Are Pizza Rolls Pizza?

Pizza rolls are also known as pizza appetizers, pizza poppers, pizza bites. They are small-sized snacks with the basic ingredients of a pizza. Inside, they contain tomato sauce, cheese and toppings that would normally be on a regular pizza such as mushrooms and meat; but are pizza rolls pizza?

Pizza rolls are definitely not pizza but they are a snack that can take the edge off your craving for real pizza. Pizza rolls are designed for quick and easy cooking at home. They can be cooked in a microwave or conventional oven and you’ll have delicious pizza-flavored snacks ready to satisfy that craving in just a few minutes. 

They were created in Minnesota, USA. They can be found under different names since the name “pizza rolls” is registered by General Mills. Other brands have followed the original recipe with some variations and have given it their own name. 

Are Pizza Rolls Pizza?

Thanks to the advertising of these pizza rolls, there is some doubt as to whether or not they are really pizza. In the commercials, you could see a piece of real pizza rolled up and magically transformed into a small pizza roll. This has led most people to identify these snacks as small portions of an original slice of pizza.

However, are pizza rolls pizza?

We’ve all devoured these little snacks at parties, family gatherings or during a sleepover with friends. We can easily associate the taste of pizza rolls with the taste of a real pizza. 

Yes, we can consider the taste of pizza rolls very similar to the taste of a regular pizza. But on the technical side, we may find big differences. To begin with I wonder, how many pizza rolls equal one slice, or how many pizza rolls equal one full pizza? It is really quite difficult to know how many slices of pizza we are consuming in each pizza roll eaten. 

On the technical side, we can find big differences between pizza rolls and a normal pizza. Being a frozen food, we can find ingredients that a normal pizza does not contain.

Preservatives and some flavorings contained in processed foods add calories and chemicals that can damage health. If we look at the list of ingredients on the packaging of pizza rolls, you will notice the existence of unnatural ingredients included in them. 

We definitely don’t find these additions on a freshly baked pizza. Pizza may not be considered a healthy food. However, it has more natural ingredients and since it is a food that is usually eaten freshly made, it does not need extra preservatives or chemicals to keep it in good condition. 

Are Pizza Rolls Good for My Health?

No food is by itself bad for your health. Any food consumed in high quantities and constantly is harmful to our body. Pizza rolls are no exception. Because of the fats, flavorings, and preservatives they contain, we should moderate their consumption. This is not to say that we can’t enjoy these snacks from time to time. Moderation is the key to keeping our bodies in good condition. 

Consuming pizza rolls in moderate amounts is fine. We may not find the fresh taste of a freshly baked pizza but they can help us appease a pizza craving quickly. This is an advantage over conventional pizza as ordering pizza or buying pizza takes time and sometimes hunger can force us to have little patience.

A few pizza rolls will be readily available in our refrigerator and in a few minutes in the microwave we will be satisfying a pizza craving. 

It is true that nowadays there are different sizes and shapes of pizza. Some pizzerias have square pizzas available, with thinner or thicker doughs and even sweet pizzas. However, we all know a traditional pizza and we always enjoy its delicious and classic taste of tomato sauce with oregano and meat with vegetables. 

Regardless of the variations in dough and ingredients, I believe that pizza rolls cannot match the taste and smell of a freshly made pizza. However, having pizza rolls in the comfort of your home to eat while watching a movie doesn’t have to affect your love for real pizza. 

As I mentioned before, any food in excess can cause damage to our health. If we combine these snacks with a balanced diet we can consume them without fear of health issues or degraded energy and physical appearance. If not, your pizza rolls will become a health liability.

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