What Is a Pizza Salad?

Eating pizza is everyone’s guilty pleasure, but what if you want to start eating healthier without completely removing your favorite pizza components? Have you ever wondered what Pizza Salad is?

Pizza Salad is an interesting and innovative salad that includes some of the pizza topping components that are combined with green lettuce and other “healthy ingredients” that are usually used for different salads.

Pizza salad

What Is Pizza Salad? Find Out All About This Interesting Recipe

The components that come to mind when you think of pizza are not the same as the ones in the pizza salad. However, this viral TikTok dish is more similar to that of pizza than it would be if you were to mix a bunch of pizza ingredients with lettuce in a bowl.

Some of the ingredients that are included in this tasty salad include:

  • Cannellini beans,
  • Kale,
  • Kalamata olives,
  • Mozzarella,
  • Red onions,
  • Parsley,
  • Tomatoes,
  • Handmade croutons.

Maybe you have never tried beans with pizza before, but it appears like when they are prepared with garlic and oregano, they retain a lot of the characteristics that are typical for pizza.

In addition to the croutons, they bring a starchy component to the salad and serve in a manner that is analogous to that of a replacement for a pizza crust. Mozzarella balls, olive oil, tomatoes, and parsley resemble a tomato sauce that has been deconstructed.

Last but not least, the salad is held together by the sharp vinegar flavor of the onions that have been quick-pickled.

You Can Prepare All the Ingredients in Advance

This recipe requires quite a bit of preparation work, but the end result is worth the effort because it yields a salad that is reminiscent of pizza in both appearance and flavor.

The mix-ins are the kind that you can create in a larger amount to store in the refrigerator and continue eating when you feel like it, which makes it ideal for a snack you can bring to work or save for dinner. You should absolutely give this recipe a shot if you’re the type of person who enjoys heavy salads just as much as pizza. Continue reading for detailed instructions on how to create it.

Couple making a salad

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Pizza Salad

Now that you are ready to try this phenomenal dish and want to learn how to prepare it, it is time to try this step-by-step guide. Just make sure to follow all the instructions, and your salad will definitely turn out more than delicious. Once you make it successfully for the first time, you can think about the achieved flavors, what you like and what you don’t, and possibly make some changes the next time you make it.

In the end, you’ll end up with a unique pizza salad recipe that will fulfill all your cravings and won’t disappoint either you or your guests. Just add all the ingredients you believe will go well with the basic mixture – the same way you would put the topping on the pizza, and you won’t go wrong.

Step 1After placing the grape tomatoes in a baking dish, sprinkle the tomatoes with virgin olive oil and chile honey. Add little salt and pepper before serving.
Step 2Cut the bread into pieces about the size of croutons, then season with salt and pepper, and drizzle with olive oil. Place in a separate cooking dish, and continue cooking at 375 degrees Fahrenheit along with the tomatoes. Take the bread out after around 15 minutes, and take the tomatoes out after approximately 30 minutes or once they have blistered.
Step 3Empty the Cannellini beans into a pot and add red pepper, bay leaves, dried oregano, garlic, and mustard in addition to salt, pepper, and olive oil. Allow the beans to simmer over low heat until they have developed a brown color.
Step 4Prepare the red onion by slicing it very thinly, and then mix it with some dried oregano and red wine vinegar.
Step 5Cut the olives and mozzarella cheese balls in half, then chop the parsley and greens into small pieces.
Step 6Take your large salad bowl, add the greens and mix well. In order to tenderize the leaves, massage them with salt and oil.
Step 7When the cannellini beans and tomatoes are finally chilled, scatter them over the kale and add the remaining ingredients. Toss everything well. Enjoy!

How to Pick and Prepare the Perfect Ingredients?

Both the homemade pita crisps and the pepperoni can be baked in the oven at the same time on separate pans in order to get the desired crispiness.

When it comes to crisping the salami or pepperoni, keep your eyes on it since it may rapidly go from almost done to overdone if you’re not careful. The procedure is quick, and you don’t actually need to keep them inside for very long at all.

As they cool off on paper towels, their color will deepen, and they will become even crispier. It is preferable to estimate a little lower than to overestimate the amount. Because the pepperoni produces a significant amount of grease, I find that it is easiest to clean up after making Pizza Salad if I crisp the pepperoni on parchment paper or aluminum foil.

And while we’re on the topic of oil, my preferred method for removing excess fat from crisped pepperoni is to place it on many layers of paper towels and let it drain while it cools. If you are someone who enjoys the grease, though, I won’t condemn you if you take some straight from the frying pan and add it to the salad.

If you have trouble finding small mozzarella balls, you can use one cup of mozzarella cubes or fresh mozzarella that has been ripped from a ball as a suitable substitute.

Choose Your Greens Carefully

When it comes to the salad’s greens, your best bets are either arugula, a mix of spring greens and other greens, or a mixture of all three.

Choose sun-dried tomato for the pizza salad that has been packed in oil and, preferably, marinated in Italian herbs. If possible, do not choose tomatoes that have been salted.

If you want to get a head start on preparing this salad so that it can be served later during the same day, you can put each of the pizza toppings in its own container and keep it tightly wrapped and chilled in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. Put everything together shortly before you serve it for the finest flavor and consistency.

Enjoy Your Healthy Pizza Salad

Now that you know how to pick and prepare the perfect ingredients and mix them all together, you are ready to make your own Pizza Salad. This delicious meal is great because you can prepare the ingredients at one moment and then keep them refrigerated until you think it’s time to make your salad. You can mix and combine different flavors and find your own perfect variety of this mouthwatering salad.