Little Caesars Pizza Review

If you are starting to get bored with your regular pizza parlors, be sure to check this Little Caesars’ pizza review. There’s no accounting for tastes, but reviews like these are helpful when you are indecisive.

Little Caesars is one of the most popular pizza chains in the USA, but they also have international restaurants. In my opinion, one of the best characteristics of Little Caesars is their big menu that has over thirty different pizzas. Furthermore, they will often have a special item on the menu for a limited time, so you will most likely not get bored fast.

Slices of pizza

Little Caesars Has a Long Tradition of Making Pizzas

Pizza is a dish that has a long history, and it’s always nice to hear that a pizza parlor has been working for over half a century. Although Little Caesars is not just a parlor anymore, but a big chain of restaurants, it has been working since 1959, and according to many reviews, the quality of food has been maintained over the years at a high level. What impressed me the most is the fact that they make fresh dough on the spot, which is highly unusual for large food chains.

Deep Dish Pizza and Hot-n-Ready Are Some of the Most Famous Ones

With over 4,000 locations, Little Caesars has incorporated all pizza recipes available in the country and, of course, added a personal twist. Their Detroit deep-dish style pizza is probably the most popular article on the menu. But, as with any other fast-food chain, Little Caesars, too, looks to improve the efficiency of service, and as a result, they have created the popular Hot-n-Ready menu.

How Good Is Little Caesars’ Pizza? Let’s Get Into Details

For the purpose of this review, I have chosen the most popular item on the menu, the slice of Hot-n-Ready pepperoni pizza:

  • Texture and taste – Before we jump to the description, I feel that it’s necessary to say that you shouldn’t have big expectations with menu items such as this. Still, fast food also has certain standards that have to be met. As with any pizza slice, freshness is the key factor that affects the taste and texture. My advice is only to buy during the restaurant’s busy hours. Otherwise, when Hot-n-Ready slices sit for too long, they become stale quickly, and taste suffers a lot (which goes for pretty much any pizza slice). However, when it is fresh, my final verdict would be that the taste is definitely good given all the circumstances. Pepperonis and veggies are always fresh. The sauce has a pleasant and not too overpowering taste. In my opinion, the crust is good, both thick and thin, although I do acknowledge that some might find it too doughy. All in all, when fresh, it’s decent.
  • Caloric value – When it comes to health, fast food is not good, no matter how you put it. If you are on a diet or, for some reason, have to avoid processed food, Little Caesars pizza should be out of the question. While looking at the nutritional charts, I have found that classic varieties (classic cheese or pepperoni) are the healthiest ones. Pizzas that have additions like a lot of toppings or stuffed crusts often have two times higher caloric values than regular ones. However, Little Caesars has a vegan option as well, which is completely free of dairy and meat. It has a significantly lower caloric value, but don’t forget that you can modify pizzas when ordering, so you can, for example, ask for less cheese or remove some topping.
  • Price – Little Caesars is known for its affordable prices, especially the Hot-n-Ready pizzas, which cost just five dollars. Therefore, judging just by the price, it is worth it without any doubt, especially when making some celebratory event. They are made fast and taste decent. Little Caesars also has many special offers almost every day, which are cost-effective. But, you should try to avoid eating pizza (or any fast food for that matter) on a daily basis, so don’t just look at the price.

Naturally, there are negative comments about Little Caesars as well. The most common ones are targeted at their cheese. It is known that Little Caesars uses cheese with low water content (this cheese can last longer,) so the bland flavor of the cheese is a frequent complaint. But also, the overall amount of toppings and cheese is low for many customers. However, that depends a lot on personal taste.

Different slices of pizza

Here Is a Nutritional Table for a Large Slice of Classic Hot-n-Ready Pepperoni Pizza

For all people that like to read nutritional values on food packaging, here is a nutritional table of a popular large pepperoni pizza.

Total caloric value280
Total Fat11g
Saturated fat5g

Truth be told, when compared to some other pizza parlors, the caloric value is below average. However, sodium and carbohydrate levels are off the charts (unfortunately, the usual characteristics of every fast food dish). A high intake of sodium can be highly detrimental to your health. There is nothing wrong with enjoying delicious pizza from time to time, but a person should definitely balance the diet and physical activity, or as I like to put it, “You should earn the right to eat fast food.”

Little Caesars Is Definitely Worth a Try if You Like to Eat Pizza

Many people, when reminiscing about their childhood, mention Hot-n-Ready pizza slices. Due to its affordability, it has been a choice for lunch breaks for a long time now. But, I can also safely say that the taste is above average. All in all, you should try Little Caesars if you haven’t before, but don’t hold any high expectations.