Best Pizza Oven Kits

I have always loved making homemade pizzas, especially for outdoor parties. Back then, the only challenge was finding the suitable oven kit that would evenly distribute heat for the perfect crusts. I took it upon myself to try out different products in the market, and I’m glad that I found some excellent options.

The following are my top oven kits for making amazing pizzas.

  • ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Pizza Oven 
  • Only Fire Stainless Steel Oven Kit
  • Red Stag Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • Deco Chef Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • BakerStone O-ABDHX-O-000 

I understand how challenging it can be to select a pizza kit. Therefore, I have sampled some brilliant choices that are affordable, easy to set up, have high customer ratings and come with accessories. Read on for the best pizza oven kits.

Best Pizza Oven Kits

The holiday season is here, and you may have friends and family coming over. The ideal pizza kit will be essential for outdoor cooking and serve as a thoughtful gift to your loved ones. This guide will share the little secrets I have gathered over the years for the best kits you can find online and tell you why they stand out from the rest. 

ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

I always recommend this high rating ROCCBOX set to chefs or food enthusiasts, given the great experience I’ve had with it. If I am camping outdoors or hosting a party, this sleek portable device always comes in handy. It comes with a professional pizza peel, a gas burner, a bottle opener, and a manual to help you get started. 

I am also particular about the little time it takes to get the ideal meal. Fortunately, it can reach an impressive over 930 degrees, and it does not have issues with improper heat distribution. The kit comes with a thermometer, and the coolest part is that you can retract the legs, making it easy to relocate.

Primarily, I use the ROCCBOX with gas since it is more convenient and offers reliable heat. Otherwise, if you like your pizza the conventional way, you can also buy a separate wood burner to use with the kit. Another aspect I love is the oven’s insulation, making it safe to touch and perfect for use around the whole family. 

Unlike the metal variations, the silicon outer layer reduces the chances of severe burns. It is one of the sturdiest kits I’ve ever used due to the steel frame, its layering, and its high load capacity. The only challenge I encountered was that some accessories like the pizza turner and the lid were not part of the kit. Secondly, it took me a few tries to get the perfect dough. 

Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Pizza Oven

When I first researched this Pizza Chef oven, I was impressed by the high customer rating and had to try it out. Luckily, all the reviews were correct, and it has never disappointed me. This kit is a must-have in your kitchen if you love thin and crusted homemade pizzas.  

One excellent feature is this product’s dimension. The 16 by 24 inches allows you to comfortably cook two medium-sized pizzas at a go, saving you a lot of time. The kit is also of moderate weight to make it stable enough while in use but still portable to carry around. The ceramic inner stone efficiently redistributes heat to help attain my desired crusts. 

Moreover, the temperature can get to 700 degrees, and you can adjust the level depending on your cooking style. It is durable, has an open design, and cooks like a conventional wood brick oven. Another resonating aspect is the versatility of the equipment. This allowed me to cook other foods like pies and cakes; therefore, I could use the equipment wherever I wanted.

However, one limitation I’ve noticed with this kit is that, unlike other gadgets, the Camp Chef doesn’t have a handle for easy transportation if you want to relocate it. It means that you will wait for it to cool down first after use before carrying it. 

Deco Chef Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you are a first-timer trying out outdoor pizza ovens, I will advocate for this kit. One feature I adore is the several accessories that it comes with, and it is the only one on my list with a removable lid door with a handle. Also, you get a pizza peel, fuel tray, baking stone, dough scraper, and a stainless steel grill and scoop with this purchase. 

Therefore, it is a convenient all-inclusive purchase that saves you a lot of money in the long run. It is also brilliant for a first-time buyer since you will have all the accessories you need, and it is worth buying if you prefer making the dough the traditional way. It comes in three layers to keep away ash and evenly heat your food. 

I found it easy to set up and use and loved the sturdy stainless steel construction. This oven helped me prepare pizza in the least time possible. Also, I found out that it is versatile for use with various foods. You can use your preferred fuel type, including charcoal and wood pellets, and its careful design ensures that your meals cook perfectly. 

However, this kit may need a slight learning curve for beginners, particularly temperature regulation. In the first few tries, you may battle with undercooking and reloading the fuel, but you will soon get everything right as you keep using it. 

BakerStone O-ABDHX-O-000 Original Box Kit Pizza Oven

The BakerStone pizza oven is a portable kit that I love traveling with since I only have to place it on a grill to make unique pizzas. I can also use it to roast meat, chicken, or patties and, sometimes, make two different foods at once since I have a massive grill. If you have powerful equipment, your meals will be ready within minutes. 

My favorite feature of the BakerStone is its excellent design and its versatility. Besides baking perfect homemade pizzas, It can also roast fish, chicken, vegetables, and meat, ideally two or three at a go. Surprisingly, this oven comes with accessories like a wooden pizza peel and a metallic turner to make flipping less daunting for you. 

