Pizza Hut Spicy Pizza Review

If feeling that nice sizzle and burn while eating our food is something you like, you should definitely check out the Pizza Hut spicy pizza review. Feel the flavors that will make your mouth a little numb, but in a good way. And why not try something new on the market? It’s always an exciting experience.

Pizza Hut Spicy Pizza is the to-go dish for all lovers of spicy food. The quality of ingredients is high, and with the hand-crafted rich flavor with some heat to match, you get one of the best prepared spicy pizzas out there.

Sliced pepperoni pizza

Keep reading if you want to find out more about the spicy pizza at Pizza Hut. I’ve tried it, and I’m ready to share my experience.

Pizza Hut Spicy Pizza Review – Check Out the New Marinara Sauce

A name like spicy lovers pizza will definitely mean you’ll get some of that spiciness, right? When it comes to Pizza Hut’s Double Pepperoni, it’s definitely layered with heat. In fact, you’re guaranteed to get heat with every single bite. And you surely will.

Let’s start with the base. The new spicy marinara sauce with garlic surely is the star of this pizza. However, the balanced heat with each layer is probably even more crucial. That way, they got that full zesty flavor and probably brought a piquant masterpiece to the pizza market.

What Ingredients Does Spicy Pizza Hut Have

Being the only pizza chain out there that offers a dedicated spicy type of pizza on the menu surely has a lot to do with the popularity of this dish. So you have to give them credit for doing this (at least for all those spiciness lovers out there).

What surprised me the most is that it’s not just about the heat factor but also about being able to taste everything. Also, the quality is very high for a pizza of this caliber. Delivering heat on top of flavor that’s definitely something you should admire. So, let’s check what ingredients you’ll find in a double pepperoni pizza:

  • Pork,
  • Beef,
  • Spices,
  • Natural spice extractives.

Explore the Nutrition Facts and Calories This Pizza Has

Knowing what you’re eating is more than just important. Even though pizza is fast food, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of nutrition facts, right? So, check the table below and learn about the nutrition value of one slice of double pepperoni.

Saturated fat5 g
Fat2 g
Cholesterol30 mg
Sodium680 mg
Fiber3 g
Carbohydrates35 mg
Protein13 g
Sugar2 g

Spicy Lovers Prepare Your Palate for Spiciness

Pizza Hut introduced the new double pepperoni to its audience, and it’s undoubtedly something to talk and write about. When I ordered the large pizza, it came in an eight slice pie featuring a base of spicy marinara sauce with extra garlic. And for me, that garlic is the jackpot because it increases the heat level, which I obviously love.

And what I noticed is that the combination of flavors is brought to perfection. Some dishes are just spicy. But here, it’s not just heated to have some heat. You can see and taste that here we have a team of experts behind this masterpiece that did their magic and throughout the perfect ingredients that all combine to form a pleasurable experience flavor-wise.

Have Some Water by Your Side After Tasting

When you’re ready for the first bite, I have one important piece of advice – have some water. The sizzle creeps up, and then it’s all over the place (mouth). It’s very vibrant in flavor. That’s a bit of the sweetness that you’ll actually get from those red peppers. When it comes to sauce, it has a bit of extra heat, and the pepperoni brings a little heat as well.

Sliced pepperoni pizza with a sauce-filled crust

The Taste Is Boosted With Two Different Kinds of Kicking Pepperoni

The good old classic pepperoni pizza is well known to many pizza lovers, and especially to those who like spiciness. However, Pizza Hut showed us a whole other level of taste with this spicy pizza. So, besides all the classic ingredients for their pepperoni pizza, their chefs added the cup and crisp pepperoni that’s actually laced with paprika. As a result, expect another level of heat.

I’ve seen some people struggling whether to try this pizza or not just because of its presentation. Yes, it looks mildly intimidating because it’s a spicy pizza. All those ingredients on it can obviously tell you that. But you need to smell the aroma! It smells pretty fantastic!

Expect a Touch of Sweetness Too

There are also raging red jalapenos that are actually a little bit sweet but, of course, add more heat to the party. To finish it off, there are fiery flakes, as Pizza Hut’s chefs like to call them. These flakes are made from a custom blend of herbs and crushed chili peppers. So, you’ll get layers upon layers of heated goodness to go across all the cheesy goodness you’ll find on top.

A chef making pizza

Is There Another Style Pizza for Double Pepperoni

If you’re a true lover of the Detroit style Pizza Hut is famous for, imagine how it would be if they got your new favorite double pepperoni in that variant? Well, I surely wouldn’t mind it. The thicker piece of pizza with all of the actual heated ingredients on these coils is a perfect combination. Also, the flavor combination, in general, would be unique. And as you could already assume, Pizza Hut knows its customers well – you can enjoy your double pepperoni in Detroit style, too.

What Other Spicy Food Can You Find at Pizza Hut

At Pizza Hut, there are three other spicy dishes available you need to try. Yes, you have different options, and the heat level is beautifully combined. So, if you’re keen on trying something different other than pizza, you should definitely try some new stuff they have.

  • Hawaiian chicken,
  • Spicy Hawaiian chicken,
  • Spicy veggie.

Surprise Your Senses and Try Pizza Hut Spicy Pizza

If you like spices, you have a lot to look forward to with this one. However, don’t forget to have some water with you while tasting because one slice could be pretty heated (depending on how spicy you like your food, of course). However, the heat is tolerable, and even though it’s not the best spicy pizza I ever tried, it’s noticeably elevated – I personally wouldn’t add any ingredient, like extra sauce or anything else to sprinkle on it.