Best Pizza Oven Covers

I have always loved to make homemade pizza lover; therefore, I always have my oven ready when camping or hosting friends and family in my backyard. For the longevity and efficiency of my oven, I discovered that the pizza oven cover is an essential accessory.

I have experimented with various products in the market and discovered some of the most effective options. If you need a good pizza oven cover, the following covers may come in handy.

  1. J&C Outdoor Pizza Cover
  2. iCOVER Pizza Oven Cover
  3. BIG HORN Outdoor Pizza Oven Cover
  4. Blackstone 1530 Patio Pizza Oven Cover
  5. 600D Heavy Duty Pizza Oven Cover
  6. Ooni Koda 12 Pizza Oven Cover

If you are looking for the best pizza oven cover that suits your needs, this is the guide for you. With many substandard versions in the market, you need an option that is waterproof and fully protects your equipment from the elements. Therefore, I will present to you my top six pizza oven covers.

Best Pizza Oven Covers

Regardless of your oven material, it is critical to cover it up to protect it from the adverse elements when you are not using it. Since I have experimented with pizza oven covers from various brands of different shapes and sizes, I would love to share why they stand out.

J&C 63x25x17inch Outdoor Pizza Oven Cover

It is usually tasking to keep carrying my oven in and out of the house. I would instead leave it on the patio, especially when I plan to use it again. The only worry is rain, snow, and extreme sun that usually ruins the material. Therefore, a piece of advice from a friend to try this J&C product came at the right time. Luckily, my oven was the right shape and size for the cloth to fit perfectly. 

I found the J&C easy to install over my oven with a smokestack in the middle. Also, I appreciated the durable yet lightweight and easy-to-store material. This cover measures 63 by 25 by 17 inches; therefore, your oven must be slightly smaller for it to drape over properly.

The main complaint from buyers is that the cloth doesn’t fit their oven. To deal with this, I usually advise first buyers to measure their pizza ovens first. You can go for it if your oven isn’t too massive, and, fortunately, there is no harm if the equipment is more petite. It comes with an adjustable cord such that you can tighten it up if it drapes over loosely. This string will also tie it down during extreme weather, giving it a tight fit. 

The material is waterproof polyester, fully protecting your oven when it rains or snows, making it ideal for the outdoors. You will be sure that the metal layer will stay protected, and you won’t have to deal with rusting or damage overnight. You can also cover it during the day when you are not using it to shield it from dust and UV. 


The Big Horn brand is famous in pizza ovens, and the most notable feature is their equipment designs. When I tested the Big Horn stove, I bought the cover from the same company as an accessory, and it has always been effective in protecting my equipment. If you have the exact or another oven in a similar shape, your best bet would be this Big Horn cover. 

I also tried it with the Deco Chef and Mimiuo pizza ovens that come in the same design, and it fits perfectly. It is a beige-colored cloth from high quality and sturdy material. Therefore, it is strong enough to last you longer and is reliable for use over your oven and grill.

Most importantly, I adore that it is effective as a weather-resistant cover, and I can have peace of mind regardless of the prevailing conditions. The credit goes to the PVC waterproof and tear-resistant lining that prevents the material from fading under extreme temperatures. I was also particular about how securely it fitted my equipment.

Additionally, it has handles at the ends, making it effortless to carry your oven when you need to lend it out or take it camping. Besides, there is an extra carry bag that I can use for temporary storage when not using it. Notably, the Big Horn offers a 12-month warranty on the product, guaranteeing its high quality, and, in case of anything, the company will be liable. 

Ooni Koda 12 Oven Carry and Cover

If you are a pizza enthusiast like me, you must have come across the Ooni brand, a leading producer of oven kits. They produce various pizza ovens of incredible designs. When looking for a protective layer, this carry and cover was among my first picks, and I was amazed by the setup’s versatility.  

The polyester material has an impressive design and fits snugly on most ovens. The plus is that it comes with strong carrying straps that you can use for easy transportation. I appreciated the elasticity since I only had to pull the cover over the oven and it would stay put. The cloth is grey, and, although it may seem flimsy, it has a dual protective layer to serve all your needs. 

It is waterproof and durable for use over a long time. Also, I noticed that the cover leaves the bottom part open; therefore, I don’t have to wait for the oven to cool before covering it. Secondly, the simple design ensures that the carry is effortless to drape over or remove and keeps your equipment fully protected. 

On the contrary, many strongly believe that this Ooni’s design was primarily for carrying the oven, not necessarily as a protective layer. Therefore, you may need another cover if you suffer from extreme elements or instead take your stove to a safer location. 

600D Heavy Duty Pizza Oven Cover

When you buy a high-quality pizza oven, you should also think about how best to care for it. With this in mind, I found this 600D cover similar to the J&C product but noted a few differences. COCO brings you a heavy-duty oven cover that ensures that your pizza oven remains as good as new each time you open it. 

After using it, I realized that it prevents discoloration and is also effective as a waterproof layer. Additionally, I used it to protect my equipment from dust that would otherwise age my oven. Also, I can confirm that the cover’s construction material is thick, robust, and long-lasting. I also love that it is easy to fold, making it more convenient to store. 

