Papa John’s Pizza Review

Opened way back in 1984 in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Papa John’s is now known as one of the most famous franchises in the country. It even has a global presence – with more than 5,500 locations worldwide, it’s the third-largest pizza delivery chain. But is Papa John’s pizza worth a shot? Find out in this Papa John’s pizza review.

Papa John’s pizzas can be very delicious if you choose the right store location and pizza type. High-quality ingredients and presentation guarantee an enjoyable eating experience but keep in mind that these pizzas sometimes lack seasoning. Still, if you’re looking for a decent-tasting dish, Papa John’s won’t disappoint.

Pizza topped with vegetables, mushrooms, and olives

If you’re still unsure whether you should give Papa John’s pizzas a go, let this honest review provide you with all the necessary answers.

When Prepared Right, Papa John’s Pizzas Are Some of the Best in the Country

In 2021, the number of Papa John’s restaurants in the States had more than 3,100 – and not all locations prepare Papa John’s recipes equally. I’ve tasted absolutely divine Papa John’s pizzas but also stumbled upon burnt, not cooked enough, or simply inedible ones.

As with many other food-making franchises, the quality of the dish usually depends on the location it was made. I got lucky to live near an amazing Papa John’s store that employs experts in pizza making. That is why, despite some pretty bad experiences, I would say that Papa John’s pizzas are definitely worth a shot.

The Biggest Papa John’s Advantage – A Commitment to Prime Quality

There is a reason Papa John’s pizza was voted the best pizza across many different places in the country (Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas, Los Angeles, and so on). Better Ingredients = Better Pizza – it’s all a part of the company’s motto. But does high quality always imply the best taste?

High-quality toppings combined with exceptional presentations make Papa John’s favorite chain for many. For me, that place belongs to Domino’s. After all, their pizzas are delicious without the expedition. However, Papa John’s doesn’t stay far behind – it just needs a little more seasoning for my taste.

 Different-styled pizza slices

Different Types of Papa John’s Pizza

As an international chain, Papa John’s has developed a lot of different flavors over the years – from classics, such as cheese or pepperoni pizza, over vegetarian pizzas to handcrafted specialties. They come in various sizes (from small to extra large) and with original and thin crusts.

Which Pizza Tastes the Best?

I’ve tried plenty of different Papa John’s pizzas – some of them even disappeared from the menu over time. If you’re new to Papa John’s world and are not sure which pizza should you order, consider getting:

  • Cheese – golden and fluffy crust combined with fresh pizza sauce and delicious mozzarella make those classic cheese pizzas one of my ultimate favorites,
  • Garden Fresh – when I’m in the mood for something a bit healthier, I’ll always go with Papa John’s signature Garden Fresh pizza. It combines onions, green papers, mushrooms, and black olives in the one truly mouthwatering dish,
  • Tropical Luau – if pineapple on a pizza is your thing (no judgment), you’ll love Tropical Luau, topped with tasty pineapple chunks, Canadian bacon, mozzarella, and green papers.

On the other hand, I’ve tried some pizza styles I won’t like to taste again, such as too spicy Spicy Italian Pizza, or Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza. Only by the name of the last one can you guess that even Papa John’s doesn’t know what’s going on with this pizza type.

Create Your Own Pizza

Papa John’s provides you with the possibility of creating a custom pizza. I’ve tried doing so when making an order, but it has never become the pizza I had in my mind. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always try your luck – maybe you’ll have more than I did. Still, if you want to get a delicious pizza without taking any chances, then go with the popular types mentioned earlier.

A person making a pizza

What Are the Cons of Papa John’s Pizzas?

The worst thing I could think of about Papa John’s is not regarding the pizza taste but the service they provide – especially when it comes to delivery. I know many cases of wrong or postponed deliveries or bad customer service. Luckily, I don’t have that much negative experience, but I won’t say that I have always stumbled upon exceptional services.

One other significant disadvantage of Papa John’s pizza is its price. It’s way more expensive than other chains, such as Domino’s or Pizza Hut, which drive buyers away. Take a look at the following table to see current prices for the most popular pizza types:

Pizza typeMediumLargeExtra largeThin crust
Cheese $13.00$15.00$17.00$15.00
Pepperoni $13.00$15.00$17.00$15.00
Garden Fresh$16.00$18.00 $20.00$18.00
The Works$16.00$18.00 $20.00$18.00
The Meats$16.00$18.00 $20.00$18.00
BBQ Chicken Bacon $16.00$18.00 $20.00$18.00
Spinach Alfredo $16.00$18.00 $20.00$18.00

Papa John’s Pizza Review – The Final Verdict

Papa John’s has come up with many delicious recipes over the last few decades. Although not my favorite pizza chain, I don’t mind grabbing a pizza bite from Papa John’s when the opportunity arises. Their pizzas are more than decent (some even mouthwatering), but keep in mind that ordering location can impact your eating experience. Therefore, make sure you choose a place with good reviews – and enjoy.