Best Pizza Pan on Amazon

All lovers of pizzas know this – in order to get a perfect slice at home, you will not only need skill and great recipes. You will also need the right set of tools, such as an almost perfect pan. So what is the best pizza pan on Amazon?

We’ve wanted to try out some of the best-reviewed pizza pans on Amazon and see for ourselves how they fared. We’ve baked and tried out three different products and made different kinds of pizzas using these pans to decide which one is the best.

These three made it into our homes:

  1. KitchenAid Pizza Crisper
  2. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Pizza Pan
  3. Wilton Perfect Results Premium Pizza Pan

1.) KitchenAid Pizza Crisper – Our Top Choice

If you’ve never had the chance to get your hands on the best grill to bake outside, you probably have a countertop oven or a simple kitchen oven. But there’s no quality baked oven crust without a proper pan, and we’ve tried out those we’ve found on Amazon to see how good they are. And the best pan to bake your pizzas that can be found on Amazon is the KitchenAid nonstick aluminized steel pizza crisper.

Highlights of the KitchenAid Pizza Crisper

The price of this pan is $21.99, but the most important thing about it is its perforation. Since no pan has the heat retention of a specialized stone, it’s essential for a good pan to have the appropriate texture and color. And that’s just what made the KitchenAid stand out and be superbly better than the rest. In addition, the handles make it easier to grip when placed inside the oven or taking it out.

Features – What to Expect When You Buy This Pan

Whichever pizza you want to make, it will be perfectly baked in this pan because its surface is perforated, and it has a sturdy build. Here are the main characteristics:

  • The material from which the pan is made is easily washable.
  • The perforation is what allows the dough to be crispy and crust golden brown, without sogginess.
  • It will leave your pizza perfectly and evenly baked.

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What Makes This Non-Stick Pan So Good?

Keep in mind that if the surface of a pan is perforated, the dough won’t turn into a soggy mess, instead of a golden-brown crust. Its perforation on the surface has allowed some of the moisture from the dough to escape. This has enabled the crust to get that perfect crispy texture, golden brown on the outside and soft on the inside.

Due to the material used to make this pan (aluminized steel,) the pan feels sturdy in your hand. The aluminum coating makes this pan a great conductor of heat, while it’s also softer than if it was made of plain steel. Because of the materials used, the cheese on top of the dough bubbled and melted perfectly in the oven.

Why We Loved This Product

We all know the ingredients of perfect pizzas – a dough made with love (or just the best frozen one,) our favorite toppings, and the need to appease our appetite. On top of it all, it wouldn’t hurt to have the right tools for baking, as one of the most important things in a well-baked pizza is the crunchiness and golden brown crust.

It doesn’t matter what kind of dough you like to make, nor does it matter if you aren’t in the mood for layers of toppings. Or it’s exactly what you’re in the mood for right now – for your pizza to be so overstuffed with mozzarella cheese and everything else that it will be trouble just to get a bite. You will get all these advantages in a single product, and it’s the KitchenAid pizza crisper.

What We Don’t Like About It

The main, and perhaps the only downside to this product, is that the extended handles make it a bit bulkier than most pans on the market. It might pose a problem for storing if you have a smaller kitchen or for the oven if you plan to bake in a mini one.

Aluminized steel is a great heat conductorThe extended handles make it a bit too bulky
The surface is perforated enough to avoid sogginessThe baking surface is less than 14″ – 13″ and ½
It’s easily washable and dishwasher safe
Its maximum oven-safe temperature is 450° F
It will bake your pizza evenly

2.) Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Pizza Pan

The runner-up is a similar pan – the Cuisinart pizza pan, $26 on Amazon. In truth, it was a tough decision between these two products, as they have both proved to be great for baking. The only fact that differentiated the KitchenAid is the handles, which some may consider a bit bulky.

The Cuisinart pan also has a perforated surface which makes it easy for the excess moisture to vapor out of the dough and leave a crispy crust. The material of which the pan is made makes it easy to clean and even place in a dishwasher. It has slightly rolled edges which helps make a great crust but also prevents a perfectly good pizza from sliding off the surface.

Highlights – What Makes the Cuisinart Pizza Pan Stand Out?

The Cuisinart pizza pan is a great product overall, and you won’t make a mistake if you buy it to bake your homemade pizzas. It allows you to bake the perfect crust, even without a brick oven. The 14-inch size is just right for a properly sized pizza. It’s a sturdy and durable product, easy to clean and store.

Features – What to Expect Out of This Pan?

Here are the main features of the Cuisinart Pizza Pan:

  • It’s usual and, we should say, appropriate size for baking – 14 inches.
  • The material used to make this pan is stainless steel which makes it sturdy and durable.
  • The bottom is perforated so the excess moisture can leave the dough, making it crispy and golden brown.

