Pizzeria Beddia Review

Originally launched back in 2013, Pizzeria Beddia now looks quite different from the original pizza place. Re-opened in March 2019, it went from being a tiny, peculiar pizzeria to a high-end restaurant everybody’s talking about.

Joe Beddia is known as one of the best pizza makers in Philadelphia and beyond. His delicious pizzas were famous long before he opened this thriving establishment. People were ready to wait hours in a line of thirty people just to get the taste of the (almost) perfect slice.

So, what is the hype all about? Do their pizzas deserve this kind of reputation? If you’re curious to find out, the following Pizzeria Beddia review has all the answers.

Pizzeria Beddia is a unique pizza place that offers delicious pizzas alongside appetizers, beverages, and soft serves. It’s located in the Fishtown neighborhood in Philadelphia and is known for being Bon Appétit’s choice for the best pizza in America.

Person getting the pizza out of the pizza oven

Is Pizzeria Beddia for You?

If you’re tired of typical pizza places and look for a more authentic menu and environment, Pizzeria Beddia may be a good choice.

You won’t be disappointed with everything this pizza place offers, whether you’re just passing by the Fishtown, wish to enjoy quality time with friends and family, or simply want to try another masterpiece made in Joe Beddia’s kitchen. However, be sure you have enough money on your hands – Bedida’s menu doesn’t come cheap.

Still, keep in mind that this place is not made for everyone. If you’re used to common pizza places (and recipes) and expect Pizzeria Beddia to be one of them, you may feel a bit let down. It doesn’t mean Beddia’s not offering tasty, prime quality products – they just may not be as traditional as you would like.

Chef placing a baked pizza on the table

What We Like About Pizzeria Beddia

Whatever you choose, from small plates, over pizza to desserts, you’ll be met with rich flavors. This place doesn’t save up on the ingredients, and it’s evident – they are all high-quality, fresh, locally sourced, and go amazingly well together. Moreover, each piece I tasted was perfectly cooked and well-textured.

Few words of praise must be said about the pizza base – the crust is thin and crispy, not at all soggy, and simultaneously strong enough to hold all the ingredients. It doesn’t offer the frozen pizza dough flavor that many of today’s pizzeria do.

I also love that Pizzeria Beddia is far from your typical pizza place, and you’ll be able to experience it in both the recipes and atmosphere. Thai specialty pizzas bring unique mixes, but even the classic ones have additional flavors.

When it comes to the space, it’s minimalist, bright, and modern, with natural/wooden decor. The dining space and U-shaped bar completed with a smiling cloud lamp above the bar greeting you – it’s a perfect example of pizzerias’ quickness and uniqueness. Dine-in ambiance adds to the whole experience, so I recommend it over the takeout option.

Besides food, Beddia also offers an extensive wine list with a great selection of natural wines – just ask staff to help you with wine pairing. If you’re not a wine type, you’ll be able to enjoy other beverages such as cocktails and beers. It gives a space a bit more fancy, high-end vibe.

Aside from great food and space, one of the best parts of dining in this pizzeria is the friendly atmosphere and quick and highly knowledgeable staff. It’s especially important when you want to order specialty pizza with nontraditional toppings.

All in all, it has come a long way from the original brick storefront and place that offered no seats. Pizzeria Beddia 2.0 is improved, with table service, different payment options, and liquor license – but provides the same delicious pizzas as before.

 Person holding baked pizza on a wooden platter

What We Don’t Like About Pizzeria Beddia

Not all about Pizzeria Beddia is sunshine and roses, and it does have a few downsides needed to be considered.

First of all, being famous as it is, there is a possibility you’ll have to make your reservations well in advance. The same goes with the walk-in option – be prepared to wait for your table. It has the potential to become one of the best delivery pizzas in Philly – but it doesn’t offer a delivery option.

Next, it doesn’t provide a very kid-friendly menu and environment. For example, you can get only a few beverages children can drink, and even they’re not the most suitable choice for kids.

