Dominos Chicken Taco Pizza Review

If you’re currently experimenting with trying out new and interesting pizza recipes or visiting popular pizzerias just to find your dream combination of ingredients, my Domino’s Chicken Taco Pizza review has just the thing you need.

Dominos Chicken Taco pizza is unique and original – it combines two of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasures with its taco and pizza flavor. The secret to this pizza is that the sauce is not very strong, and the taco seasoning dominates the flavor, so its taste will definitely remind you of tacos.

Slices of pizza

With an amazing combination of various powerful ingredients, this pizza offers everything you could possibly ask for. It’s topped with a lot of cheese and strong taco seasoning, so it’s perfect for those who can’t decide which meal to get and are looking for the best of both worlds.

Dominos Chicken Taco Pizza Is Crispy and Delicious

This pizza isn’t very easy to describe because it offers a surprising combination of flavors that can’t be found everywhere. Dominos Chicken Taco pizza is made from hand-tossed dough and topped with American cheese and grilled chicken, with strong taco seasoning and other interesting ingredients such as:

  • Green peppers,
  • Diced tomatoes,
  • Provolone cheese,
  • Cheddar cheese.

Chicken Taco Pizza in large size at Dominos can be purchased for a price of $11.99, which is considered a pretty good deal – two people can comfortably get full with this one.

This Pizza Has a Large Calorie Count

If you’re on a diet or have some strict rules when it comes to healthy meals with low-calorie intake, unfortunately, this pizza won’t be very suitable for you. Just one piece of this one has 350 calories (which can be enough for a whole meal if you’re dieting). If you’re interested in more detailed nutrition facts, take a closer look at this table and decide for yourself if this pizza could be your cheat-day meal:

Nutritional values for Domino’s Chicken Taco PizzaOne slice (135 g)
Calories350 (Calories from fat – 140)
Fat16g (Saturated fat – 8 g)
Carbs34g (Sugar – 3 g)
Sodium780 mg

Dominos Chicken Taco Pizza Tasting

If you have tried the famous Cheeseburger pizza before, you know how there is not much pizza sauce to be found on this one. The same thing applies to Chicken Taco Pizza. You can’t actually find much of a pizza sauce on top of this pizza, although the topping combines various nice ingredients with an accent of American cheese, provolone, and cheddar. The interesting thing about this one is that you can actually taste all of these ingredients individually because they don’t blend completely (in a good way).

How to Describe Taco Seasoning?

The taco seasoning is one of the most important ingredients in this pizza – the thing that makes it so special. It is similar to the taco seasoning you can use for ground beef at home. This seasoning adds the signature to pizza’s whole taste, and it’s perfectly blended with vegetables and grilled chicken which are other main ingredients.

What Is the First Thing You Are Going to Notice When You Try This Pizza?

Even with the first slice, you’ll notice that the taco seasoning is dominating over the classic tomato pizza sauce. Still, this seasoning is not overpowering, but it will automatically remind your brain that this meal is different from regular pizza, and you are most likely going to associate all the flavors with tacos.

With a mixture of ingredients that include tender chicken, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and different cheeses, you’ll definitely feel a real explosion of flavors when you take a bite of this one. I’m personally not a big fan of peppers in pizza, so in this one, I found them a little too overpowering. Maybe this was because of the taste of the pepper that got on my pizza, but it was kinda bitter and sour.

On the other hand, the mushy texture of onions was very interesting and delightful, considering the fact that I love onions in every meal. Their taste perfectly mixes with cheddar cheese and chicken. Also, the acidity of tomato slices felt very refreshing compared to other strong flavors, so the ratio of ingredients was for me nine of ten (because of the peppers).

Chicken Is One of the Best Ingredients

Apart from the onions, my favorite ingredient of this pizza was definitely the chicken. Nothing can go wrong with my personally most praised tender chicken. It was delightful and very flavorful – the best part is that you get a solid amount of chicken on your pizza.

This Pizza Should Have a Stronger Spice

One thing that I found missing was a stronger spice. Unfortunately, in this particular pizza, seasoning is devoid of heat, which is something you definitely expect to get when you order a taco pizza. Green pepper is simply not the right substitute for this – you will probably want something stronger. You could, for example, ask to get jalapeno peppers on top of it, just to get more spice and heat. Another option is to add Cholula Hot Sauce on top of every slice and enjoy the full taste of Mexican food on your pizza.

Pizza with onion rings

This Pizza Provides a Good Combination of Flavors Which Makes It Ideal for Indecisive Eaters

The overall conclusion is that this pizza definitely reminds you of chicken tacos, and it simultaneously satisfies your craving both for pizza and tacos, which is always an interesting solution for indecisive eaters. You will definitely taste the onions, tomatoes, and green peppers, although they are mostly mild in flavor. On the other hand, chicken is tender and decently juicy. The crust is prepared in classic domino style with a hand-tossed base and crispy surface with an ample dusting of cornmeal on the bottom of it.