My oven stayed intact when I used it; therefore, I could leave it outside, not worrying about the weather or consequent rust. The 600D COCO’s oxford polyester fabric can serve various pizza ovens. However, I would advise you to first note the dimensions of your device before making a purchase. Or else, it will either not fit or hang too loosely. 

This item measures 26 ×18 × 65 inches, meaning that your oven should be slightly smaller. When I used the 600D, I found it effortless to drape over and remove since my oven measured 25 inches. The zipping system is also forgiving; hence, ideal if you are in a hurry, for instance, during a sudden downpour.  

COCO gives you a two-year warranty on the 600D oven cover if you find it faulty. Many buyers complain about the fit because some buy the product without considering their oven size. However, the 600D pizza oven cover is an ideal option that will serve you for a long time, provided that you get the right fit. 

iCOVER Pizza Oven Cover 

The Blackstone pizza oven is another excellent brand I tried out; however, its unique shape called for a special cover. Luckily, I bumped into this option from iCOVER, a high-quality 600D polyester canvas. It has a custom design for Blackstone 1575 patio pizza oven, although it can also fit other types of similar construction. 

It measures 47.5× 20.5 × 39.5, suitable if your equipment has the exact dimensions. This iCOVER boasts heavy-duty and highly durable material thanks to the 600D (Denier) polyester oxford fabric. Essentially, the canvas is water-resistant with a repellant layer that leaves the fabric dry even after a heavy downpour. 

You won’t have to worry about dust, snow, frost, or other detrimental elements ruining your oven. I found it an all-season protective layer that sheltered my equipment against any condition, including the sun’s UV. Besides, the vulnerable parts have additional reinforcement to prevent wear and tear.

One notable aspect of the iCOVER is the closure system. The straps are velcro and buckles, making it quick to unzip or zip. This system additionally gives the oven a snug fit, secure even from powerful winds. On the downside, this cover may need a lot of care to avoid tearing at the top. Secondly, since the buckles are plastic, they can break under excessive force; hence, you need to avoid stepping on them accidentally. 

Blackstone 1530 Patio Pizza Oven Cover

This list wouldn’t be complete without this cover for Blackstone ovens. I am a fan of the brand, and, understandably, I tried this canvas out. The market may be full of oven covers that you can use to keep your pricey oven protected, but this option from Blackstone is a unique design. 

First, I prefer my cover black since the dirt won’t be visible, and I don’t have to keep cleaning it. The 1530D is polyester like most covers in my list, but it has a double layer for better element protection. Moreover, the canvas has an elastic band to fit over the pizza oven securely. The reinforced edges further reduce wear and tear, serving you for many seasons. 

This cover also keeps the oven clean and always ready for use. As with any other canvas, you need to know your oven’s size; otherwise, the 1530D may fail to fit, especially if you don’t have the exact Blackstone oven. Since the Blackstone measures 47.5″L× 19.5″W × 30.5″H, you will be safer if your equipment is slightly smaller.

Tips To Consider When Buying a Pizza Oven Cover

Pizza ovens can be pricey depending on the brand and quality. Therefore, it is essential to keep yours safe from the elements. In most cases, you can buy your equipment alongside its cover as part of the accessories. It is your best bet since you will have an option that fits your oven perfectly. However, if your oven did not come with a cover, or your cover got lost or was destroyed, you will need to choose one for it. Therefore, what should you consider when choosing the best pizza oven cover?

Most importantly, the cover and oven must be of the same shape and design. Companies usually construct these materials with specific equipment in mind. Therefore, it is advisable to consider the location of your smoke shaft or any other oven component and ensure that the cover will protect everything. 

Your oven’s size also matters since the covers come in specific designs for a snug fit. You can get your equipment’s dimensions first and countercheck it with the cover’s size. You will be safe if your oven is slightly smaller because most options come with zippers or drawstrings that you can tighten. This way, strong winds won’t blow the cover away. Additionally, pick a product that is easy to install and remove when not in use.

Another factor to consider is the cover’s material. Most are of waterproof polyester, but you can go for one with a double layer, to be sure. Ensure that your purchase offers maximum protection against all the adverse elements like snow, rain, and UV that usually ruin the oven material. 

Lastly, you can also pick a cover based on personal preferences like color. Most users go for black options that are easier to clean and maintain. Others also choose versions with buckles and straps for easy transportation. Either way, the most crucial aspect is for the cover to fully protect your oven from rust and the effects of adverse weather. 

Wrap Up

Your oven will serve you longer if you shelter it from dangerous weather conditions. The best way to do this is with a high-quality polyester cover. The key is to find one with the same shape and size as your oven for a snug fit. It is tough deciding the winner out of all the six options since they are all effective in their roles. 

For instance, the J&C and 600D heavy-duty come in the same design and are long-lasting and fully protective. On the other hand, the Blackstone 1530 and iCOVER are from the same company, perfect for Blackstone ovens. Lastly, the BIG HORN and Ooni Koda come in unique designs but still serve their purpose.