Best Pizza Type

For a true Pizzaholic, there is no such thing as the best pizza type. All pizzas are great. However, I could narrow down some of the best pizza types for me. And which style you prefer the most will, in the end, always depend on your personal taste and your cravings at that moment.

If we talk about the best pizza type, we could say that the Neapolitan pizza style is the most popular one. Neapolitan pizza style is what we know as modern pizza, and most restaurants will serve this kind of dish with different kinds of toppings.

Pizza in the oven

However, when we talk about pizza, there are three things we must take into consideration – crust, toppings, and style. So let’s see what type is the best one. 

Best Pizza Type by Crust Depends on Personal Preference

The easiest way to divide pizzas and rate them is by the type of crust. And we will not be talking about cauliflower pizzas or any other gluten-free versions but about pizza made from wheat flour. There are two types of crusts, thin and thick, and most pizza types are distinguished primarily by the type of their crust. The thin crust must be crispy and not soggy, while the thick crust must be fluffy and airy, like bread or focaccia. The recipe for both dishes is similar. Here is what you will need.

2 and a half cups of all-purpose flour3-3/4 cups of all-purpose flour
1/4 ounce of dry yeast2 tablespoons of dry yeast
¼ of teaspoon salt1 tablespoon sugar
1 cup of warm waterOne and a half tablespoon of salt
Tablespoon of olive oil1-⅓ cups of warm water
and 1/3 cup of olive oil

What Are the Best and Most Famous Pizza Styles?

When it comes to pizza, there is no doubt that the most popular ones are also the best (if I rule out pineapple pizzas, whose popularity is simply a mystery for me). When I think about pizza types, the first thing that pops into my mind is which one to choose: Neapolitan or Sicilian Pizza? In essence, this is the debate about the crusts all over again. 

Neapolitan Is Overall One of the Best Pizza Types

If you wonder if Pizza Hut is Italian and whether you are eating a true Italian pizza, I will have to disappoint you and say no. The true taste of Italy you can taste in Neapolitan pizza. This typeis the oldest one, and it is by far the most popular. I could say that all thin crust pizzas are made to resemble the Neapolitan style. However, not everybody can name their pizza to be Neapolitan since this title must be earned – this dish is protected by law. It is made from high-quality ingredients such as San Marzano tomatoes and Italian Mozzarella such as Galbani Mozzarella. You will need a wood-fired pizza oven to make this delicacy. Here are the most famous Neapolitan style pizzas:

  • Margherita,
  • Marinara,
  • Margherita Extra.

Sicilian Is the Second Most Popular Type of Pizza

Sicilian pizza comes from Sicily, and it is made thick and rectangular. It has more toppings and ingredients that also need to be top-class, but in essence, you can make this dish from any ingredients you have at home. Here are the main ingredients traditionally used:

  • Tomato sauce
  • Onion,
  • Tomato,
  • Herbs
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Mixture of meats

Chicago Has Developed Its Own Way 

Baked in a deep dish, this delicacy will truly make you smile. With abundant toppings and cheese combined with a crust that is hard enough to hold everything together, this dish truly deserves a place on my list. The dough is placed on the bottom of the dish, followed by cheese and different ingredients. In short, if you plan to eat this, make sure you are hungry.   

With Brooklyn Pizza, You Will Get Messy, but Also a Smile on Your Face

If you are looking for the best Domino dough, then Brooklyn pizza is by far our favorite one. It has a handmade super-thin crust topped with cheese and top-notch marinara sauce. It is no wonder this Domino delicacy has made its way and become a pizza style for itself. However, eating this delicacy can be messy since the dough is so thin and covered with large amounts of ingredients that are dripping all over the place. For this reason, this pizza is sometimes sliced into small rectangular pieces. 

California Pizza Has the Freshest Ingredients

California pizza is most similar to Neapolitan style when it comes to dough. But it seems Californians perfected their crust-making skills and decided to take things to another level. If you travel through the Bay Area, you will see pizzerias compete in making the most interesting and tasty combination of ingredients to cover their dishes. Usually served for a single person, California pizza has sauce, cheese, and fresh vegetables such as broccoli or squash.

Pizza on a plate with lemon

Thin-Crust Pizzas, Hand-Made With Simple Ingredients, Are the Best

Even though I prefer the Neapolitan pizza type as the best one, I understand that for some people, it is good but also too simple. This is why, as the final ruling, I decided to expand it to all thin-crust pizzas that are hand-made and made from simple ingredients. My personal favorite is thin crust pizza topped with marinara sauce, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, oregano, goat and mozzarella cheese, and all garnished with fresh arugula and fine olive oil. But that is just me – you are free to make your own ratings of delicacies.