Also, I found it easy to assemble and use, making it one of the ideal products for professionals and beginners. The oven converts the grill temperatures into a conducive, evenly distributed baking environment synonymous with a wood-burning device. Finally, your pizza will retain the original distinct flavor you love.

Once you have set it up, you can heat it for a while until it clicks the correct temperatures. I prefer preheating mine for at least twenty minutes before baking. The double-walled ceiling ensures heat retention to properly cook the pizza’s top layer within minutes, thanks to the even temperatures distribution within the box. However, BakerStone’s downside is that the pizza stone can crack under extreme temperatures. 

Only Fire Stainless Steel Oven Kit

Using the Only Fire oven kit is one of the best ways to get tasty pizza, even for a beginner. It is an original design that uses a 22-inch charcoal kettle grill, although some experienced bakers use other grill types and still get fantastic end products.

The oven is made of stainless steel, which is of high quality, with a double-layered ceiling for maximum heat retention. Unlike most ovens, the cordierite material resists heat, absorbs moisture from the dough, and keeps it dry for a crusty taste outside and an inner smooth and delicious feel.

You can also experiment with other recipes on this oven. My favorites are chicken, shrimp, and pies on a wood-fired oven. The heavy gauge metal minimizes heat, prevents the crust from burning, and ensures the setup is sturdy and resistant to breaking when falling on a hard surface. This design makes it stable enough but doesn’t make the oven too bulky to transport. 

Assembling and installing it is simple, taking only a few minutes. You can first confirm that you have the stainless steel chamber, a pizza stone, a thermometer, and an aluminum pizza peel. Next, start the fire using charcoal in the kettle grill and mount the oven to get started. Unfortunately, Only Fire restricts you to the grill you can use. 

Red Stag Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza is usually exciting, especially with friends and family around. Whenever I think of camping, my first thought is always red stag. Unlike most equipment, you can fix this oven inside a barrel design pallet grill. This architecture is the kit’s main selling point, and it is fascinating how the grill encompasses the stove to concentrate heat everywhere. 

The result is an evenly cooked and amazing crusty pizza. Furthermore, the square ceramic pizza stone retains enough heat to drain moisture from the pizza. This way, it will remain fluffy and crusty with an unbeatable flavor. However, you may need to be careful with your toppings since the oven may become too hot for heavy toppings and burn the pizza in the process. 

This oven is usually my favorite when I have a lot of people over because it easily accommodates large-sized pizzas. Additionally, the stone is multipurpose, and you can use it for other foods, including vegetables.

Finally, this oven is simple to use. To use it, put your pellet grill at a high temperature and monitor the heat indicator at about 500 degrees. Next, place the pizza using the peel tool and let it cook for five to ten minutes. 

What You Should Know About Pizza Oven Kits

A pizza oven kit contains various equipment that facilitates outdoor cooking at high temperatures. They usually come in different shapes and designs but have the same purpose. With such equipment, you can effortlessly experiment with homemade pizzas, and a plus is that they are usually versatile for use with other foods like meat, fish, chicken, or vegetables. 

You will be sure of fresh meals of different styles using your preferred toppings. You can make your parties or family nights more exciting as you spend more time with your loved ones baking delicious meals. Alternatively, you can also buy a set as a gift, especially during these festivities.

There are several oven kits available from different companies, but there are certain features to look out for when selecting an ideal product. Essentially, you should consider your budget since the prices vary depending on the brand and design of the equipment. If you are a first-time buyer, you can always go for a reasonably priced option first. Otherwise, if you have more experience, you can select a high-quality and effective kit with essential accessories. Additionally, your go-to must be a portable oven for easy transportation.

The oven’s size also matters since it must be proportional to your backyard, and it is advisable to buy one that fits all your needs. Similarly, if you are an experienced chef that uses the oven frequently, your best shot would be a more extensive and well-designed option that can make more pizzas at a time. I also advise buyers to choose devices that are easy to clean and use. 

Also, the installation should be straightforward, and it is best to consider the type of fuel the kit will use. If it runs on gas, you should learn how to safely set it up or find an expert to help you. Other users also prefer the traditional ovens that use charcoal or wood. They tend to be more affordable, but it is still wise to know how best to use them. 

Final Word

If you are a pizza lover or a chef wanting to experiment with homemade recipes, your best bet is a high-quality outdoor pizza oven kit. They come in various designs and dimensions, ideal for different users. Thanks to its premium make and sturdy design, my favorite remains the ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven. 

Alternatively, I would pick the Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Pizza Oven or the Only Fire Stainless Steel Kit since they level up in quality and size. I will also select the Red Stag Stainless Steel, Deco Chef Outdoor Oven, and the BakerStone O-ABDHX-O-000 if I want to make pizza traditionally.