What Is the Best Onion for Pizza?

As a certified pizza lover (and maker), there aren’t many pizza variations that I haven’t tasted yet. My experience provided me with an insight into what is the best onion for pizza, and I plan to share that with you.

The best onion for pizza is white onion due to its strong but enjoyable flavor. White onions are a usual ingredient in many dishes, and pizza is no exception. Among all the types of onion, white ones combine best with other typical pizza toppings.

Do you want to find out more about why you should always go with white onions when baking pizza? Are you interested to know how well other onion types go with pizza? Today’s post will provide you with all the answers. 

White Onions Are the Best Topping, and Every True Chef Will Agree 

Nutritionally rich food, onions are voted some of the favorite pizza toppings in many places worldwide. Whether you want raw slices that remain crispy or a pre-cooked mix that releases all the tasty sweetness, onion slices are bound to add exquisite flavor to this dish. Remember – even though they usually have a more pungent taste, they are more enjoyable than the yellow ones when eaten raw.

Why should white onion be your first choice when preparing a homemade pizza? White onions have the most robust flavor, which will bring true delight to your taste buds in combination with other toppings. Cheese, tomato paste, and other pizza ingredients will tone down its spiciness, while, at the same time, online slices will enrich the overall taste. 

Learn How to Make a Pizza With White Onions if You Want to Eat It Often

How to get the most from this topping, and with what ingredients does it combine best? I’ve experimented a lot when it comes to this, and here is what I’ve found – white onions go excellent with both original toppings and plenty of additional ingredients.

Using raw or cooked white onions, on the other hand, is an entirely different question and depends on your preferences. Remember that these onions have thinner layers than other types, which means they are an excellent choice if you just want to chop some slices before placing a pizza in the oven. Personally, I prefer pre-cooking them. If you are with me on this, try this incredible recipe for a topping:

  • Heat one tbsp of salted butter,
  • Add 3/2 cups of sliced white onions, 
  • Add one tbsp on garlic paste, 
  • Fry until the onion softens a little, 
  • Add ¼ tbsp of salt and ¼ tbsp of pepper 
  • Fry for one more minute 

Keep in mind that this topping should be added at the same time as other ingredients, before the pizza is baked. 

Choose Red Onion When You Want Milder Flavor 

Red onions also make for an excellent pizza topping, so much that they can even share the first place with white ones. It’s especially true when you don’t like your onions caramelized. Not only do they have an excellent raw flavor, but they wouldn’t be of much use when cooked. Red onions have lower sulfur and sugar levels than other types, making them quite a poor choice concerning caramelization. 

The less intense taste makes them a good choice if you’re looking for less spiciness or if not entirely sure if this combination is the right choice for you.

Why Many Pizzerias Choose Red Onion for Topping

This is a good question, concerning that we stated white onions as the best choice. For starters, a little milder taste is more suitable for a larger number of customers, but that is not all. The color of red onion makes pizza look more appealing or even exotic, especially compared to basically colorless slices from yellow, sweet, and white onions. A more appealing look equals more interested customers – and you get your answer. 

Yellow Onions Are Bound to Save You a Buck or Two

When it comes to the availability, yellow onion (or brown, as they are sometimes called) take the first place. It is estimated that around 80% of all onions grown are yellow, which affects their market prices. An abundance of this product results in it being the most affordable option. Sure, you won’t be able to save a fortune by picking yellow onions over others, but when the money is tight, and every cent counts, this should be your choice. 

Check the table below – it shows the price per piece in different US supermarket chains

Type of onionWalmartTargetH-E-B
Sweet$0.82/ ($1.99 for 2lb bag)$1.22

Still, keep in mind that yellow onions have the least enjoyable taste. If you choose them for the pizza topping, be careful with the quantity.

Sweet Onions Are the Best for Caramelized Onion Pizza

If onion rings are some of your favorite snacks, then you probably know that sweet onions are usually the ones responsible for their deliciousness. However, did you know that sweet onions also make excellent pizza topping? It doesn’t matter if you use Vidalia, Walla Walla, or Bermuda sweet onions – they will all taste divine. 

The name itself refers to the high sugar levels this onion contains, which means there is no better choice if you’re looking for a rich caramelized flavor. To caramelize them at home, you can use the recipe mentioned in the white onion section; just let the onions cook for longer with constant stirring. Continue cooking them for at least half an hour until the slices soften and get a nice, golden color. 

However, sweet onions tend to be the most expensive kind, as you can see from the previous table. White and especially yellow onions can also caramelize well, so keep them in mind as alternatives. 

What Is the Best Onion for Pizza – Let’s Sum It Up!

There are countless pizza recipes with all kinds of onion toppings, but white onions prove to be the best choice. They are savory no matter how prepared and are bound to spice things up quite literally. However, they are far from the only option. Red ones will go excellent on any pizza, especially if you’re looking for a less spicy taste. On the other hand, sweet onions are the top pick if you wish to truly caramelize onions, and yellow if you’re looking for the cheapest option. Choose according to your preferences and start preparing an undoubtedly delicious meal. Bon appetit!