The Epicurean Pizza Peel: Better Than A Metal Peel?

Whether you use a conventional oven or you’re lucky enough to have a nice outdoor brick oven, a pizza peel will make your life a lot easier. Basically, it’s just a giant spatula designed to remove pizzas from the oven. Compared to juggling two regular spatulas in each hand and praying that you don’t drop the pizza on the floor, a pizza peel can be a lifesaver, especially if you cook pizza often. 

The Epicurean Pizza Peel is significantly better than most of the old-school metal pizza peels that I’ve used. Not only is it incredibly durable, but it’s also made out of recycled composite wood, so you’re helping to save the planet while you’re baking your pizza! The best part of the peel is that it’s made from a soft material, so it won’t damage your knives and pizza cutters. 

I’ve owned several peels throughout my life, and one of the most recent additions to my collection is the Epicurean pizza peel. It’s made from durable, recycled composite wood, making it quite different from the aluminum and stainless peels that I’m used to using. Now that I’ve had a couple of months to get accustomed to the new peel, I have to say that it’s definitely one of my favorites. Here’s the in-depth review that so many of you have been asking about! 

Why I Really Like This Recycled Peel

Let me start off by saying that I really like Epicurean as a company. Their entire history and concept are dope! The company started out as a skatepark ramp designer and builder. The only problem with this was that it left a lot of wasted composite wood behind that couldn’t be used for future projects. So, the company decided to put their scraps to use and use them to make the world’s first recycled cutting board and pizza peel company! 

Just because it’s made from recycled materials, though, it isn’t any less strong or durable. In fact, the Epicurean peel is just as durable as many of the aluminum peels that I’m used to using. It easily scoops my pizzas up from my pizza stone and prevents the crust from sticking too much.

It’s also worth mentioning that it just looks cool. I have the slate-colored peel, and it has a modern appearance that none of my other metallic spatulas have. So, all of that being said, here are some of my favorite features about the Epicurean pizza peel. 

It Has An Easy-To-Grab Finger Hold

This is fairly standard with any nice peel or pizza steel, but it’s nice to see the thought incorporated into this product. I’ve had several other peels over the years that neglect to include this. Once you load the piping-hot pizza on the peel, you’ll often need a second hand to stabilize everything. By placing your finger in the finger hold, you’ll be able to ensure that nothing tips over! 

It’s Naturally Odor and Stain-Resistant

You might think that since it’s made out of a wood-based material, the Epicurean would be more susceptible to odors and stains. However, this is not the case. The composite used to make these peels is known as “richlite”- a waterproof material that resists stain absorption and doesn’t trap kitchen odors.

I Can Throw It In The Dishwasher When I’m Done 

My Epicurean peel is on the smaller side and doesn’t have the long handle that some of my stainless steel peels do. While its size means that I primarily use it indoors instead of with my larger outdoor brick oven, it’s perfect for what I use it for. It’s also 100% dishwasher safe thanks to its waterproof nature, which means that I can throw it in with the rest of the dishes and save time at the end of the night! 

Finally, A Cutting Surface That Doesn’t Destroy My Knives

Few things annoy me quite as much as a dull knife blade or a pizza cutter that doesn’t cut. This is usually due to me using them on my hard pizza stone and steels, which are known for quickly blunting anything sharp after a few uses. Since this peel is made with soft composite wood, though, it’s a lot friendlier with my knives. 

Whenever I use this peel, I’m confident enough to use my nice Japanese cutlery on it. However, with my other metal peels and stones, I almost always have to resort to using my cheap cutlery. 

How It Compares To Stainless Steel and Aluminum Pizza Peels

As I mentioned, I’m traditionally more used to using metallic peels. They’re cheaper, can be bought almost anywhere, and I’m not really worried about getting them dirty. My stainless and aluminum peels are more suited to higher temperatures, meaning that I generally use those if I’m cooking in my brick oven or using my Ooni oven.

 However, anytime that I’m using my conventional oven inside my house, I really enjoy the lightweight, easy-to-clean convenience offered by my Epicurean.