Domino’s Brooklyn Pizza Review

Trying a new pizza taste is always exciting, and this one can be a real surprise for you. If you’re looking for a Domino’s Brooklyn Pizza review, this is what you can expect.

Domino’s Brooklyn Pizza combines fabulous smells and an interesting spicy flavor. It has a floppy crust with plenty of grease but still a lot of nice flavors that really make it stand out. Mozzarella cheese and spicy sauce really bring out the best in this pizza.


This pizza has a floppy crust with a lot of grease and flavor – a similar texture as an Italian supermarket bread. It is better than the white bread Domino’s pizza, and it will definitely fulfill your cravings when it comes to a mix of spicy and crusty.

Domino’s Brooklyn Pizza Is One of the Best Pizzas on the Market

Dominos is personally one of my favorite restaurants when it comes to pizzas and different flavors, so trying their Brookly pizza was overall a very exciting experience. This famous company really has a long tradition of making the best pizzas on the market, so it’s no wonder this was a real positive surprise once it was released back in 2006.

Made from an incredibly tasty crust – medium-thick, soft, floppy, and with many nicely combined ingredients, this is definitely one of the best pizzas on the market. It is somewhat similar to the classic New York-style pizza but has a different texture and some little differences in taste.

How Is This Pizza Different From Others?

One of the first major differences between this and other Domino’s pizzas is in the crust. Unlike most of the other Domino’s pizzas, with gummy and doughty crust, Brooklyn-style pizza has a thinner crust. Besides being thinner, it’s also crisper and lighter than the classic hand-tossed crusted ones.

One of the other major differences is that this dough has less moisture – this is the way it’s usually baked in NYC.

If you tried other pizzas with their classic crust, this one could be described as something between thin crust and hand-tossed crust. Unlike the tossed pizza dough, this one is actually hand-stretched, which makes it thinner and bigger. Everything from sauce to dough is also handmade, which makes this pizza very delicious and authentic.

The other thing that makes it very distinctive is its topping. It’s topped with really nicely blended provolone and mozzarella and large pepperoni and sausage slices.

This table shows what to expect from this pizza in general.

SizeSmaller than tossed pizza and has 6 slices instead of 8
CrustHas crispier and thinner crust
ToppingsHas a lot of pepperonis, cheese, and sausage slices, which makes it super tasty
HealthHealthier than hand-tossed pizza because it has less cheese and lease dough (and with that fewer calories)
FoldingIt can be easily folded, which makes it ideal for serving at parties

This Pizza Is Very Affordable and Authentic

It is really chewy, and you can fold it in half without any trouble if you don’t mind wasting your slice like that. You will enjoy every bite because of the lovely mixture of toppings, cheese, crust, and sauce in every bite. It has a smaller crust than the tossed pizzas, so this makes the slices wider, meaning that Brooklyn-style pizza comes with six slices as opposed to tossed one that comes with eight slices. Here are some other characteristics you should consider:

  • Apart from standard hand-tossed pizzas, this is personally my favorite option. It might be hard for you to adjust to its taste because it is slightly different from other classic options, but because it is pretty tasty, I’m sure that it won’t take you a lot of time to become a fan of this pizza.
  • Despite being original and different, it still keeps some of the classic ingredients, such as cheese and their traditional sauce.
  • When it comes to prices, this one is sold at similar prices as others. For a small size, you’ll have to spend from $10 to $15. It comes in a white box, and the packaging is adorned with branding names “Brooklyn style.”
  • This pizza is great for serving at parties and gatherings because it is easily foldable, so you can comfortably eat it on your feet without needing a plate.
  • Considering the fact that Brooklyn-style pizza has a thinner crust than usual, it is expected to be healthier than the hand-tossed pizza. Also, the hand-tossed pizza typically has much more cheese, which means more calories, so it’s automatically considered “less healthy.”

Domino’s Brooklyn Pizza Is Great for Those Who Love Peperoni, and It’s Perfect for Serving at Gatherings

This pizza is perfect for those who like less dough. With a nicely baked crust to achieve the desired crispiness, you can really enjoy the fullest taste of all ingredients. If you like pepperoni and cheese, this might as well become one of your favorite pizzas. If you have a big appetite, this pizza will definitely fulfill your craving. Another great advantage of this pizza is that it has folding slices – which every true New Yorker likes. Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza generally mimics original New York pizza, and it comes very close to it, especially considering all the high expectations.