The Blackstone Pizza Oven: Reviewed

Deciding about your next outdoor pizza oven can be tricky, especially if you count the high cost it usually brings. However, Blackstone is one of the manufacturers with plenty of positive reviews, which leads many to wonder – is the Blackstone pizza oven worth it?

Blackstone pizza oven uses gas fuel and has an electronic ignition system, which guarantees a fast pizza-making process. Aside from providing a delicious meal, it’s simple to use and durable, as long as you take proper care of it. However, new models are extremely hard to find nowadays since the manufacturer has decided to stop producing this line.

I fell in love with this oven from the first use, and so will you – if you manage to find it. Take a look at its features to find out why it became such a popular product for all pizza lovers.

A Blackstone Pizza Oven Is an Excellent Addition to Any Backyard

Many pizza ovens on the market can make delicious pizza, but not many can do it as fast as Blackstone!

With a 60,000 BTU burner, it guarantees fast pizza backing without sacrificing its taste and texture.

With this oven, you can cook pizzas up to 16 inches in diameter, which is pretty big – keep in mind that large pizzas in Pizza Hut, Dominos, and other famous pizzerias are all around 14 inches.

However, you should not fear that some parts will burn while others will get unbaked. The rotating pizza stone will ensure even heat distribution (and perfectly cooked pizza as a result).

It is convenient when you have plenty of guests to feed but also an excellent solution when you’re out of time or just want some pizza ASAP.

In the Blackstone Pizza Oven, You Can Cook Other Meals, Aside From Delicious Pizzas

Although specially designed for pizza making, this oven can be used for preparing many other dishes. Everything from roasted vegetables, grilled meat, and fish to bread and hot deserts can be prepared in this oven.

It’s quite an investment if you ask me, considering that the average price of a new oven is around $400. All you have to worry about is how to find the right temperature. However, once you conquer that challenge, the possibilities are limitless.

What Makes The Blackstone Pizza Oven Superb

This oven comes with numerous elements that will ease the process of making pizza and ensure it tastes divine. Each new customer gets:

  • Two pizza cooking stones;
  • A bottom tray for the propane tank – located directly under the oven body. It has a hole in the middle for easier placement;
  • Legs with swivel casters that can be locked – casters provide greater portability, but keep in mind that legs can be disassembled if you want to place an oven on a counter,
  • Hanging tray attached to the legs;
  • The hose and regulator – however, remember that the propane tank doesn’t come with the rest of the equipment, which means you must supply it on your own. You can get up to a 20 lb bottle of propane, so you won’t have to change the fuel very often,
  • Handles made of steel and heat resistant plastic,
  • Burner valve that will allow you to control the temperature,
  • Button igniter (doesn’t come with needed 1-AA battery),
  • Rotisserie motor that works on 2D batteries – you must supply yourself them yourself or simply plug in the motor,
  • Temperature gauge.

Blackstone Offers a User-Friendly Product for the Best Pizza Making Experience

The hard part is getting this oven to your patio, considering it weighs more than 100 lbs. I highly recommend you call friends to your aid, with the promise of delicious pizza afterward. After all, getting this thing going is a piece of cake.

All you have to do is push the igniter button, and voila – the oven is heating, thanks to the electronic ignition system. It’s undoubtedly more time-effective and simpler than more traditional, wood-fired models, while you get a pretty similar taste.

How to Make Pizza in a Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Learning about the right temperature so pizza can be made just the way you like may take some time. If it’s an option, I strongly suggest you have several test subjects, so to speak, until you find out which temperature works the best for you.

The key to making the most delicious pizza in this oven is preheating. Wait until the temperature reaches up to 600 degrees (around 10 minutes), then turn the burner on low and place the pizza in the oven. When the pizza is baked, raise the temperature on high for about half a minute to a minute and a half, so the pizza gets that nice, brownish coloring.

When it comes to dough, it’s always better to make it yourself than use frozen – keep in mind that this oven is excellent for all dough types. As for the toppings, avoid larger amounts, no matter how tempting it gets so that the base can be cooked properly and so you can slide the pizza off without any difficulties.

How to Take Care of the Oven After Use?

So this oven lasts in the years to come, you must know how to take care of it properly. After you’re finished with it, let it cool off for about thirty minutes. Make sure you give the stone a quick wipe and cover it.

It would be best to use a custom-designed cover, which you can buy on Amazon. It is weather-resistant and made from double-layer canvas, which will provide all the protection the oven needs all year round.

Pizza stone next to food ingredients for making pizza

Are There Any Cons of Owning a Blackstone Patio Oven?

Although I didn’t have any problems with this oven, I’ve stumbled upon a few reviews claiming some parts of the oven broke immediately or that it had stopped working altogether after only a few weeks. However, it is all fixable, as Blackstone is known to have excellent customer service and offers a one-year warranty – it is most likely that you’ll be reimbursed accordingly.

I am more annoyed that the thermometer doesn’t read the temperature between the stones (where the pizza is) but shows the temperature above the upper stone. It can be misleading, but luckily, also easily fixable if you buy a laser thermometer.

But, what is the biggest issue with the Blackstone oven? It’s that you can’t find this product easily anymore, because the company has stopped production. Stock on the company’s website is sold out, as well as supply on Amazon and Walmart. Such a shame!

Chef preparing pizza on the paddle

Products That Can Match Blackstone Patio Oven

So, what do you do if you can’t find another Blackstone oven? The only thing you can – look elsewhere.

If you plan on buying a pizza oven for your BBQ area, consider models from the table below:

Roccbox Gozney Outdoor Pizza OvenGas, wood$499
Ooni Karu 12 by Ooni Pizza OvensWood, natural gas$399
Deco Chef Outdoor Pizza OvenWood$229.99
The Gozney Dome Pizza OvenWood, gas$1,799

If You Get a Chance to Buy Blackstone Patio Oven, Dont Miss It

Fortunately, I got my Blackstone oven on time, but many were not so lucky. Therefore, if you stumble upon a second-hand piece (or, even better, an original one), don’t hesitate to buy it.

I can guarantee that using it will become a part of your weekly routine!