Little Caesars Calzone Pizza Review

The trend of restaurants coming out with limited-edition meals continued in August 2021, when Little Caesars released the Crazy Calzony pizza – a pizza with four wrapped ends designed to be calzones. Let’s do a Little Caesars calzone pizza review and if you should look forward to it coming back.

The Little Caesars Crazy Calzony pizza was an actual limited-edition item. It was a menu item for a week in August 2021, and it got mixed reviews. It was garlicky, salty, filled with delicious gooey cheese, and topped with pepperoni. In theory, it was excellent, but I can say it was just decent after trying it.

Some calzones on a plate
The Little Caesars calzone pizza is neither pizza nor calzone, but it works

What Is Little Caesars Calzone Pizza? Crazy Calzony Explained

According to the chief marketing officer at Little Caesars, they planned to release Crazy Calzony for a while before it actually came out. And when it did, it was indeed a limited edition item. It was available for pre-order and pick-up ready in stores, from August 16, 2021, to August 23.

When it came out, rave reviews followed. It looked weird, like a salty, greasy mega starfish with a missing leg, but the flavor was promising from the start. Basically, it was a regular cheese and pepperoni pizza with four twisted ends.

The ends had two small calzones on each side, meaning that instead of four large ones, you got eight small calzones to enjoy; a party meal, in some way. The Crazy Calzony pizza came together with the Crazy Sauce, and it was topped with a bunch of garlic butter and parmesan.

Overall, people loved it despite its weird look, and for a week last summer, Little Caesars was the star of its own Crazy Calzony show.

Is the Crazy Calzony Pizza Still on Little Caesars’ Menu?

The Crazy Calzony pizza is no longer on the menu of Little Caesars. They released the product for a week in the summer of 2021, and it didn’t seem like the intention to give it a comeback was there. Whoever had the chance to try it back then may have had the only chance ever.

Can We Expect a Comeback of the Crazy Calzony Pizza?

There is no guarantee that the Crazy Calzony pizza won’t make a comeback in August 2022. It’s still early to know if they plan to return it to their menus for another week, but I’m sure that, if they did, it’d sell out once again.

I don’t know if we should expect a comeback of this freakish-looking delicious pizza, but we can ask for one. They might listen to us like they heard pleas when people petitioned for the return of pretzel crust pizza.

Calzones with tomatoes stacked on a plate
Calzones and pizza in one? Sign me up

Start the Taste Test – The Little Caesars Calzone Pizza Review

When I got my hands on this pizza-calzone hybrid, I didn’t know what to expect. Upon opening the box, I was greeted by something that looked like an alien life-form topped with pepperoni and parmesan. It looked like a mess, I won’t lie. Still, sometimes the most delicious foods don’t look their best, and I was hoping Crazy Calzony pizza would convince me of that.

I must admit that my hopes were justified. Sure, it wasn’t the best or the healthiest meal I could have imagined, but I wasn’t expecting that. Anyone who gets a pepperoni cheese pizza and hopes for healthy nutrition is lying to themselves; enjoy the calories moderately, and don’t judge yourself for the occasional indulgence. Pizza is an incredible food that needs to be enjoyed guilt-free.

It Was Calzones, It Was Pizza, It Was Everything and More

The calzone bits were filled with gooey mozzarella, pepperoni strips, and white garlic sauce and topped with parmesan. It was a pleasure to bite into, but I was stuffed after finishing the pizza and eating two of those small ends. It would have been better if I shared it with someone; this way, I had leftovers that I couldn’t finish quickly enough.

The pizza bit was just regular pizza, topped with greasy pepperoni and a chock-full of provolone cheese. It was a familiar Little Caesars taste that I was used to, so I was more excited to get to the calzone ends and see what the fuss was about. It was deliciously heavy to eat, but I didn’t regret it.

Do You Like Garlic? Little Caesars Thinks You Do

The garlic sauce on the inside and garlic butter on the outside made the calzones more delicious but made me understand what it’s like to be a vampire. Too much garlic got a big no from me, and I ran from my own breath like Dracula from garlic necklaces.

If you don’t like overly salty and garlicky foods, the calzones at the end of the Crazy Calzony pizza won’t be satisfying at all. Although it’s a fantastic seasoning and adds flavor to any food, the garlic, dairy, and salt combo made me crave gallons of water later.

I can’t guarantee I won’t order this again if it comes back to the Little Caesars menu. Everyone deserves a second chance, don’t they?

Some peeled and unpeeled garlic on a wooden plate
There was a lot of garlic on the Crazy Calzony pizza, which was and wasn’t so good

If the Little Caesars Calzone Pizza Returns, I’ll Think Twice Before Eating It Again

I liked the Crazy Calzony pizza, and I might give it another chance if it comes back to the Little Caesars menu, but I’m not sure it’d be worth it. Overall, the flavors were there, but so were the grease and heaviness that followed later on. If I find someone to share the food with, I’ll be tempted to order it, but I’ll have to think hard.

The overall experience was OK – it promised a lot and delivered less than that. Still, I’ll give credit to Little Caesars for trying new things and making customers curious about their chain over and over again.