Donatos Grilled Cheese Pizza (Review)

Donatos is a well-known chain famous for its top-quality ingredients. Aside from their salads, wings, subs, and calzones, they are also renowned for edge-to-edge toppings and delicious and thin crust. With the elimination of artificial flavors, color, and MSG (announced a few years ago), it now represents one of the healthiest franchises on the market.

However, we are not here to discuss all the Donatos’ products, but just one in particular – a grilled cheese pizza. Sounds delicious? That’s because it is! Fresh ingredients that mix exceptionally and an abundance of cheese make this pizza type one of the better ones we tasted recently.

This review will help you learn more about grilled cheese pizza, so you can decide whether it’s worth all the fuss. 

Sliced cheese pizza on a wooden surface

Is Donatos Grilled Cheese Pizza for You?

If you’re bored of the same old offers you get from various pizza places, you’ll be happy to know that Donatos has added a new and unique (but also limited edition) product to their menu – a Grilled Cheese Pizza.

Although more of a pizza than grilled cheese, Donatos has created a truly flavorful dish. If your favorite type is cheese pizza, and you like your crust on a thinner side, this product should definitely be on the list of things to try.

What We Like About Donatos Grilled Cheese Pizza

Donatos is famous for the edge-to-edge toppings policy, and it’s also evident when it comes to this pizza type – there is not a piece of a crust that is not covered in toppings. Moreover, not only will you get an abundance of toppings, but you can rest assured that each one of the ingredients holds premium quality.

First of all, Donatos opted for a good combination of fine cheeses. They’ve used mild Asiago and a bit sharper, smoked Provolone – a mix that guarantees a creamy and buttery texture of the dish.

However, this dish is more than just cheese. The smokey flavor you’ll get from the bacon, the freshness of Roma tomatoes, and the amazing aroma of roasted garlic provide a truly exceptional flavor. Perfectly toasted bread crumbs are added on top, resulting in an even more crispy dimension to the dish.

These slices are a good choice not only for grilled cheese lovers but for all who enjoy top-notch ingredients and the brand’s signature extra thin crust. It certainly has the potential to become one of the most favorite comfort food choices.

What We Don’t Like About Donatos Grilled Cheese Pizza

Although this dish tastes amazing and has a very satisfying texture, we feel like the name of the product is a bit misleading. Truthfully, it doesn’t differ much from Donatos Serious Cheese pizza – it just has added depth to the flavor thanks to Asiago cheese and smoked bacon.

The phrase grilled cheese refers to a hot sandwich made from the slices of cheese between the bread. Therefore, what we expected for the product was a type of pizza sandwich with cheese inside of the crust  – or something similar to it. However, that is not what you get. The crust makes the bottom side of the grilled cheese, and bread crumbs should represent the top side.

Therefore, this grilled cheese pizza pie doesn’t really resemble a grilled cheese dish. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Donatos make only one type of crust – the thin one  – which makes other grilled cheese pizza-making techniques almost impossible to use.

No matter the method used, this pizza is worth a go – but keep in mind that it is available only for a limited time. It’s not a standard part of Donatos’ menu, which is yet another thing we want to see changed.

Pros & Cons

High-quality and fresh ingredientsA misleading name of the product
FlavorfulBelongs to a limited edition

What’s Included?

With each order, you’ll get plenty of toppings – it is, after all, what Donatos is famous for. This restaurant usually offers three main pizza sizes, ranging from the smallest to the largest.

However, be prepared for a bit of a different pizza-eating experience. Instead of triangle-shaped pieces, which we are all used to, you’ll get rectangular-shaped slices – and have no wires so that each one of them will have the same amount of toppings.

It’s a perfect solution for a family night, but even better for when you have many people over at your place. You can rest assured that everyone will get some pizza with these party-cut pieces.


  • Smoked Provolone cheese,
  • Asiago cheese,
  • Fresh Roma tomatoes,
  • Roasted garlic,
  • Hardwood smoked bacon,
  • Bread crumbs.

If you forget about the fact that this dish isn’t exactly a grilled cheese pizza, you’ll find yourself enjoying the ingredients Donatos uses. They are premium quality and fresh, and each new bite will prove it.

Final Breakdown


We are more than satisfied with Donato’s new release. It’s true that some of our expectations weren’t met (hence the lower pizza rate), but it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t enjoy yet another slice of this pizza.

The name of the product may be misleading, but in every other aspect, we got exactly what we had expected for Donatos – delicious thin crust and an abundance of high-quality toppings. This pizza chain can really compare with some of the best delivery pizzas, and grilled cheese pizza proves it.

It’s a truly unique offer for all those extra cheese pizza lovers. If you’re one of them, try this flavorful pizza while you can – you won’t be disappointed.