Domino’s Pizza Delivery Fee

Ordering a pizza delivery is always satisfying – you get to enjoy your favorite food in the comfort of your own home while watching a movie or having a house party with your friends. The only thing that might worry you is Domino’s pizza delivery fee.

Domino’s pizza delivery fee is approximately $3. Because the vast majority of Domino’s restaurants across the world are privately owned franchises, the delivery fee for each individual location is determined by its owner.

Domino's pizza restaurant

When placing an order with Domino’s, it is essential, however, to be aware of whether or not a delivery charge will be incurred. After conducting the necessary research, I am now going to present all of my findings regarding this subject.

Domino’s Pizza Is One of the Leading Pizza Places in the Industry

With more than 19,000 locations across the globe, Domino’s Pizza is recognized as one of the leading pizza places in the industry. It is well-known both for the extensive selection of ingredients that it offers on its menu and for the convenient delivery service that it provides.

Once you’re on Domino’s website, you can use the store locator to determine the delivery fee for your local store. Alternatively, you can call the number that is listed on the website.

Why Are There Fees When Delivering Something?

The majority of restaurants assert that they have instituted delivery fees in order to keep their competitive edge in the market for pizza delivery.

Tim McIntyre, a head of communications for Domino’s Pizza, stated to the Huffington Post that the price of pizza has remained relatively unchanged over the course of the past three decades, despite the fact that the cost of both the ingredients and the operation has increased.

According to McIntyre, increasing the price of Domino’s pizza itself is not the most effective method to pay for the delivery service; rather, charging a delivery fee is the ideal way to achieve desired results.

Others point out that the fee pays for the driver’s liability insurance and contributes to the money paid to the couriers for fuel and potential problems that occur on their vehicles while making deliveries.

Person ordering Domino's pizza

Why Does Domino’s Charge Customers Extra for Their Deliveries?

A delivery fee is added to orders at restaurants like Domino’s and others like it so that the business can cover the expenses associated with paying delivery drivers and the cost of fuel for the vehicles used for delivery.

If you want to avoid paying this additional fee, you always have the option of picking up the order at the closest restaurant instead of having it delivered. Doing so will also free you from the obligation to tip the delivery driver.

Other restaurants also have delivery fees – learn all about them in this table.

RestaurantDelivery Fee
Pizza Hut$4
Pizza Pizza$3.75

Keep in mind that these are approximate values and that the precise delivery fee depends on the restaurant and the area you ordered from.

Does Domino’s Consider the Delivery Fee to Be the Same Thing as a Tip?

No, the delivery fee that you pay to Domino’s isn’t the same thing as tipping your driver. Having said that, the driver does not directly receive the money from the delivery fee.

Is It Appropriate to Tip the Driver After a Domino’s Order Has Been Delivered?

It is considered common courtesy to tip delivery workers for the effort that they put in to bring hot and fresh food to the customer’s door.

You can only tip your Domino’s driver in one of two ways: either add a tip when you check out digitally or give them cash when they show up with your food. This is in contrast to services such as UberEats and DoorDash. Once they deliver your order, we regret to inform you that you will not be able to add a tip using your debit or credit card.

Therefore, if you would rather wait until the courier has shown up before adding a tip, you should have cash prepared for them as a substitute.

How Much Should You Tip the Courier Who Delivers Your Domino’s Pizza Order?

How much you should tip couriers should primarily depend on your final bill:

  • If your order is less than $20, the frame suggested tip amount for fast-food couriers is at least $3,
  • If your order is more than $20, the tip amount should be at least $5,
  • If the total of the order was more than $20, it is common practice to leave a tip of 10–15 percent.

However, it is nice to add slightly extra, possibly 16 to 20%, if your courier went above and beyond to accommodate you. In these situations, it is appropriate to tip more than the standard amount.

Does Domino’s Offer Coupons for Free Delivery of Their Pizza?

Domino’s does not, as a general rule, provide coupons for free delivery. However, these may be made available at individually owned places of Domino’s that come up with their own specials and offers.

If you sign up for the Piece of the Pie rewards program, you can earn ten points for each order that you place with Domino’s, which is a great way to save money on your Domino’s orders.

Once you have accumulated sixty Piece of the Pie Rewards points, as a customer, you are qualified to receive a complimentary medium pizza with two toppings.

Is There a Fee for My Domino’s Order if It’s Delivered Late?

Domino’s has discontinued all guarantees that it will provide customers with a free pizza if the pizza arrives late.

In the event that you place an order with Domino’s and it arrives later than anticipated, you can rely on Domino’s Delivery Insurance to give you either a discount of 20% on your subsequent order or 60 Piece of the Pie rewards points.

In addition, you can file a complaint about the situation by using the Domino’s Tracker section, your order confirmation part, or the email address associated with your order confirmation.

In any case, explain the situation to the clerk at the store, and then select one of the options that were presented earlier. However, procedures for dealing with orders that are late or are problematic in some other way will vary from store to store.

If you call the Domino’s store and describe the situation to an employee, they will usually offer to remake your request or eventually add something extra, such as a cookie and drink.

For a Paid Fee, You Get a Decent Service

In conclusion, you don’t have to worry about paying this fee when your pizza is delivered because it is not that high. It also means that you’ll get better service. In case you’re not pleased with the service, you can always file a complaint and get some complementary food or drinks.