Big Lots Pizza Pan Review

If you need an affordable yet high-quality pizza pan to make your favorite delicacies, you should give the most popular pizza pan at Big Lots a try. This carbon-steel pan from G&S Metal will be the much-required tool for your handmade pizzas or the frozen ones – you choose. You can use it in any type of oven, and it will give you quick and effortless results.

The carbon-steel material from which the pan is made is a great heat conductor, so it will allow you to evenly bake the crust. The perforated surface helps with baking, and not only will the crust easily turn golden and evenly cooked, but it also ensures the pizza doesn’t stick to it.

The manufacturer of these specialized pans is located in Cleveland, Ohio. They are among the largest producers of bakeware made out of metal in the US and have been manufacturing these products for over 60 years. They have built their company and reputation on quality products and great customer service. They also offer great value for money to their customers.

The EZ Baker pizza pan from G&S Metal has been sold in a kit that included a 16″ pizza pan, a 16″ pizza crisper, and a nylon pizza cutter. Right now, you can purchase it through Big Lots separately.

Is Big Lots Pizza Pan for You?

If you want a durable pan for your dishes, whether you make homemade pizzas or you prefer frozen ones, this pan is definitely what you have been missing. Although other pans may suit you just the same, once you try this perforated bottom option, you will see that you can get an even better result.

There is no difference whether you want to bake a homemade pizza pie, a frozen one, or even a vegan option, such as the one with cauliflower crust. If you do not own a specialized oven or you’re not sure how to clean a baking stone, so you won’t buy it, you should get yourself a pizza pan. And with so many different pans on the market, this is one of the better choices.

It’s made out of carbon steel and perforated at the bottom. This is done to ensure several things. Not only will your crust bake evenly, but you’ll avoid any stickiness, such as with pizzas stuck to baking stones. These holes also allow the excess steam to escape, leaving a crispy crust behind instead of a soggy one.

What We Like About the Big Lots Pizza Pan

The G&S Metal’s EZ Baker pan sold through Big Lots is great in many ways. It’s affordable and easy to use. The material (food grade carbon steel) is a great heat conductor, and the perforated bottom only helps. It helps achieve the perfect, evenly baked golden brown crispiness of the crust, all while avoiding any sticking.

Although it’s specified as hand-washed only, it’s easy to clean and dry. There is no assembly required, and once you buy it, it’s ready to use out of the box.

What We Don’t Like About Big Lots Pizza Pan

The biggest downside of this pan is that you can’t place it in the dishwasher for easier cleaning. Another downside is that it doesn’t have any handles attached to it, so you should be careful while handling it out of the heated oven. You also shouldn’t use a metal cutter on it, but rather place your pizza on a cutting board instead.

The large size allows you to make family-size dinners or prepare the perfect slices for a party. You can also use it for baking frozen dough or premade pizzas for a quick meal. The extra large pan ensures you get at least 12 delicious slices from it.

You can also use this pan to reheat your leftover pizza, and its design is also perfectly suitable to place on a table. The silver-colored carbon steel pan is also great for serving, but you should only make sure to place it on a board to avoid any dripping through the perforation.

Pros & Cons

It’s durableIt’s not made to be washed in a dishwasher
Perfectly safe to use out of the boxDoesn’t have any handles
Perforated bottom gives better crust

What’s Included?

  • A food-grade carbon steel pan,
  • The pan comes with a perforated bottom to achieve the best possible crust,
  • Perforation allows steam to escape, so you don’t have a soggy crust,
  • This type of bottom also allows you to bake the crust evenly.

Technical Specifications

The diameter is 15.9″
The material is food grade carbon steel
There is no assembly required
The bottom is perforated for better results
The washing is done by hand only


  • To get the best baking results and a golden-brown crust, you should use this pure food-grade steel bakeware with even heating.
  • The perforated bottom permits steam to escape and equal heating.
  • There is no assembly, so it’s ready to use out of the box.

Final Breakdown


If you don’t own a good pizza pan, then this EZ Baker 16″ pizza crisper pan by G&S Metal, sold through Big Lots, is an excellent choice. It bakes the almost perfect crispy crust that can come near the brick oven quality. The carbon steel material allows even heating, and the perforation lets out any excess steam. Because nobody likes a soggy pizza, right?