California Pizza Stone (Review)

California Pizza Stones is a modest, family-owned business in its second generation, doing everything possible to have happy customers. They come with a complete guarantee against heat shock and cracking, and if either occurs, they will replace it at no cost.

A pizza stone must be able to withstand some very drastic temperature swings without splitting from thermal shock; therefore, durability is essential.

The sheer toughness of the California Pizza Stone is provided by high-grade non-toxic mullite. It is exceptionally durable and thermal shock resistant, and it also has the property to absorb extra moisture from your pie’s foundation.

California Pizza Stones is so confident that it won’t break under pressure that they provide a 100% guarantee against thermal shock and cracking, replacing any defective stones at no cost.

You could have trouble fitting the massive 16 x 16 x 1 inch stone inside a smaller oven. It weighs a whopping 16 pounds. However, a genuine pizza oven is where this stone really shines because it allows for quick preheating and repeated use without having to worry about it breaking.

Pizza stone next to food ingredients for making pizza

Is California Pizza Stone for You?

These stones won’t merely have a lovely appearance before cracking in the event of a slight accident or thermal shock. The company guarantees that they know what they’re doing and that the likelihood of such a worst-case situation is slim to none by offering replacement if something similar occurs.

The grog, a sort of clay that must be cooked at temperatures between 2,500 and 2,600 degrees, is used to make all California pizza stones. After it has been baked, the grog is crushed and added back into the clay mixture. They are practically unbreakable and, most importantly, extremely resistant to thermal stress, thanks to this particular material combination.

These stones come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so I advise you to look at some of the most well-liked models and choose the one that is ideal for your cooking needs and your oven. These stones are appropriate for all kinds of pizzas due to their various qualities.

What We Like About California Pizza Stone

Californian pizza and baking stones are ideal for grilling over an open flame. Although the stone won’t break at high heat, you should be mindful that you can overheat the stone.

Your crust can burn as a result of this. If you throw the stone into the sun, it will only achieve a temperature of 2,300 degrees before it begins to break. If you do decide to use one of these stones on the grill, leave at least an inch of space around it for proper airflow.

California pizza and baking stones are the best stones available since they are all handcrafted in the USA.

The stones are unglazed, and the clay used to create them is lead-free and non-toxic, according to certification. California will provide a complete guarantee that its stones won’t break when baking or cooking.

These products aren’t designer stones that are aesthetically pleasing but break with the first use – they are robust and uncompromising, constructed from a premium, non-toxic mullite blend with a significant amount of grog.

Because of this, these baking stones are resistant to temperature shock and nearly unbreakable. They come with a 100% guarantee against thermal stress and cracking. If one of these pizza stones cracks while being used for whatever reason, the manufacturer will replace it. The high porosity of these stones also enables them to absorb moisture, resulting in an exceptionally crispy crust.

What We Don’t Like About California Pizza Stone

The weight and size of the stones are actually the only possible drawbacks this brand has. These products are pretty hard to carry around and might not even fit in your oven. So, before purchasing, make sure you go over all the measurements first.

Pros & Cons

High-quality materials16″ stone doesn’t actually fit into the 16″ oven
Non-toxic mulliteA bit costly
Many stone versions and sizes
Resistant to temperature shock
Handcrafted in the USA

What’s Included?

  • 8 x 5/8 size at $19,
  • 10 x 5/8 size at $28,
  • 12 x 5/8 size at $35,
  • 13 x 5/8 size at $42,
  • 15 x 5/8 size at $46,
  • 16 x 5/8 size at $53,
  • 19 x 5/8 size at $83,
  • 21 x 3/4 size at $95.

Having the option to choose from a wide variety of sizes and prices surely is a great advantage when considering buying kitchen gear like this.

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions16 x 16 x 1-inch
Item Weight16 pounds
Item model numberSQ16B
Country of OriginUSA
ManufacturerCalifornia Pizza Stones


  • High-quality pizza stones produced in the United States,
  • These pizza stones are certified non-toxic, non-glazed, and lead-free,
  • You get a 100% guarantee against cracking and thermal shock during baking or cooking,
  • These pizza stones will not crack even when places on a BBQ, making them ideal for barbequing pizzas,
  • Heat and crack resistance make the stones perfect for fast heating and wood baking ovens.

It’s the perfect kitchen gear for all pizza lovers who want to make a meal at home and feel like a real professional pizzaiolo.

Final Breakdown

California pizza stones are of great quality overall, and we suggest trying them. Its future users can be sure that they are purchasing a high-quality item created in the US because the manufacturer promises that its stones won’t crack under extreme heat or cold.

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of making your own pizza from delicious, fresh ingredients. Consider purchasing one of the fantastic California Pizza Stones if you are perfecting the dough structure and experimenting with different flavors and forms.

One of their greatest benefits is their ability to tolerate severe temperatures, allowing you to experiment with ease – you can even bake a pizza on a barbecue.