Unbun Pizza Crust Review: Is It Good For Keto?

I know I’m not the only one who put on a bunch of extra weight during quarantine. When the gyms closed and stay-at-home mandates were issued, it was my excuse to binge eat and watch a little bit too much tv. In an effort to lose some of that extra weight, I tried the keto diet for a few months and was able to lose a hefty 10 pounds. However, it required me to temporarily give up my favorite food- pizza! Or so I thought…

If you’re on a ketogenic (low-carb) diet, then Unbun’s patented carb-free pizza crust is an amazing choice! Although the taste isn’t quite as airy and fluffy as you’d expect from a traditional pizza, it tastes great for what it is and allows keto dieters to satisfy their pizza cravings without cheating on their diet. 

Since I first found out about Unbun, I’ve told a number of dieters about Unbun’s patented “Uncrust” pre-made pizza crust, and I’ve received a lot of questions in response. So, in an effort to try to answer everybody’s questions, I decided that I would post my response here. 

Re-Inventing A Healthier Pizza Crust

For as long as diets have been around, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, and just about anything that contains large amounts of bread and grease have been regarded as unhealthy. As much as it begrudges me to say it, most pizza isn’t healthy. The closest thing you’ll get to a “healthy” pizza is if you eat a traditional Neapolitan-style pizza from Italy that uses only handmade crust and organic ingredients. 

That is until I found out about Uncrust! Although they’re definitely on the pricey side (what organic food isn’t, these days?), they’re totally worth it if you’re on a diet and you’re looking for the familiar taste of homecooked pizza. Of course, it’ll never be the same as grabbing a slice from the corner, but it may just be the one thing that helps you complete your diet successfully!

Each of Unbun’s pizza crusts is designed to serve two people. Each half has the following nutritional stats:

  • 180 calories.
  • 13g fat (only 2g saturated fat). 
  • 10g carbs (only 1g total sugars). 
  • 7g protein. 

If you break it down, that’s pretty darn good as far as nutritional values go. Now that you know some of the facts, let’s answer some of the more important questions. 

How Does Unbun Pizza Crust Taste? 

Unbun’s crusts are, by far, my favorite products. By themself, they definitely taste healthy. Imagine taking a bite out of whole-grain flax bread. The crust is very light and airy. One of the first things that you’ll notice about it is that it’s more filling. Due to the higher nutrient content, a smaller amount of pizza will have you feeling almost twice as full as if you had eaten traditional white pizza dough

Pro-Tip: Pre-Bake Your Crust!

While I’m on the topic, I figured I might as well mention the best way to prepare your Unbun crust before you add your toppings. The box tells you to put your toppings on first, and then place the pizza in the oven for 10 minutes at 400-degrees Fahrenheit. However, I have a different method. 

Before I put the toppings on, I bake the crust on a pizza stone by itself for 10 minutes at 400-degrees. Then, I take it out, let it cool, add my toppings, and then put it back in for another 10 minutes. This extra step results in a crispier pizza crust that tastes a lot better! 

How Big Are Uncrusts? 

Each Unbun crust measures around 9-inches in diameter when fully cooked. This means that it’s enough for two people to share (unless you’re starving and want an entire mini-pizza to yourself). While the size may sound small, the crusts are far more filling compared to white pizza crusts, so you likely won’t be craving more.  

What Is Unbun Pizza Crust Made Out Of? 

Inevitably, you’re going to want to look at the ingredients list. It’s actually really fascinating how they made their ingredients taste anything like bread (but that’s modern science). The top ingredients in Unbun’s Uncrusts are almond flour and coconut flour. The rest is made up of various seeds and natural oils. 

Cooking and Unbun Pizza In My Ooni Oven

I tried to cook an Unbun pizza crust in my Ooni Karu pizza oven the other day, and it turned out great! However, just make sure that you’re careful with your timing. The Uncrusts cook a lot faster than traditional dough, which means that you’ll probably want to cook your keto pizza at a lower temperature. To do this, let the wood-fired oven heat up for just 5 minutes before inserting the pizza (instead of waiting the full 15 minutes). 

Uncrusts By Unbun- My Final Opinion

Do I love and crave for Unbun’s Uncrusts? No, I can’t say that I do. I far prefer my handmade pizza dough. However, when I was on a diet and cut off from pizza completely, Unbun was a lifesaver! So, if you’re on a diet, have gluten sensitivity, or you’re trying to go vegan, then I definitely recommend these as they’re some of the best-tasting plant-based crusts I’ve ever had!