Pizza Hut BBQ Pizza Review

Barbeque enthusiasts should definitely check out Pizza Hut’s BBQ Pizzas which are topped with three types of pork, making the pizzas delicious and flavorsome. Lovers of crisp and lightly smoked bacon as well as slightly sweet ham will enjoy these pizzas. If you want to know if these pizzas are worth trying, continue reading this Pizza Hut BBQ Pizza review.

With three different types of Pizza Hut BBQ Pizzas, you will have an opportunity to choose unique hand-tossed pizzas that are covered with honey barbeque sauce and toasted cheddar cheese. This is a go-to dish for all people who love meaty and delicious pizzas. I have tried all three varieties and I am amazed by their distinctive and rich taste.

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What Is a Pizza Hut BBQ Pizza?

Pizza Hut teamed up with Grammy-winning artist Blake Shelton to create an authentic recipe for BBQ-style pizzas. Their recipe for pizzas combines hand-picked ingredients, sweet honey BBQ sauce, and the tasty flavors of cheddar crust to create a dish that will satisfy diner’s craving for meaty pizzas.

The star ingredients of these pizzas are three forms of pork, crispy ham, oozing cheese, and sauce. The intention was to form a recipe that is distinctive but still appealing. The adventurous flavors in the dish are expected to amaze consumers all over the world.

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What Types of BBQ Pizzas Can You Choose?

You can try as many as three different Pizza Hut barbeque pizzas. The ingredients slightly vary, so each one is unique in its own way. Here is the list of these amazing barbeque pizzas I tried and their ingredients:

  • Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ – This variety has hardwood smoked bacon, toasted cheddar crust, smoked ham with a bit of sugar, and juicy pork; everything is topped with sweet honey barbeque sauce.
  • The Hawaiian BBQ – This variety is slightly different, with pieces of pineapple and green peppers on top. These pizzas also have smoked ham and pork and lots of cheese.
  • The Honey BBQ Chicken – This tasty variety combines all-white-meat chicken, red onions, and hardwood-smoked bacon. The flavor is enhanced with the sweet sauce that makes the unique combination of ingredients work great together.

First on the Menu – Blake’s Smokehouse BBQ Pizzas

These pizzas feature numerous types of meat – from bacon and ham to pork; therefore, my initial expectation was that the pizzas would be more salty than usual. However, upon trying the first slice, the meat wasn’t too salty at all. The hardwood smoked bacon was just slightly crisp, and the smoked ham had a bit of sweetness to it that made the dish even more appetizing.

The ground pork was also delicious, and combined with the bacon; it created a greasy layer on the slice. The game-changing ingredient for me was the honey barbecue sauce which was just under the cheese. The flavor of the sauce balanced out the meat. A bit of honeyed sweetness was the perfect flavor for this dish.

What made these pizzas stand out from the rest of Pizza Hut’s recipes is the cheddar cheese on the end crust. I think that it was different from the parmesan that is usually added to their pizzas. It provided a discernible cheddar taste and a crunch. Overall, for me, pizzas provided a unique taste with the sauce and the cheddar cheese.

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What Can You Expect From the Hawaiian BBQ Pizzas?

At first, I was skeptical about how tasty these pizzas could be since the recipe combines so many different flavors. Unexpectedly, this variety of pizza added something completely different to the salty and greasy pork and ham. Each slice of Hawaiian barbeque pizza has a lot of cheese on top of it, but the stars of this recipe are actually pineapple chunks. The fresh pineapple will sweeten up the salty cheese and meat. I think that together with the sauce, it even overpowers the delicious taste of the hardwood smoked bacon and ham.

I found green peppers to be juicy and tasty, too. But, do not worry about the combination of savory bacon and sweet pineapple. For me, the bacon and ham help these pizzas balance out the taste of pineapple. It is a perfect combination of salt and sugar, for sure.  

Know Some Nutritional Facts and Calories of the Hawaiian Barbeque Pizzas

The tasty Hawaiian pizzas are a real game-changer when it comes to fast food recipes. They combine interesting ingredients and create a surprisingly flavorsome and unique dish. It would be great to know just how nutritious this dish is, so we have a chart with nutritional facts you can expect from one slice of Hawaiian bbq pizza:

Calories From Fat80
Total Fat9g
Trans Fat0.0g
Saturated Fat4.5g
Total Carbohydrates42g
Dietary Fiber2g

Find Out Just How Delicious the Honey BBQ Chicken Pizzas Are

My first thought upon opening the box of the barbeque chicken pizza is that it looks aesthetically pleasing. It was not overdone but fairly crisp and firm. Even though it seemed to be that the pie was covered with many slices of red onions, it didn’t alter the taste in a significant way.

Also, I think that it was a smart move to put concentric circles of honey sauce on top since the mixture of sauce and bacon worked incredibly together.  The cheese tasted great, adding a creamy sweetness to the salty pork and ham. What is more, the crust was crisp and covered with buttery oil.

What separates this variety from the rest is the grilled chicken. It just adds another layer to this already meaty dish, but it didn’t disappoint at all. The taste of the mixture of different meats is truly mouth-watering. If you are a true lover of meat and pizzas, this variety will probably be your best choice.

With this video, you will be able to make your own chicken barbeque pizza that tastes just like the one from Pizza Hut.

Explore Pizza Hut BBQ Pizzas You Won’t Regret It

If you love meat and the combination of unique hand-picked ingredients, you will be amazed just how tasty Pizza Hut barbecue pizzas really are. If you want to try pizzas that offer a balance of sweet and salty flavors, pick Hawaiian barbeque pizzas, but in case you want to have as many layers of meat on your pie as possible, choose the Honey Barbeque pizza. However, the original recipe is considered to be Blake’s Smokehouse pizzas. I recommend that you try at least a slice because it is an outstanding dish.