Can you order Costco Pizza Online?

If you are itching for a nice hot slice of Costco’s famous food court pizza but do not want to drive all the way to the store, you may find yourself asking the question, “Can you order Costco Pizza online?” They offer a great tasty option that may make for a great pizza night at home and only costs about $9.95 per pizza.

Sadly, you cannot order Costco pizza online. If you want to order your Costco pizza for pickup, you will either need to call in advance or go and order in person at your local Costco’s food court. At that point, one of Costco’s employees will help you place your order.

If you are a Costco member, you may be wondering, “Can I order Costco Pizza online via their grocery delivery service?” However, this sadly will not work since their grocery delivery service does not include food court items. If you want to purchase pizza from their frozen food aisles, you can do so but it is not the same as their food court option.

Can I Order Costco Pizza Online?

Costco does not allow customers to order their pizza online, and they never have except for particularly isolated circumstances in smaller stores. If this is ever the case, it is an exception to the company’s rules and likely not known by management.

There are a few reasons why Costco doesn’t allow its clients to order pizza online, and in many cases, it’s due to the fact that they don’t have the logistics set up to handle it. Delivering groceries and other products purchased in bulk is one thing, but delivering hot food is an entirely different matter. So, basically Costco pizza order online service is nonexistent.

To deliver pizza ordered online, Costco would need to have an entirely separate fleet of delivery people specifically for pizza. After all, pizza needs to arrive hot and ready whereas groceries can be delivered without fear of them getting cold.

One of the reasons people may ask “Can you order Costco pizza online?” is because of the easy payment options associated with online orders. It makes it a lot easier and even if you are doing pickup, and it allows you to save a lot of time and hassle when you get there.

If you want to pay during the call itself, make sure you tell the Costco employee/operator at the other end of the line. Costco will let you do this if you are paying by credit card, and thus you would simply recite your credit card details for the operator. However, this may depend on the location, and you should ask the employee about the different payment options available.

Can I order their Take and Bake Pizza?

Back in the day, if you wanted some pizza from the food court and did not want to wait in life, Costco had a ‘take and bake’ option. These pizzas were identical to the ones sold in the food court but were just frozen.

Even though most customers still preferred pizza made in Costco’s own ovens, it saved a lot of time for customers and tasted much better than your average frozen pizza.

Sadly, Costco no longer offers this option as of 2020 since they could not reach a deal with the manufacturer who made the plastic wrapping of the ‘take and bake’ pizza. It may appear once more again and will likely be something you can order online.

Are there any loopholes to still order online?

If you are wondering if there is a way around Costco’s no delivery option, there in fact is if you use a third-party option.

One way some users have found is to use the TaskRabbit app. This app allows you to essentially get someone on the app to pick something up for you, including a pizza, and have it delivered to your home.

If you want to do this, the first step would be to call Costco and ask them to make the Pizza order. You will also need to make sure the person you find on TaskRabbit has a Costco membership, as this is the only way they will be let into the store in the first place to pick up your pizza.

There Are Some Pizza Perks at Costco

Are you a regular user of Costco Food Court? You may not be able to place a Costco pizza order, but you can call and place a so-called Costco pizza order ahead. This is one of their membership perks, and it’s a handy solution for all those regulars that have various food cravings. Basically, it comes down to Costco pizza ordering – not to be delivered, but to have it wait for you to pick it up and enjoy it at home.

While a frozen pizza isn’t exactly a restaurant-level meal, you can turn it up a notch with a good pizza stone and bake it in a specialized oven. A good oven combined with a pizza stone (even a cast iron one) can add to the quality of your frozen pizza, so you don’t have to worry about Costco not offering a delivery option.

The Costco Membership Offers Various Perks

While it’s possible to shop at this chain without being a member, but only if you’re shopping online, to make in-store purchases you will need their membership or to enter with a cardholder. Becoming a member carries many benefits, and here are some of them:

  • Grocery and food discounts,
  • Gas and auto discounts (for new and pre-owned vehicles,)
  • Discounts for clothing items and home goods,
  • Optical, insurance, and other health discounts,
  • Medication and pharmacy discounts,
  • Discounts for installations of home products,
  • Photo printing discounts.

What types of Pizzas can I order at Costco?

If you find yourself wondering, “can you order Costco online”, you are likely a fan of their pizza. However, you may also not know what options you have when you go and order.

Generally, Costco’s pizza attempts to mimic New York Style Pizza. They have a classic tomato sauce base with some standard topping options. Another great draw of Costco Pizza is their generous topping options, even if they lack some of the customizability of other pizza franchises.

The first option is the standard cheese pizza, which comes with nearly 34 ounces of cheese. If you like pepperoni, their pepperoni option comes with 60 pepperoni slices.

Their final pizza is their Combo pizza, which comes with a ton of meat, pepperoni, and veggies sprawled over the cheese. 

Costco pizza has drawn a bit of a cult following over the years and has become a popular option for families and friends. However, if you want your favourite Costco pizza, you’ll need to plan ahead.