Pizza Hut Edge Pizza Review

You must have heard many people praising Pizza Hut Edge Pizza but probably also stumbled upon those who think that quality doesn’t suit the price? So, where does the truth lie? Find out in this Pizza Hut Edge Pizza review.

Pizza Hut Edge Pizza brings cracker-thin crust and a delicious mix of ingredients covering the whole crust surface. The pizza comes sliced in a party cut with an abundance of toppings on each slice. There are four different types of Edge pizza – Ultimate, Carnivore, Vegetarian, and Pepperoni Lover’s, and all of them are worth a try.

A close-up of a sliced pepperoni pizza

If you’re curious to find out more about what Pizza Hut offers with this specialty pizza (and learn a few of its downsides), just keep reading.

Pizza Hut Edge Pizza Brings a Great Combination of Many Amazing Flavors

I hate when I order pizza with various toppings and get a dish with one ingredient overpowering the others – and that happens pretty often. With this Pizza Hut pizza style, you won’t have that kind of problem. Pizza Hut has calculated the ingredient ratio exceptionally, creating a pizza with toppings that complement and not overwhelm each other.

Moreover, Pizza Hut is not trying to save on the ingredients, which is evident from the moment you open the box. That being said, keep in mind that Edge pizza is not overly greasy and comes with a thin crust, so it’s slightly lighter than regular pizza. There is no doubt that you’ll be able to eat more of it in one sitting – it’s on you to decide if it is a good or a bad thing. Personally, I love it!

You’ll Be Able to Enjoy the Amazing Presentation

Do you know how Edge pizza got its name? The name is connected to its look – toppings that go from one edge to another, without any end crust, make this pizza stand out from others. It’s round-shaped but sliced in quarters. This party cut provides you with sixteen flavorful slices, all completely topped with delicious ingredients.

Remember that all ingredients are neatly arranged over the whole pizza, not simply thrown over the crust. This way, not only does each slice bring an amazing flavor, but you can enjoy your eating experience without getting all messy.

Cracker-Thin and Toasted Crust Are Simply Delicious

If you love Pizza Hut’s Thin-N-Crispy crust, you’ll enjoy the crust Edge pizza brings. The toasted, cracker bread texture will make you savor each bite. It’s definitely not something you try every day! When you’re up for a change of pace and crave crispy crust one hundred percent covered with delicious toppings, Edge pizza can be a good choice.

Pizza Hut Edge Pizza Downsides

Once opening the box for the first time, I was a little bit disappointed with the lack of Italian sausage – I was simply expecting more based on the pizza description.

However, it stopped being an issue once I took the first bite. The intense flavor was present in each pizza slice. Moreover, you can just tell that the ingredients they are using are high-quality from the first taste – and I would always pick quality over quantity.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind a little bit more garlic and Italian seasoning, at least when it comes to Ultimate Edge pizza. While it made some of the slices simply delicious, I could hardly taste this combination on others.

One more additional Edge pizza con for many pizzacholics is the higher cost of this specialty pizza – it comes only in large size and costs around $15.

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Different Types of Edge Pizza

Pizza Hut doesn’t offer one but four different Edge pizzas to fit all of their customers’ preferences. Take a look at the table below to see what’s each pizza all about:

Pizza typeToppings
Green papers, 
Italian sausage, 
Roma tomatoes, 
Garlic and herb seasoning.
Italian sausage, 
Garlic and herb seasoning.
VegetarianGreen papers,
Roma tomatoes, 
Garlic and herb seasoning
Pepperoni Lover’sPepperoni, 
Garlic and herb seasoning.

How to Choose the Right Edge Pizza?

So, you may decide you like the concept Edge pizza brings but don’t know which one you should choose first. My advice is to try the basic one – the Ultimate Edge pizza. Keep in mind that Pizza Hut usually allows you to change pizza toppings on your order. However, if you want to find out what makes Edge pizza so popular, I suggest going with the original recipe.

Vegetarian pizza is an excellent choice when you want something lighter, while Carnivore is a perfect choice when you crave extra meat. Both of these combinations are simply delicious – ultimately, it’s up to what you’re up for at the moment. While Ultimate pizza is the best overall, when you get tired of it, you won’t be disappointed with Vegetarian or Carnivore.

Pepperoni Lover’s is my least favorite choice, which doesn’t mean that I despise the taste. It has a strong pepperoni flavor (you’ll get around four or five pepperonis per slice) and slightly heavier seasoning, which can be too much for some – including me. However, those who love their pepperonis probably won’t have a second thought about which Edge pizza they should order.

Open Pizza Hut store

Make Sure You Run to Pizza Hut Whenever This Edge Pizza Is Back on the Menu

Edge pizza wasn’t the new item on the menu – Pizza Hut came up with it even before 2000. However, Pizza Hut has announced that it’s no longer available until further notice. It’s such a shame, especially if you haven’t got to taste any type of this specialty pizza. The only thing left is to look closely at Pizza Hut’s announcements and wait for this delicious dish to make a comeback.