What Cheeses Are on a Cheese Pizza?

If you want to make your own homemade pizza, you need to know a few more things besides how to make the perfect dough. For example, you should know what cheeses are on a cheese pizza. If you’re a cheese pizza enthusiast who wants to explore other options besides classic topics, you’re at the right place.

So, what cheeses are on a cheese pizza? A cheese pizza is typically made with mozzarella, cheddar, and Parmesan cheese. But there are many variations of this classic dish, and other cheeses can be used as well. For example, gouda, brie, blue cheese, feta, and asiago are all popular choices for pizza toppings.

Chef adding cheese on a pizza base

If you want to find out more about cheese toppings for your pizza, keep reading.  There are plenty of cheese blends you need to try, and I got some information that you could use if planning to make your perfect pizza at home. 

What Cheeses Are on a Cheese Pizza – How to Choose the Best Blend

Making your perfect pizza will require some preparation first. Before heating the oven, you need to have all the required ingredients – dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings. But how to choose the perfect cheese when there are numerous options?

It depends on many factors, but know that the most popular ones are mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, goat cheese, ricotta, and gruyere. When deciding which cheese you want to use, here are the three most important factors to consider:

  • Melt,
  • Taste,
  • Color.

Mozzarella Is the Most Popular Option

Going for the most popular option for cheese pizza is not just a safe move but also a smart one, especially if you’re a beginner and don’t want to experiment. Mozzarella has become popular because of its perfect consistency and fresh and mild taste. The creamy and light texture blends perfectly with whatever sauce or garnishes you add to the dough.

So, if you’re tired of wondering what the cheapest pizza delivery is, roll up your sleeves and get all the necessary ingredients for your own Italian meal. Everyone will surely want a slice more with the perfect mozzarella cheese and some 00 flour pizza recipes.

As you may already know, the most popular pizza with mozzarella is Margherita. It’s a great option if you want a fresh and simple meal. Just ensure you have the best 00 flour, fresh mozzarella, sweet tomato sauce, and fresh basil.

Know the Main Difference Between Low and High Moisture Mozzarella

Mozzarella is originally made from buffalo milk. The most popular kind is Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, produced only in certain parts of Italy. Now that you know what type of mozzarella you can use, there are high and low moisture variations. Here are the main characteristics of both of them.

Mozzarella characteristicsHigh-moistureLow-moisture
FlavorMild and creamyCreamy
MoistureVery highHigh

Try Semi-Hard Italian Cheese – Provolone

Provolone is closely related to mozzarella, but it’s a semi-hard cheese that is often mixed with Parmigiano-Reggiano and mozzarella. Its flavor highly depends on how much the cheese has been aging. When it’s young, the taste is mild and sweet. But, it becomes sharper with drier and crumbling texture during the aging process.

It’s also known for its high melting ability and browning capability, and you shouldn’t be surprised why many people are worried about aesthetics, too. If you’re one of them, just imagine how the golden-brown cheese color will nicely combine with fresh green basil and red tomatoes. 

Two pizzas on wooden boards

Well-Known Cheddar Is a Perfect Pizza Ingredient

Many people are looking for a cheese with a sharp taste that could blend nicely with some other cheese types. Cheddar is a fitting addition to any other ingredients you’ll put on your cheese pizza. However, it’s important to know that this cheese doesn’t handle high heat well.

For example, it won’t blister as mozzarella would, but it will still get that something extra for your pizza with its deep flavor. And, of course, the iconic orange color will make your cheese pizza something else compared to other pizza recipes. Cheddar cheese is often used on taco pizza, too. So, if you’re into experimenting with something completely different, you should definitely try it.

A woman grate cheese on pizza

Experiment With Creamy Ricotta

You were wrong if you didn’t think that a creamy cheese could go perfectly on pizza. Ricotta is light cheese that could be amazingly refreshing for your pizza topping. You can use it alone, or even better, combine it with other cheeses like mozzarella, gruyere, gorgonzola, or fontina.

And because of its different consistency, ricotta is great to use as a base for white-sauce pizza. For example, if you’re planning on making a grilled flatbread pizza or Pizza Bianca, ricotta is the best choice. The slightly sweet and rich flavor is what made this cheese one of the most favorite ones for numerous Italian dishes, like pasta, cannolis, and pizza.

Gruyere – Swiss Cheese Made From Cow’s Milk

Gruyere is a hard cheese made from whole cow’s milk. It melts nicely with a mild sweet taste at first, finishing with earthy and nutty at the end. Gruyere is used on traditional pizza slices because its unique flavor combines beautifully with both white and red sauce. Here are some other pizza toppings you should try with gruyere cheese:

Goat Cheese Will Spice Everything Up

As the name says, this cheese is made from goat’s milk. When young, mix it with herbs and berries to get the best flavor. However, as it ages, the flavor becomes stronger, and the texture changes – it becomes more dry and hard. So, why do people love eating goat cheese on their pizza? Well, surely because of the twist it provides, with the tart and earthy flavor. When tasting it, you’ll get a feeling like you’re drinking a dry white wine.

A served pizza on a white plate

What Is the Best Cheese to Put on a Classic Cheese Pizza

Whether you’re planning to make a classic cheese pizza or you’re more into experimenting, you should know what’s the best cheese to use. There are numerous cheese types available, and you could easily be overwhelmed. In my opinion, the best choice is surely the ricotta cheese. It’s not the best only because of its creamy texture but also due to the flavor that easily blends with other cheese and ingredients.