One of the things most customers complain about is the price – the bill for two can easily go beyond $100. In my opinion, prices are a little excessive – but remember that good pizza never comes cheap.

I also think that the menu should be less scarce. Although all items on it are delicious, I would like to see some more of Joe Beddia’s magic.

Finally, because of the rich flavor, especially with pizza sauce, it’s difficult to eat much in one sitting – but this can be both a good and a bad thing.

Pizza with vegetable toppings

Pros & Cons

Delicious food with rich flavorsPrices
Fresh and locally sourced ingredientsPossible waiting lists
Thin, crisp, and firm pizza crustNot a kid-friendly establishment
Both classic and unique recipesScarce menu
Good atmosphereOne-type crust
Helpful staffOnly pick up, no delivery option
Quick serving
Wide range of high-quality beverages

What’s Included In the Beddia’s Menu?

As mentioned, Beddia’s menu is not overfilled. Although adding a few more options couldn’t harm, all existing items on the menu are delicious and worth trying. You’ll be present with

  • Small plate options
  • Cantabrian boquerones,
  • Tomato pie,
  • Judion beans,
  • Chorizo,
  • Red cat cheese,
  • Burrata, summer berries, beets,
  • Chicories, breadcrumbs, caesar, grana,
  • Lettuces, radish, apple, fish sauce, almond,
  • Benne miso, roasted vegetables, breadcrumbs.
  • Pizzas
  • #1 cheese pizza with tomato, whole milk mozzarella, and Galen’s Good Old; as toppings, you can add sausage, roasted onion, pepperoni, greens, pickled chiles, Sicilian anchovies, and Cremini mushrooms,
  • #2 with greens, Calabrian cream, mozzarellas, and Galen’s Good Old,
  • #3 pizza arrabbiata “angry,” with Galen’s Good Old,
  • #4 with tomato, anchovy, garlic, oregano, and Galen’s Good Old,
  • #5 Speciality pizza.
  • Desert (that can be served with or without Amari topping)
  • Espresso-flavored soft serve,
  • Sweet cream-flavored soft serve.

How to Choose Your Next Order?

It’s not always easy choosing the items on the menu, especially when they all come with good reviews.

For the first try, I recommend you go with a bit unconventional Cesar salad, judion beans in lemon juice, or absolutely delicious tomato pie – you won’t be able to decide which one is the tastiest.

As for the pizza, if you’re looking for a more typical meal, go with Beddia’s version of cheese pizza – you won’t be disappointed. On the other hand, those who enjoy spicy food will love Angry pizza.

However, I strongly suggest you ask about specialty pizzas. With an exceptional combination of unique toppings, Joe Beddia did a fantastic job in creating each delicious seasonal pizza flavor profile. My favorite (until today) is the one with cherry sauce – savory, tangy, and highly delicious.

Desert options are also flavorful, and I suggest you try them too – if you have enough room.

Pizza sliced into eight pieces


  • Offers different-type od 16″ pizzas, small plates, and soft serves, alongside wine, beers, cocktails, and other beverages,
  • Available for dine-in and takeout,
  • Possibility of paying both with cash and cards,
  • Available for reservation or walk-in,
  • Possibility of hosting large groups of people – aka pizza party from 6 to 24 people,
  • The Hoagie Room – parties from four to six people can enjoy the high-end hoagie Omakase experience,
  • Quick servings in the modern establishment,
  • High-quality ingredients,
  • Classic and nontraditional items on the menu.

Although Beddia’s products tend to be more expensive than other pizza places, it offers a lot to enjoy. If you want to treat yourself to a good time and great food, you won’t make any mistakes by visiting this pizzeria.

Cheese pizza topped with vegetables

Final Breakdown


There is no denying that Pizzeria Beddia offers can provide you with an exceptional eating experience – and all that comes with it. However, two main things make this place less than perfect ten: high prices and a small menu.

Still, if you’re not opposed to spending a few more bucks than what you typically would, I am sure your first dining in this atypical pizza place won’t be your last. Give it a go – you won’t be disappointed.