Does Little Caesars Have Pan Pizza

Pan pizzas have become quite popularized by fast-food restaurant chains like Domino’s. Hence, if you enjoy eating a pan pizza, and you have a Little Caesars parlor in the vicinity, you might be wondering – “Does Little Caesars have pan pizza?”.

Little Caesars doesn’t exactly have a pan pizza. However, a pan pizza is a different name, introduced by popular fast-food chains like Domino’s, for the iconic Detroit-style deep dish pizza, and Little Caesars has its own recipe for a deep dish pizza called Deep! Deep! Dish. It is available at all their locations across the entire country.

Two rectangular slices of pizza

Little Caesars Pan Pizza Is Called Deep! Deep! Dish

If you have tried Domino’s pan pizza, for example, you might have noticed that the recipe resembles the classic Detroit deep dish pizza. In order to stay competitive in the market, all fast-food restaurants have to invent unique recipes, and it is not surprising that the traditional recipe for the iconic Detroit-style pizza has been an inspiration for many. Little Caesars, of course, being one of the best delivery pizzas in the USA, has also introduced its own unique version called Deep! Deep! Dish.

Detroit-Style Deep Dish Is One of the Most Famous Pizza Recipes

This recipe was created around a hundred years ago, and it has become one of the most popular in the USA and is slowly gaining popularity across the entire world. Although fast-food restaurants aim at producing unique products which will attract more customers, there are certain features that mustn’t be changed if a pizza is to be called a deep dish:

  • First of all, the classic Detroit-style pizza has a rectangular shape, not circular. Traditionally, they are baked in deeper steel pans, and if you want to try making one at home, there are many good pans available on Amazon.
  • The crust is another important feature, and it has to be thick. The center should be chewy and fluffy, and the exterior has to have a certain level of crispness.
  • When it comes to toppings, there is more freedom, and you can add anything you like. The most usual toppings for a Detroit deep-dish pizza are cheese with a high-fat content (Wisconsin brick cheese, for example) and slices of pepperoni. However, at Detroit pizza parlors, you will have a lot of options for toppings.
  • Finally, another prominent feature is the sauce. Unlike in regular pizza, where the sauce is added first to the dough, in a deep dish pizza, the sauce is added last, over the toppings. There are even some pizza parlors that add sauces after the pizza has been baked.

Little Caesars Has Followed the Traditional Recipe Closely

Little Caesars’ pizza is considered good by a lot of people, and they are also known for some unique recipes like pretzel pizza. However, when it comes to Deep! Deep! Dish, it seems that the company didn’t want to stray too far away from the original Detroit recipe. Here are the main characteristics of this pizza.

Size and shapeFirst of all, the most prominent feature, the rectangular shape, has been kept by Little Caesars (Domino’s pan pizza, for example, is circular). An order comes in eight slices (two smaller rectangles cut in four slices,) and this meal can easily satisfy two individuals. Detroit-style pizza is known to be a strong meal due to its thick crust and Deep! Deep! Dish is no different.
ToppingsThe regular menu offers four different deep-dish pizzas. Unfortunately, they are not present at all locations, so depending on your city, you might have fewer or more options. There are Cheesy deep dishes that have only an ample amount of melted cheese and sauce, Pepperoni deep dish, Italian sausage deep dish, and Meat Treat deep dish which has pork and beef as toppings. There is a chance that you might come across the fifth option – Veggie, which has peppers and onions for toppings, but this is rare.
TasteDeep! Deep! Dish pizzas have gained many positive reviews in general. The most important thing about the deep dish is the crust, and Little Caesars seems to have managed to capture the essence of Detroit-style pizza. The crust is chewy on the inside and has a pleasant crunchiness on the outside. Of course, there are negative reviews as well, and many customers have stated that the pizzas could use more sauce.

The Prices Are Reasonable

First of all, if you intend to eat this pizza by yourself, there is a chance a five-dollar deal might be available. In this case, you will get four slices and a soft drink, which will be more than enough to satiate your hunger. However, this offer is not always available. When it comes to regular orders, prices depend on the type of deep dish you choose. The Cheesy is the cheapest option with the price of eight dollars, Pepperoni costs nine, Italian sausage eleven, and Meat Treat twelve. Veggie usually goes for fourteen. Finally, Little Caesars has an interesting option of choosing your own toppings, and this is available for the deep dish as well. The price will, of course, depend on your choices and the number of toppings.

A baked deep dish pizza in a pan

Deep! Deep! Dish Is a Great Homage to the Original Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza

I have to say that Little Caesars has really created a great deep dish pizza that both has traditional and innovative features. If you haven’t tried this iconic pizza, I definitely recommend doing so, and Little Caesars’ Deep! Deep! Dish can be a great first experience, given its overall quality and reasonable price.