Hormel Pepperoni

Pepperoni is the absolute favorite pizza topping. Around 80% of all responders in The Harris Poll selected pepperoni as pizza’s perfect match. Therefore, it’s more than likely that you’ll need this delicacy for some of your next pizza-making endeavors. But, should you choose Hormel pepperoni or look at some other brands?

Hormel pepperoni is a high-quality and tasteful product, especially when combined with the rest of the usual pizza ingredients. Hormel brand produces pepperoni slices for everybody’s taste. You can find them thin or thick, flat or cup-like, regular or extra spicy – and they all taste amazing. For healthier meals, Hormel also offers low sodium and low-fat pepperoni slices.

Pepperoni pizza with a missing slice

The Hormel brand has been present on our market for more than 130 years. That’s a lot of time to perfect your products, but did they do so? Check my review to find out the answer.

Hormel Claims to Be the Number One Pepperoni Brand on the Market – But Is This True?

Based on current IRI data, Hormel is the leading pepperoni brand in the States – I, for once, used it countless times in my homemade pizzas. Their pepperoni represents the perfect salty, tangy, and spicy mix that creates the well-known pizza flavor we all love.

However, remember that best selling doesn’t necessarily mean the best quality. Margherita or Bridgford pepperoni would probably win the quality contest. Still, if you’re looking for the best quality to price ratio, note that Hormel never disappoints.

Made from a mixture of pork and beef meat combined with different spices (and additives), Hormel pepperoni has become an irreplaceable homemade pizza ingredient for many American families.

Most of us connect pepperoni flavor exactly with Hormel and their unique blend of spices. I specifically remember that my first pizza was pepperoni kind – and I will never forget my mother handing Hormel pepperoni over to me so I could complete a perfect pizza topping.

Sliced Hormel Pepperoni Can Be Used for More Than Just a Pizza

Of course, these pepperoni slices can be used for countless other meals – pizza is just my favorite. Mouthwatering and high-quality meat and spaces can be great additions to sandwiches, pasta, salads, and many other dishes. But truthfully, not many of them can compare with the iconic taste of pepperoni pizza.

Pepperoni pizza cut into slices

Hormel Offers Different Pepperoni Products to Suit Each Taste

One of the things I love about Hormel is that they think about their customers’ needs – and not all of us are the same. Therefore, you can buy pepperoni types that will differ in texture, thickness, or even taste. Aside from well-known original Hormel pepperoni, you can also buy:

  • Cup and crisp pepperoni – this option is great if you prefer your pepperoni cup-like instead of flat. Personally, I never like cup-like shapes because of all of the grease that gathers on top of each slice. However, Hormel’s cup pepperoni is not overly oily, and it remains crispy, which is a winning combination.
  • Thick slice pepperoni – all of those who prefer their pepperoni a little bit thicker and more chewy love this type! It’s not my cup of tea (I like them more crispy), but I can certainly get the appeal.
  • Hot & spicy pepperoni – this one is perfect for all those who need extra spiciness in their life.

Hormel Offers Slices With Different Nutritional Elements

Hormel pepperoni, in general, shouldn’t contain any significant allergens, but, as you’re probably well aware, it isn’t exactly the most healthy pizza ingredient. However, Hormel decided to create a product that can be enjoyed even by the people on the special diet programs.

It’s no secret that cured meat has significant amounts of saturated fat and sodium. Those who need (or want) to eat healthier will be happy to find out about low-fat and low-sodium pepperoni slices. However, remember that they can never taste the same as the real deal – but they do come close.

Take a look at the table below to compare their nutritional elements with the original pepperoni’s:

Nutrition facts
(per ounce)
Original pepperoni50% less sodium pepperoniTurkey pepperoni (with 70% less fat)
Total fat14g15g4g
Saturated fat6g6g1.5g

Pepperoni Snacks – Do We Love or Hate Them?

Aside from slices perfectly cut for pizza, Hormel also offers mini pepperoni snacks and snack sticks. In theory, you can use them for pizza as well (which I never tried), but they are not specially designed for it.

Rather than pizza, they are excellent for a quick snack to boost your energy. However, I find it quite spicy when consumed without any other food (it’s just my opinion, my friends don’t have any problems with it). Rather than alone, I love making salads and pasta with these small bites – they never fail me.

Pepperoni pasta served in a bowl

I Always Have Hormel Pepperoni Stocked in the Fridge – Do You?

Hormel company knows how to make this Italian-American creation appealing to many customers by combining excellent taste with affordable prices. These tiny, delicious brick-red slices have become one of Hormel’s dried-meat specialties and found their way to many American homes (and restaurants).

When I’m making a pepperoni pizza, Hormel is the brand I usually go for because of its dependability and availability. There certainly are better quality pepperoni brands out there, but guess what? Hormel sells the most for a good reason.