Does Pizza Hut Have Subs?

Pizza Hut is well known all across the world thanks to one thing – they never fail to surprise their customers with original recipes and ideas. They were always following the trends and offering customers exciting things to try and enjoy. So, on that note, does Pizza Hut have subs?

Pizza Hut doesn’t have subs. They used to exist on their menu, and these delicious sandwiches were called P’Zolo. You could get them in different flavors that would remind you of their most popular pizzas and combine them with delicious sauces for full enjoyment.

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Pizza Hut, as a chain, gained huge popularity for servicing different types of pizza – all of them delicious and unique in their own way. Now when it comes to sandwiches, chefs from your favorite chain didn’t fail you either – with the P’Zolo sandwich, you could experience the supreme explosion of flavors that was always making you come back for more.

Does Pizza Hut Have Subs?

There is no need to wonder if Pizza Hut is the best – their recipes are known worldwide for providing top flavor and a true enjoyment to their faithful customers. One thing that makes this chain different from all the others is that they always try to come up with something original and different. This is how they keep their customers entertained and loyal. One of the best recipes they released was the P’Zolo Sub sandwich, but it is currently not available to purchase at any of their stores.

These were not regular sandwiches you could try everywhere else – everything about them was unique and tasty, and you could even experiment with different flavored options. They were also affordable, so nothing could stop you from heading to the closest Pizza Hut dining spot or pickup up the phone to order this delicious snack.

The original P’Zolo recipe is something that customers never knew they needed, but they needed it badly. P’Zolo combined the best of both worlds – pizza and a subway sandwich, two things that everyone loves.

This is what made it so irresistible. Not to mention the supreme combination of flavors that reminds you of your favorite pizza, just in different conditions – sort of rolled pizza with amazing crisp and highest quality toppings. It was all sprinkled with cheese, so you couldn’t go wrong no matter which topping you chose. As a cherry on top, you could add up some of the sauces and enjoy them to the fullest.

These Delicious Sandwiches Used to Come in Three Flavors

When it comes to subway sandwiches, P’Zolo from Pizza Hut used to have three different flavors, and all of them were unique and amazing. Apart from their fine structure and different combination of crust and toppings, you could also choose from different sauces to combine them with, which makes your search for your favorite flavor even more exciting. Flavors you could choose from included:

  • Italian Beef,
  • Buffalo Chicken,
  • Meat Trio.

Learn More About These Flavors, Their Ingredients, and Nutrition

If you are interested in finding out more information about these sandwiches and wonder which one tasted the best, you probably want to know more about their main ingredients and nutritional values. In this table, you can learn more about each of these options when it comes to sandwiches and sauces and their nutritional values.

Italian BeefMarinated steak
Roasted vegetables
Calories: 400 (110 from fat)
Fat: 12 g (saturated fat 15 g)
Sodium: 1130 mg
Carbs: 53 g (sugar 5 g)
Protein: 21 g
Buffalo ChickenWhite-meat chicken
Buffalo seasoning
Calories: 420 (100 from fat)
Fat: 12 g (saturated fat 5 g)
Sodium: 1350 mg
Carbs: 51 g (sugar 3 g)
Protein: 27 g
Meat TrioHam and cheese
Italian sausage
Calories: 550 (100 from fat)
Fat: 28 g  (saturated fat 11 g)
Sodium: 1319 mg
Carbs: 50g (sugar 3 g)
Protein: 24 g
Ranch Dipping SauceCalories: 220 (210 from fat)
Fat: 23 g (saturated fat 3.5 g)
Sodium: 420 mg
Carbs: 2 g (sugar 1 g)
Protein: 0 g
Marinara Dipping SauceCalories: 60 (0 from fat
Fat: 0 g (saturated fat 0 g)
Sodium: 440 mg
Carbs: 12 g (sugar 9 g)
Protein: 2 g
*These values are for one piece, and the portion used to come with two sandwiches and one sauce

These Products Were Also Very Affordable

If you’re a sandwich lover and a Pizza Hut loyal customer, there was no better way to combine your passions than with a unique P’zolo sandwich. With its supreme flavor and great affordability, this was a snack you could always grab at any time – no matter if you were just passing by or planning to sit at the restaurant and enjoy some quality time with your friends. You could have even split a portion of two sandwiches with a friend.

The price for one piece was $3, while a whole portion with two sandwiches and a sauce used to come for only $5. There is no need to explain how affordable this is compared to the prices for some other subway sandwiches and the best part was that you used to get phenomenal quality and tasteful ingredients.

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Even If You Experimented With Different Flavors, It Was Hard to Get Disappointed

Now that you know that your favorite pizza restaurant used to serve subway sandwiches as well, you can finally be at peace. These delightful subway sandwiches came in three different flavor combinations, so you could definitely find the one that was up to your taste. You could buy the whole portion of two sandwiches for just $5 and get an extra sauce of your choice.

This was a great snack for someone who’s not hungry enough to have the whole pizza but still wanted to enjoy similar flavors and delicious crust only Pizza Hut can provide. If you check the nutritional values, you’ll notice that they are lower compared to a standard pizza, so this was also a good replacement if you wanted to cut your calorie intake.