deep dish made of a crispy and buttery crust filled with cheese and toppings.

What is Lou Malnati’s Frozen Deep Dish Pizza?

It’s a frozen, pre-made Chicago-style deep-dish pizza you can cook at home.

How do I cook Lou Malnati’s Frozen Deep Dish Pizza?

Just place the pizza on a baking sheet and bake in the oven at 425°F for 25-30 minutes.

Is Lou Malnati’s Frozen Deep Dish Pizza good?

Yes, Lou Malnati’s frozen deep-dish pizza is considered one of the best on the market, offering a delicious and authentic taste.

What makes Lou Malnati’s Frozen Deep Dish Pizza different?

Lou Malnati’s is known for its buttery, flaky crust and generous toppings, making it a unique and delicious option compared to other frozen deep-dish pizzas.

Can I cook Lou Malnati’s Frozen Deep Dish Pizza in the oven?

Yes, Lou Malnati’s frozen deep-dish pizza can be cooked in the oven, and it is the preferred method for the best results.