Does Little Caesars Still Have the Pizza Pizza Sound?

The popular Little Caesars commercials are always entertaining and eye-catching. But, have you ever heard of their famous Pizza! Pizza! catchphrase that can be heard at the end of the commercial? Many people wonder – does Little Caesars still have the pizza pizza sound?

Yes, the latest Little Caesars commercials still have the pizza pizza sound at the end. They haven’t had a commercial without the easily recognizable catchphrase ever since 1979. It has become synonymous with the company.

Pizza slice next to a pizza cutter

Does Little Caesars Still Have the Pizza Pizza Sound on Every Commercial?

The advertising campaign in the 70s came up with a soundbite that would become the symbol of the Little Caesars company for the years to come. A small and bald Roman Caesar eating a pizza and saying at the same time Pizza! Pizza! has been present in every commercial since the beginning of the campaign. Today, it would be unimaginable to see a commercial without the famous soundbite.

When Was Pizza Pizza Soundbite First Introduced? 

The sound was introduced in 1979. It refers to two pizzas being offered for the price of one from other pizzerias. When this became popular, the company offered pizzas in one long package. The two dishes were placed side by side. The advertising campaign helped Little Caesars gain attention as a cheap alternative to other pizzerias such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s. All of their pizzas are larger in size but are sold at a lower price.

Before Pizza Pizza, There Was a Different Commercial Sound?

Before 1979, there was a different soundbite that was used in their commercials. Once they changed it, they never opted for a different one. The sound before “Pizza Pizza” was – “Buy one, get one free.” In essence, the advertising campaign always wanted to get across the fact that there are two pizzas offered for the price of one. Back then, they had the pizzas placed in one large piece of cardboard with a paper bag and not a box. Since the 70s, the motto “Pizza! Pizza!” replaced the “Buy one, get one free,” but the message is still the same. Now, it is an inseparable part of the Little Caesars pizza brand.

A pizza on cardboard

The Sound Goes Along With the Logo – What Does It Mean?

The sound that can be heard in the commercial cannot be separated from the logo, which is a meaningful symbol as well. It represents the name of the company. The main figure is a man in a toga that is holding a spear with a pizza on the tip. It is supposed to represent the ruler of the Roman Empire – Caesar. On the ruler’s toga, one can see the letters “LC” while on his head, there is a laurel wreath which is a symbol of high status. He proceeds to explain simply Pizza! Pizza! before the end of every TV commercial. The Little Caesar symbolizes the traditional Italian cuisine that one can enjoy in the restaurant.

Pizza with mozzarella cheese

Now Pizza Pizza Sound Is Recognisable Everywhere

It is not a secret that the Little Caesars commercials attract attention and that their famous sound became a staple of their brand. It is recognized all over the world, and people have begun to search online in order to find the sound and download it. The advertising campaign might have been the most successful out of all the pizza chains, boosting sales and putting the company on the map. One can be sure that the commercials will feature the Pizza! Pizza! sound in future ads as well.

Pepperoni pizza

What Dishes Have Been Successfully Promoted by Their Commercials?

Some of the most popular dishes at Little Caesars are the Hot-N-Ready pizzas. The commercials promoted Hot-N-Ready pepperoni, classic cheese, and Deep! Deep! Dish pepperoni pizza. The most popular is the classic cheese pizza since it has a sweet and spicy tomato sauce, a flavorful crust, and melting cheese on top. The flavors are nicely balanced, and it is not too greasy.

The pepperoni version is similar to the cheese pizza but has some spicy pepperonis on top and more Italian spices. But, if you are searching for a pizza with the perfect crust, you should opt for the Deep! Deep! Dish pepperoni pizza which has a fluffy and doughy texture of the crust. It is thick in comparison to other pizza crusts, and the pizza toppings don’t stand out as much. However, it still features tasty cheese and pepperoni that make up the best Little Caesars pizza.

Pizza with tomato and bell peppers

What Are the Prices of Little Caesars Pizzas?

The company stays truthful to the commercials. This means that they have slightly lower prices than other brands. They offer the same services, such as carry-out, dine-in, and delivery. There are fewer varieties and only one standard size. But if you are looking for an affordable pizza, Little Caesars has just what you need. Here is a table with the prices of the pizzas.

Hot-N-Ready Pepperoni Pizza$6.00
Hot-N-Ready Cheese Pizza$6.00
Hot-N-Ready Deep! Deep! Dish$8.00
Specialty 3 Meat Threat$8.00
Specialty Hula Hawaiian$8.00
Specialty Veggie$8.99
Specialty Ultimate Supreme$9.99

What Side Dishes Are Promoted as Well?

Pizzas are not the only dishes on the menu. One can enjoy tasty side dishes like wings, dips, sauces, and cheese bread. Everything comes at a lower cost, and side dishes can be included in the combo meal as well. Here is a list of appetizing side dishes at Little Caesars.

  • Italian Cheese Bread,
  • Pepperoni Cheese Bread,
  • Zesty Cheese Bread,
  • Caesar Wings,
  • Nachos with Cheese,
  • Jumbo Soft Pretzel,
  • Mrs. Goodcookie.

Will You Be Ordering From Little Caesars Soon?

Now, as soon as you hear the familiar sound – Pizza! Pizza! – it will be hard to resist the urge to pick up the phone and order one specialty pizza or Hot-N-Ready pie. Experience what the popular pizza chain has to offer by indulging in various tasty dishes at a lower cost. If you really begin to like the sound of their commercial jingle, you can always find websites online where you can download the sound and set it up on your phone as your ringtone. Possibilities are limitless, don’t hesitate to try them out.