What Made Us Love This Product

Whether you have some frozen pizza dough in your freezer or some cauliflower vegan version ready for baking, it’s an overall great product for baking a pizza. It was easy to use and even easier to clean after baking. The edges have helped create a great crust, and the only thing missing is a handle for a better grip when taken out of the oven.

What We’ve Disliked About It

The surface should be handled with care to avoid scratches. As it is, you shouldn’t cut your pizzas directly on it using a pizza cutter. The surface coat is great as a non-stick for baking, but it wasn’t made to endure cutting.

The heavy and sturdy build of this pan makes it a perfect choice for even heating and bakingDoesn’t have handles, which may prove to be a downside for taking the pan out of the oven
It has a non-stick coating for easy baking and easier cleaningThe surface isn’t resistant to scratching, so you won’t be able to cut the pizza on it
Thick edges, rolled enough to prevent the dough from sliding off

3.) Wilton Perfect Results Premium Pizza Pan

Wilton Perfect Results Premium non-stick bakeware pizza pan is a great baking tool made of non-stick stainless steel. It made it to our third place, though, because this pan doesn’t have holes in its surface. However, it’s still a durable, easy-to-use, easier-to-clean pan, perfect for homemade pizzas.

Highlights of the Wilton’s Pan

If you think that a pan without holes on its surface is perhaps a better option for you, you won’t make a mistake with the Wilton Perfect Results Premium pizza pan. It’s made of a durable material – stainless steel, with a premium non-stick coat, so your pizzas don’t stick. This makes them easy to clean, but these pans are also dishwasher safe.

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Key Features of This Durable Pan

We’ve made a list of the most prominent features of this pan, and here they are:

  • The size, like the two other pans on our list, is appropriate for a homemade pizza – 14 inches.
  • The material is really durable, and they offer a 10-year warranty (limited).
  • A non-stick surface makes it a great option for handling a pizza because it won’t stick to the surface.

What We Like the Most About This Pan

Wilson doesn’t use Teflon coating on their cookware but instead uses silicone polyester. But what stood out the most is that this pan can be used for multiple dishes, not only pizzas. Since it doesn’t have any holes, you can bake potato chips or any other dish that can be prepared conveniently in such a pan.

What We Dislike About It

The absence of holes on the pan’s surface makes it great cookware for many types of food. But it’s also a downside for baking a crispy dough. It’s made out of a material that is a great heat conductor, but it also means you can easily burn your pizzas on it. The edges are not pronounced enough, so you’ll also have to be careful when taking the food out of the oven, so it doesn’t slide down.

Some may consider the surface without holes a more convenient one because the pan may be used for other types of foodThe downside of not having holes is that the crust won’t be perfectly crispy
It’s dishwasher safe and very easy to cleanThe edges are not pronounced enough, so your pizza can easily slide off if you are not careful
The surface is non-stick, so your pizza won’t get stuck on the pan

What to Look for When Buying a Pizza Pan

Make sure it’s the proper size.

Depending on the oven you have at home, you may want to purchase a smaller or larger one. However, their most practical size is 14 inches. This is the size for a perfectly good amount of pizza made at home.

How easy is it to clean up and maintain it?

Pay attention to the surface of the pan that you want to buy – if it’s non-stick or hasn’t got such a coating. Non-stick pans shouldn’t be scrubbed, but they are mostly dishwasher safe. So, if you have a dishwasher at home, look for pans that can be machine washed. If not, pay attention to the description and see how it should be maintained.

Final Verdict – the Best Pizza Pan on Amazon is the KitchenAid Pizza Crisper

KitchenAid Pizza Crisper

Although some may consider the brick oven (such as the Forno Bravo wood-fired pizza oven) as an unsurpassed way to bake your favorite cheese slices, not all of us have the space to install one. So, when it’s a rainy day outside, and you just don’t feel like going out, you can bake a great pizza in your kitchen oven. Just make sure you have a proper pan. And such a pan is definitely a KitchenAid pizza crisper, a non-stick baking pan with holes for a crispy crust and additional handles.

You can buy the product from this Amazon link


Is it necessary to remove the pizza from the pan before cutting it with my pizza cutter?

If you don’t remove the pizza first, you’re likely to scratch and ruin the pan. We recommend transferring the pizza to a cutting board and then cutting it using a pizza cutter.

Is it safe to put it in the dishwasher if it says so in the description? Is there no rust?

It would gleam just as well if you washed it by hand, so there’s no reason why it can’t be put in the dishwasher. KitchenAid bakeware is all made the same way and may be washed in the dishwasher.