What Is Pizza Hut Tastemaker?

The majority of people love eating pizza, especially the one from the famous Pizza Hut chain. However, constantly ordering the same options can get a bit dull, which is why you need to know – what is Pizza Hut Tastemaker? If you are a person who loves combining different toppings on your pizza, but can never find an option that fits your taste perfectly – this deal will be ideal for you.

Pizza with cheese

The Tastemaker pizza is a large pizza from Pizza Hut that allows you to choose up to three different toppings. You can make a combination of toppings according to your preferences for only $10. The tastemaker pizza is available for both delivery and carryout, as well as in-person and online delivery.

Wondering What Is Pizza Hut Tastemaker? An Opportunity to Create a Unique Taste

Pizza is a dish that the majority of people eat every week, and it’s almost on everybody’s “favorite foods list.” But, if you’re getting a bit bored with the same old orders, you are definitely going to love the option Pizza Hut offers its clients. The Tastemaker is a pizza that you can create on your own by choosing different kinds of toppings.

This special deal allows all Pizza Hut lovers to choose any of the three toppings on your pizza. If you are a person who likes specific taste combinations and creating your own version of pizza, you will undoubtedly love this option.

You Can Choose From 680 Different Combinations

Now that you understand that Pizza Hut Tastemaker allows you to create your own unique version of a pizza, you might be wondering – what options do I have? As you probably already know, Pizza Hut has a wider selection of toppings, which you can put on your unique Tastemaker pizza. For Tastemakers, you have the option of over 17 different toppings. Some of those toppings are:

  • Pepperoni,
  • Mushrooms,
  • Olives,
  • Sausage,
  • Jalapeño,
  • Bacon,
  • Pineapple.

According to the official calculations done by the Pizza Hut team, you can order exactly 680 different combinations of your own Tastemaker. This means you can eat a different version of the Tastemaker pizza every day, for 680 days straight. You can put up to 3 different toppings on your pizza, and combine them however you like. Does that sound like something you would try out?

Chef making a pizza

Tastemaker Pizza Is Available in a Standard Large Size

The Tastemaker pizza from Pizza Hut is only available in standard large size with toppings. If you are a frequent customer of Pizza Hut, you might already know how big the large pizza is and how many slices it has. If you are not familiar with its size and wondering whether it will be enough for you and your family and friends, take a look at the table below.

TypeSizeNumber of slices

How Many People Can Share the Large Pizza From Pizza Hut?

How many people will be able to enjoy a large Pizza Hut pizza? This depends on several factors, so I cannot give you a straightforward answer. However, a common opinion is that a large pizza is enough for 4-6 people.

Since it has 12 slices, you can do the math on your own and figure out whether your group of friends or your family will be able to share it. Unfortunately, since this version is not available in any other sizes – there’s not much thinking to do about which size to order.

Slices of pizza

The Tastemaker Pizza From Pizza Hut Is Pretty Affordable

As you probably know already, Pizza Hut usually charges you for putting additional toppings on your pizza, which is why your pizza can be a bit too pricey in the end. If you love stocking additional toppings but don’t like paying way too much for your order, the Tastemaker deal will suit you perfectly.

Pizza Hut charges its Tastemaker pizza for just $10. If you consider that large (14 inches) pizza at Pizza Hut usually costs between $15.49 – $18.49, and smaller ones (8 inches) cost $9.99 – Tastemaker comes at a pretty affordable price. Not to mention again that you are getting a large-sized pizza with three toppings of your choice for the price of a personal (small) pizza.

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You Can Order Your Own Tastemaker Pizza in a Few Different Ways

A lot of people have been wondering whether this unique Pizza Hut deal is still open for ordering. When it was originally introduced and promoted back in September 2020, it was meant to be an offer that lasts for only 680 days.

You were even able to get a unique Pizza Hut calendar for 680 days with ideas for different types of topping combinations. After those 680 days passed – the offer was removed from the website. However, it did return in 2022, and you can now order your Tastemaker pizza for only $10.

How Can You Order a Tastemaker From Pizza Hut?

You might already be familiar with different options for ordering pizza from Pizza Hut. You can order it in an old-school way – in person or by phone. However, you can also order it online through their website. Ordering pizza online is a great option for people who like their order delivered to them and enjoy contactless payment methods.

You can choose whichever option you like the most since the Tastemaker deal is available for both delivery and carryout, as well as in-person. Simply choose the option you find most convenient.

Pizza Hut store

Read Some Reviews About Pizza Hut Tastemaker Before Ordering It

If you are not so familiar with Pizza Hut products and are still not sure whether a Tastemaker deal would suit you, you might want to get a little more information on it. For example, you can read online articles about which topping combinations are the best, check out some YouTube videos, or simply go to Pizza Hut and see which one you find most appealing to you.

Pizza Hut is one of the most popular pizzerias in the USA for a reason, and the majority of people that try their pizzas immediately fall in love with them. So if you still haven’t had a chance to introduce yourself to Pizza Hut pizzas, make sure you do so right away – you won’t regret it.