What Pizza Style is Pizza Hut?

What could determine the style of a pizza? Its toppings, the way of preparation, or origin? In essence, it’s neither of these. A pizza style is determined by its crust, and we know a few restaurants that offer pizza with crust varieties, including Pizza Hut. So, what pizza style is Pizza Hut? I’ll expand on that here.

Pizza Hut has a variety of styles, all defined by the type of crust. They have four essential crust types: pan, stuffed, hand-tossed, and thin. Gluten-free crust isn’t widely available, but some restaurants serve it regularly. Additionally, sometimes you might be able to venture into the hot dog stuffed crust style or even the shrimp cheese bite.

A Pizza Hut entrance
The Pizza Hut pizza style is determined by the type of crust

What Pizza Style Is Pizza Hut? The Crust Determines the Style

Toppings can determine the style of pizza, but they more than often simply define its kind. Margherita is one of the oldest, most original kinds of pizza, and it has tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil. It was created for Queen Margaret and garnished with red, white, and green ingredients to show off Italy’s flag colors.

All those names for pizzas are just the kinds, but the style is most commonly determined by how the crust is made. Pizza Hut introduced crust varieties over the years, and some are more popular than others.

They also often offer temporary crust types and others that aren’t available in every restaurant nationwide; they all have interesting flavor combinations. It’s fantastic to have choices, so you can have a different experience every time you eat at Pizza Hut.

A chef pulling dough to make pizza
The dough defines the style of the pizza more than anything

The Four Main Pizza Hut Crust Types That the Restaurant Always Has

Pizza Hut proudly offers four basic pizza crust styles, and they’re all unique for different reasons. Some are more popular than others, but each provides a different dining experience.

Different crust styles can emphasize the taste of the toppings and, at the same time, be as healthy (or unhealthy) as you want. There’s no better feeling than getting the crust type to pair perfectly with the right toppings, so trying each will let you design your perfect pizza.

Pan Crust – The Original Pizza Style

The pan crust is the very first that Pizza Hut introduced. Since it opened in 1958, pan pizza has been the nation’s favorite. Their initial thought was to make crispy, golden crust, and they’ve achieved that, but also a lot more.

The pan crust pizza is made by deep-frying the dough in a pan, making it chewy and crispy. It’s sometimes called a deep-dish pizza, and it’s often considered a Chicago specialty. This is the most popular and the most common type of pizza order in Pizza Hut.

Stuffed Crust – For When You’ve Not Had Enough Cheese

The stuffed crust is a variation of the regular, only with added cheese inside the crust’s ends. We know there are two types of people out there – those who would eat anything with cheese and others. For those that identify with the first group, stuffed crust pizza is the ultimate meal.

You can get your Stuffed Crust pizza with any toppings you like, but remember, there will be a chewy, gooey surprise at the end. People love this pizza so much that last year, Pizza Hut sold only pieces of crust filled with cheese – minus the toppings and the other boring stuff.

Thin Crust – If You Want Your Meal Crispy and Savory

Some people don’t enjoy the greasy and heavy dough of pan pizzas, so they prefer the Thin Crust option instead. This crust allows you to taste the toppings a lot better and not focus on the deep-fried aspect of the dough. It is, essentially, a standard pizza, like any other.

Hand-Tossed Crust – For Every Authentic Pizza Lover

This one is my favorite because it’s reminiscent of the artisanal Italian pizzas you can get in authentic restaurants. The hand-tossing method is one of the oldest ways of making pizza, and it gives it an airy and light texture.

It is much healthier than pan pizza and quite similar to the thin crust one, but with more crunch and some oomph. If you like more nutritious, lighter versions of pizza, this is the one for you.

Pan pizzas with different toppings put together
You can choose between four essential crust types at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Also Has Temporary and Location-Specific Crust Types

There are some crust types that Pizza Hut occasionally introduces, such as the Hot Dog Stuffed crust and the Shrimp Cheese Bite. They also have a regular gluten-free pizza crust, but it’s more location-specific, and not every restaurant in the country has it.

The Hot Dog Stuffed crust is a variation of the regular stuffed version, except with, you guessed it, hot dogs. You’ll eat a pizza slice and then finish your bite with a ketchup and mustard hot dog bite in a crust.

The Shrimp Cheese bite was introduced to the Japanese and South Korean markets, but it can sometimes be found in the US. This may not be for everyone since shrimp on a pizza may not sound appealing, but if you like the taste of seafood and enjoy new flavors, this could be worth a try.

A pizza with some healthy-ish toppings
The gluten-free pizza is available in some restaurants as a healthy alternative

You Can Choose Your Pizza Style and Eat Good at Pizza Hut

If you’re indecisive about the style, you want to go for, come back a few times and try a new crust every time. That’s the best way to determine which flavors suit you the most and how you like your pizza.

Whichever style you find suits you best, I know you’ll enjoy it because they’re delicious and crispy; Pizza Hut pizza is just that good.