Can You Use Pizza Dough to Make Bread

The thing all foodies have in common is that they like to conduct cooking experiments and try new dishes. If you ever wondered how you can use pizza dough to make bread or some other delicacy, here are a couple of suggestions for a tasty snack or a side dish using frozen pizza dough

Yes, you can make bread using pizza dough, but don’t expect it to taste and look the same as classic bread. Although the ingredients used for both doughs are the same, traditional bread dough has more yeast, which makes it more elastic. Still, using frozen pizza dough is much easier than making it from scratch, and is quite an acceptable solution when you want to get your bread baked fast.

What Are the Differences Between Pizza and Bread Dough? 

The core ingredients used for both doughs are identical. However, the ratios and the kneading technique differ. Regardless of those differences, they can still be used interchangeably for cooking all variants of bread, pizzas, burger buns, or focaccias. 

What Ingredients Are Used for Making Homemade Pizza or Bread Dough? 

There are various recipes used for preparing a dough, but there are four core ingredients used for making both bread and pizza: 

  • Flour, 
  • Yeast, 
  • Water,
  • Oil,
  • Salt.

If you decide to use pizza dough to make homemade bread, you can always enrich an already existing formula by adding ingredients like eggs, butter, milk, and a pinch of sugar. Keep in mind that pizza dough usually contains a higher percentage of salt (2.0-3.0%) than bread dough (1.5-2.5%), and that’s why adding some sugar can help you change the structure. 

Another crucial detail that makes these two taste different is the way both types of dough are fermented and kneaded. Bread dough is usually made with more yeast and is usually rinsed two times, which makes it elastic, and more fluffy. On the other hand, pizza dough is rinsed only once, which gives it this crispy texture after it is baked. 

Last but not least, remember that pizza and bread are baked at different temperatures, and when you use pizza dough to make bread, don’t follow the instructions given on the package. Bake your bread at the usual temperature, and the final product will be fluffy and soft. 

Use Frozen Pizza Dough to Make Other Yummy Delicacies

The best thing when it comes to pizza dough is that it can become so much more than a pizza, which makes it perfect for many interesting cooking experiments. Whenever you need a quick and delicious snack to serve to friends or family or nibble on while you’re watching Netflix with your loved one, pizza dough can become a super tasty snack. Here are a few simple recipes to try out and convince everybody you’re a real cooking master chief!

Utah Scones or Fried Bread Is a Yummy Summer Dessert 

If you want to delight your family and friends, then don’t miss a chance to prepare Utah scones for them. Although this delicacy is served as a summertime dessert in Utah, you’ll absolutely love it regardless of the time of the year. Besides, not only is it super easy to cook, but it is also super tasty.

To prepare fried bread, the first step is to divide the pizza dough into smaller balls. Roll these balls out and fry them at medium heat in a shallow pan (don’t forget to put a thin layer of oil first). Fry each side for at least three minutes. After you have fried them, put all the pieces into a plate lined with a paper towel to collect redundant oil, and voila! Serve it with butter, honey, or cinnamon sugar, and enjoy sweet moments.

Italian Breadsticks Served With Olive Oil and Fresh Cherry Tomatoes Can Be a Perfect Choice for a Light Dinner 

Crispy sticks always sound like a good idea! Especially when you prepare them at home and serve with olive oil, fresh cherry tomatoes, or even yogurt. The best thing about making these breadsticks is the easy preparation process. All you have to do is buy some frozen pizza dough, roll it into long, thin sticks, bake those at 400°F for about 10 minutes, and they’ll be ready to be served (and eaten). 

Looking for One of the Simplest Breakfast Recipes Ever? Doughnuts Made of Pizza Dough Are Ideal for Beginners 

Making doughnuts from scratch is quite complicated, and if you want to prepare them faster, then pizza dough is just a perfect solution to get your breakfast within minutes. The first step is to slice pizza dough into smaller balls. 

Then, prepare a larger pot and heat oil until you see bubbles starting to appear at the bottom. The last step is to deep fry those small pieces of dough until they are golden brown. After you’re done frying doughnuts, cover them with sugar and/or a topping or frosting of your choice. To learn everything about the preparation process and get some ideas for toppings and frostings, check out the video below. 

Use Ready Dough, and Cooking Will Become Significantly Easier 

No matter if you’re beginning to cook, or you are an experienced master chef, baking is a super complicated process that can take you a lot of time. Luckily, there are many ready solutions that will make the whole cooking process easier and help you get homemade food you and your family will just love. Using pre-made pizza dough is one of those solutions.