Domino’s Pan Pizza Review

Domino’s debuted the handmade pan pizza in 2012, making it an instant classic. And what’s not to love – a double cheese layer, toppings to the very edge, a buttery, crunchy bottom, all conjured up in a deep-dish pan. You asked for a Domino’s pan pizza review, so here it is.

The Domino’s handmade pan pizza is a delicious version of a deep-dish pizza with two layers of cheese, a tangy and tasty tomato sauce, and a buttery, doughy, and crunchy bottom crust that melts in the mouth. However, it’s a little heavy, so eating a smaller size will fill you up with no problem.

A couple of pan pizza pieces with cheese
Domino’s pan pizza is truly one of a kind, despite many deep-dish pizzas out there

What Is Domino’s Handmade Pan Pizza?

Many people may be wondering what is pan pizza. If you’re one of them, then you’re definitely at the right place. Handmade pan pizza Domino’s is a menu item Domino’s introduced in 2012. It was a hit the moment it came out and still is one of the most ordered pizzas at the restaurant.

Why is Domino’s pan pizza special compared to others? This one is handmade, and Domino’s states they train every pizza maker to create the dough to specific instructions. That level of dedication and professionalism is essential for any meal, especially pizzas.

In a sea of the same pizzas all over again, Domino’s handmade pan pizza stands out because of the double layer of cheese and toppings that go to the edges.

Is Domino’s Handmade Pan Pizza Better Option Than the Regular?

As you probably already know, Domino’s has a wide range of pizza options you can order. But, one of the most popular nowadays seems to be hand-tossed and pan pizza. So, which one is better to try first? After all, for true pizza lovers, this can be quite a decision to make. Choose the hand-tossed pizza if you prefer a crunchier bite with less sauce, cheese, and oil. But if you want lots of cheese and toppings but prefer a less crunchy pizza, the pan pizza is for you.

Crust Is One of the Main Differences

The crust is where the change is most obvious at first glance. The pan crust, or Domino’s deep dish pizza, has a ticker and fluffier crust with much more cheese and is hence more popular. The hand-tossed pizza appears to have a thin, crunchy dough with minimal cheese and no discernible oil.

A bird's eye view of a cheese pan pizza
There’s nothing quite like the double cheese layer on Domino’s pan pizza

The Online Ordering Experience – You Can Make Your Own Handmade Pan Pizza

I’ve gone the easier route and chose to order my pan pizza to be delivered. When I went to Domino’s website and the “Order Online” tab and chose the delivery option, I was given a chance to create my own handmade pan pizza.

So, I did. First, I was greeted with the fact that Domino’s pan pizza comes only in the medium size (12-inches). It wasn’t a problem since that’s more than enough for me, but feeding multiple people might come at a higher cost than expected.

Choosing the toppings and options was pretty straightforward; the interface knows what to suggest and when some items aren’t available. I’d have liked it if there were suggestions on what to add as toppings, but that might be redundant since I’m already trying to make one that suits my tastes.

The toppings I added were pepperoni, black olives, one side of mushrooms, and one side of onions (don’t judge me, I had a strong craving). The website even gave me the option to choose which side the onions and mushrooms would go to; that was pretty cool.

The Base Has Two Layers of Cheese That You Can Customize

When you first open the ordering menu, you see that cheese is an option you cannot remove. I even tried and was told that by the interface. So, lactose-intolerant people may not enjoy this as much as the average Joe.

Cheese heaviness can also be customized – for example, you can add light cheese on one side and extra on the other; not sure how or why that could work, but if two people share the same dish, then it’s a pretty cool option.

Bear in mind that the cheese is double-layered, so getting extra might make you travel to the bathroom sooner than expected (unless you have a gut of steel and can handle abnormal amounts of dairy).

You Can Choose One of Five Base Sauces – I Went With the Classic Tomato Sauce

When I got to the sauces, I could choose between five options. Their robust inspired tomato sauce is my favorite because of a certain tang it has when you take a bite. It pairs well with the heaviness of the cheese and gives it some lightness, so it’s the winner for me; I didn’t have to think about it at all.

Whoever wishes to go a different route can choose between ranch, honey BBQ, garlic parmesan, and Alfredo sauce. These seemed too strong or milky for me, but someone else might love the combo.

A pizza chef putting tomato sauce on pizza dough
The robust inspired tomato sauce in Domino’s is excellent

Domino’s Pan Pizza Review – Is It Worth Ordering?

After “popping the hood” of the Domino’s pizza box, I got pleasantly surprised. The dough was thick but not abnormally thick. There was enough cheese to feed a village, so I was glad I didn’t add any extra. The meat, mushrooms, and onions were all baked to perfection (after all, that’s why I decided to make this Domino’s pan pizza review in the first place).

The toppings did go all the way to the edges, which made the entire meal more exciting. It’s just great to see the even spread of toppings, so there’s no need to toss out the leftover crust (which I don’t, but I know people who do).

The dough was caramel-colored at the bottom and baked perfectly; this was the ideal crunchy-doughy combo. The base was a bit buttery, but the first bite was phenomenal. The onions didn’t overpower the flavor and added a slight sweetness to the tangy tomato sauce and the dairy flavor of the cheese.

Domino's delivery bikes in a row in front of the store
Domino’s makes an excellent handmade pan pizza

Check Out the Nutritional Value of the Handmade Pan Pizza at Domino’s

Since pizza is considered fast food, then you probably want to know its nutritional value, right? Here’s a table of all the info you need to know for Domino’s pan 12″ pizza.

Servicing size 1 slice (63g)
Calories190 (from Fat – 60)
Fat7g (Saturated fat – 3.5g)
Carbs26g (Sugar – 1g)

Domino’s Handmade Pan Pizza Competes With the Best Pan Pizzas Out There

Overall, the Domino’s handmade pan pizza is one of the best I’ve ever tasted. It competes with the one at Pizza Hut, but that depends on the mood and personal preference. For me, Domino’s handmade pan pizza takes the crown because of the edge-to-edge cheese and toppings.

Domino’s did an excellent job creating this, and they stand by the fact that they never use frozen dough. That dedication makes a huge difference, but that’s not to say other restaurants don’t use fresh ingredients. Most do, and I’m glad Domino’s is on that list.