Best Domino’s Crust

Whether you like to order the same pizzas over and over again or like to try out different stuff at Domino’s, you should know all the types of crust that you can get. So, what’s the best Domino’s crust, and which ones can you choose from?

The best Domino’s crust is the hand-tossed crust. It’s somewhat thinner than the classic version this chain offers, but as it’s handmade, it’s not perfectly rounded. Once you bite into it, you will delight in the outside crispness and the golden-brown outer layer. It blends like heaven with any type of toppings you choose.

A hand-tossed dough with toppings

Whether you’re looking to order pizzas to snack while having a movie night or you need some comfort food, try out my favorite handmade. It’s honestly a delight.

The Best Domino’s Crust Is on the Hand-Tossed Pizza

I love all types of pizza from this popular chain, but my personal favorite when it comes to crusts is the hand-tossed option. There are some authentic techniques to make these pizzas as delicious and crunchy as they could get, and you’ll recognize one at first glance by its shape. Since it’s made with hands, it doesn’t have a perfectly round shape, but its crispness blends so well with any toppings you will enjoy it thoroughly.

It cannot be seen on their website as an option, but you can find it in most of their branches. If you compare it to other crusts, you’ll find that it sits between the thin crust and the deep pan. It’s made by flattening the edges and tossing them in the air with spinning motions, thinning them, stretching, and expanding the edges further.

Out of all the Dominos crust types, this is the only one that is authentically made by tossing the dough in the air in order to extend it and to create the shape. By using this technique, the best Dominos crust gains a lot of bubbles which then burst while being baked. Once they get the perfect shape, they will add all your desired toppings, scoop it with a dusted pizza peel and transfer it to the pizza stone.

I consider the pizzas with this type of crust probably the best Dominos pizza, because it achieves crispiness without using oil to cook it. What you get with the hand-tossed version is the edgy and dry crunch which combines divinely with minimal toppings. So basically, this type of crust is not meant to go with extravagant toppings, although no one is stopping you from experimenting.

If you want my advice on the best toppings, you should go for simplicity. Just add a plentiful amount of mozzarella cheese, their tasty marinara sauce, herbs, and your favorite meat toppings, such as pepperoni, sausage, bacon, or ham. Also, remember to order it with a side of marinara sauce in a dipping cup. This will be enough to pack a punch and emphasize the crust’s taste.

Other Types of Crust at Domino’s Pizza

If you’ve never experimented with combining different crusts with various toppings, you should know what this chain offers. Here are all the crusts you can get at Domino’s:

  • Deep pan crust that’s similar to the famous Chicago deep dish,
  • Classic,
  • Hand-tossed (a piece of art, really),
  • Cheesy (because you can never have too many calories in a pizza),
  • Thin ‘N’ Crispy for those that like the crunch but not too much of it, 
  • Puff, with a crisp outside and a lot of fluffiness inside,
  • Edge, which is sometimes pre-cooked,
  • Gluten-free for an additional price of $2.99.

With so many different ways they bake their doughs, and an amazing variety of toppings, you can combine and get a different flavor each time you order.

Brooklyn Style and Hand-Tossed – Two Different Types of Handmade Dough

Not only does the handmade taste the best out of all crusts this chain offers – but it also comes in two different options. Besides the hand-tossed, Domino’s also has Brooklyn-style dough. But what’s the difference between the Brooklyn Style vs. hand-tossed?

The Brooklyn-style crusts are a bit different than the regular hand-tossed in the way they are made and in the final result. While it’s made, the dough is hand-stretched, and the end product is thinner. It’s also somewhat dryer. It’s handmade through the whole process – the kneading, stretching, and placing on the pan are all done by hand.

You can see the process of stretching the dough by hand in the following video.

The Prices for Classic Cheese With All Types of Crusts

The popular pizza chain is known all over the world for its delicious pizzas and affordability. They offer all kinds of toppings to accompany the dough of your choosing perfectly. The table below shows how much you’ll pay for each type of crust in Domino’s cheese pizza.

Type of crustSizePrice
Hand-tossedSmall (10″)$5.99
Hand-tossedMedium (12″)$7.99
Hand-tossedLarge (14″)$9.99
Deep panMedium (12″)$7.99
Thin ‘N’ CrispySmall (10″)$5.99
Thin ‘N’ CrispyMedium (12″)$7.99
Thin ‘N’ CrispyLarge (14″)$9.99
Brooklyn StyleLarge (14″)$9.99
Brooklyn StyleX-Large (16″)$11.99
Gluten-freeSmall (10″)$8.99

My Second Best Choice – Deep Pan Domino

If you’re thinking about the famous deep-dish pizzas coming straight out of Chicago, Deep Pan doesn’t fall into that category. However, it’s similar, with a much thinner crust. The process of cooking is the same, as they use pans for baking them.

When it’s placed in a pan, the crust is raised against the sides, which makes it thicker. The bottom of the pan is prepared by brushing with oil so it creates an evenly crispy bottom. Once the dough is positioned, the edges are then folded to avoid covering the sides. The end result is amazing – a thicker crust that’s still as soft and fluffy inside.

If you’re looking for a pizza that will make you full with just a couple of slices, this is the crust you’re looking for. Just choose the right toppings, but in my opinion, Deep Pan blends better with richer toppings and a whole lot of mozzarella cheese.

Dough baked in a deep pan

All Crusts Are Great, but Hand-Tossed Is the Most Enjoyable

In truth, there are no bad crusts that Domino’s makes, and on different occasions, I like to order different ones. But while the cheesy crust may be a great standalone snack, and a gluten-free crust is great for people that avoid consuming gluten, I find that hand-tossed dough goes best with any toppings.

But you can also choose the toppings and crusts based on how hungry you are and if you’re looking for a lighter snack or a pizza that will fill you up. My advice is to try out different combinations and see which one works the best for you.