Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Review

Back in 2020, Mexican pizza had disappeared from Taco Bell’s menu, leaving us unsure if it will even reappear again. Now, in 2022, it has made a comeback – so should you try it this time? Find out in this Taco Bell Mexican pizza review.

Taco Bell Mexican pizza is a decent dish – not tasteless, but not overly enjoyable as well. Borrowing only the shape of traditional pizza, it has all typical Mexican ingredients and flavors. They do mix well, but you may get the feeling that something is missing. Luckily, it’s easily fixable with additional toppings you can order.

Taco bell Mexican pizza with extra toppings

Should you give Taco Bell Mexican pizza a go, or should you look for a Mexican-Italian mix somewhere else? Find out in this review.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Doesn’t Live Up to the Expectations

They don’t make them the same these days – it’s the saying that pops into my mind when thinking about this Mexican pizza. It’s either that or my memory is playing tricks on me, making those I ate in the past more tasteful than what I had a chance to try now.

Let’s start with the name – why is Mexican pizza called that way? The only thing this dish takes from the traditional pizza is the round shape – the rest of it is pure Mexican. Everything from refried beans and seasoned beef, over two crunchy shells, Mexican pizza sauce, and three types of cheese to chopped onions that go on top is screaming Mexican dish.

What I expected was an abundance of flavors. What I got was an OK dish I could eat again but, at the same time, can live without. I found refried beans dry and tasteless, and the crisps had become flakier than those I remember from before. Mexican pizza sauce as well wasn’t as savory as I remember.

Ways of Improving the Original Flavor

However, there is a way to make Mexican pizza a little less bland if you’re willing to pay a few more cents. There are a number of toppings and delicious sauces you can pair with this dish and make it more interesting and flavorful. Of course, since Taco Bell is all about Mexican-inspired meals and flavors, so are these add-ons. Take a look at them in the table below.

Additional saucesPriceAdd-onsPrice
Avocado ranch sauce+$0.55Steak+$1.60
Spicy ranch+$0.50Seasoned rice+$0.35
Red sauce+$0.35Jalapeno peppers+$0.50
Green sauce+$0.30Chicken+$1.40
Creamy jalapeño sauce+$0.55Lettuce+$0.50
Reduced-fat sour cream+$0.70Onions+$0.35
Nacho cheese sauce+$0.85Cheese+$0.55
Chipotle sauce+$0.45Black beans+$0.30

Prepare Yourself for a Beautiful Mess

Now, I don’t want to say it’s terrible or completely flavorless, I just expected more from this Taco Bell classic. However, there is yet another problem with this dish – it’s impossible to eat this pizza without making a mess. That is if you don’t eat with a knife and a fork – but what self-proclaimed pizzaholic does that? It’s a messy meal, and you can make it even messier by ordering previously mentioned additional items for your pizza. However, those who get hungry just by looking at a dish may find this look quite appealing.

Mexican pizza with cheese and vegetables

Mexican Pizzas Redeeming Qualities

If you love Mexican flavors and can’t resist a (kind of) crunchy tortilla, then you may like the taste and texture of this Mexican pizza. The cheese was nicely melted, and tomatoes, although chopped on top, did add fresh vegetable flavor, characteristic of Mexican food – although I wouldn’t complain about a few more tomatoes on top.

I wanted to taste the basic Mexican pizza flavor, so I opted for no add-ons. However, I sincerely think that additional topping can enrich the flavor and make this dish more enjoyable for many. At the same time, it undoubtedly represents an interesting mix for when you want a Mexican dish in a completely different way.

You may recall that Papa John has tried a similar blend with their taco pizza. However, when I am in the mood for this kind of dish, Taco Bell Mexican pizza would still be my first choice – even in its basic form.

Homemade uncooked pizza with tomato sauce and toppings

What Ingredients Are Needed to Make a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza?

The good thing is that this Mexican pizza is a relatively easy homemade dish. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend $5+ on a small slice of pizza or want to surprise your loved ones with an interesting and tasteful dinner, here is what you should get:

  • Flour tortillas – 12 pieces (6 in),
  • Vegetable oil – 2 spoons,
  • Taco sauce – ½ cup,
  • Red enchilada sauce – ¼ cup,
  • Mexican cheese blend – pre-shredded, ¾ cup,
  • Mozzarella cheese, pre-shredded, ¾ cup,
  • Refried beans – 1 ¼ cup, heated through,
  • Ground beef – ¾ cup, seasons, cooked,
  • Black olives – ½ cup, sliced,
  • Diced tomato – ½ cup.

A Guide on How to Make a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza at Home

Heat half a teaspoon of oil in a nonstick skillet and then cook tortillas on, one piece at a time, until they get nice, golden coloring. Mix taco and enchilada sauce in one bowl, and make a cheese mix in the other.

Add three tablespoons of beans and two tablespoons of seasoned meat and spread it over the tortilla. Add a second tortilla on the top. Spread two tablespoons of sauce mixture on top of the second tortilla and sprinkle it with cheese (around ¼ cup). Add one tablespoon of olives and tomatoes.

The previously mentioned ingredients are enough for the six small pizzas. After making them all, but before serving them, you need to broil them in the oven for a while (not more than two minutes), so the cheese can melt. Let it cold a little before slicing pizzas into quarters.

Cooped Mexican pizza on a wooden serving plate

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Is Worth a Shot – As Long as You Don’t Overhype It

To sum it up – Taco Bell Mexican pizza is a decent dish if you are not overly excited to try it. It probably won’t become your favorite Taco Bell meal, but it can be an excellent dish to choose when you need a change from the preferred items on Taco Bell’s menu. Moreover, I heard that some restaurants are facing a Mexican pizza shortage again today. So, if you’re curious, make sure you try it before it disappears from the menu again.