What Is White Cheese Pizza?

If you’re a pizza lover like almost everyone, you probably want to explore new interesting pizza tastes and recipes. But have you ever wondered, “what is white cheese pizza?”

White cheese pizza is topped with white cheese, which is its main ingredient. Traditionally, this pizza comes from Italy, and it’s not topped with tomatoes like almost every other pizza. Other ingredients that make this pizza super unique and tasty are Alfredo sauce and garlic.

Pizza with feta cheese on top

This pizza is not so popular, and this is why many people wonder how it tastes and what it is made of. White cheese pizza is made without any kind of tomato, which is usually one of the main toppings in regular pizza recipes. This is what gives this pizza a completely different look and taste. It is white on top of all the white cheese, which is the main ingredient. In some recipes, this pizza still includes some small pieces of tomatoes over the white cheese.

What Is White Cheese Pizza?

White Cheese Pizza got its name from the fact that it is made without any red ingredients. This pizza is sometimes topped with a white sauce such as bechamel.

When you look at other components that make pizza what it is, they are quite similar. Like any other pizza you know, this one also has dough that can be thick or thin, depending on the dough recipe you choose (or the pizzeria you visit). The dough is topped with a layer of ricotta cheese, Mozzarella and seasoned with olive oil, parmesan cheese, and garlic. You can add different herb mixtures to make it even more spicy and delicious if you don’t like the plain taste.

Some believe that white pizza is a simple thin crust topped with Mozzarella cheese, sweet onions, garlic, olive oil, and black olives. Others make it by using just a dough crust topped with Alfredo sauce and dressing it with provolone cheese. No matter which recipe you choose, the main factor is that you don’t use tomato sauce but some type of white sauce as the main topping.

The main ingredients of white cheese pizza are:

  • White sauce,
  • Cheese,
  • Garlic,
  • Herbs.

White Pizza History

If you like this pizza and want to learn more about it, you are probably interested in its origin. Originally, white cheese pizza came from Naples, Italy. When the first pizzeria was opened back in 1830, they were known for serving different types of pizzas, recognizable for their unique and original taste.

They also served an interesting pizza topped with lard sheep cheese mixed with basil and pepper. It was originally called Mastunicola, and it is similar to today’s version of White Cheese Pizza. This recipe was later modified, and Margherita was discovered in the late 1800s.

Today, typical fast food businesses rarely offer white pizza, and when they do, it is very different from authentic Italian pizza. Due to the difficulty of duplicating the recipe, white pizza is only served in traditional Italian pizzerias.

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This Pizza Is Made From Delicious and Unique Ingredients

Pizza lovers have had many debates on this subject. Which pizza tastes better, which one is easier to make, and so on. In order to understand these differences better, you can look at this table and decide for yourself.

SauceWhite pizza is different from traditional pizza because tomato sauce isn’t its main ingredient. In traditional pizza recipes, tomato sauce is the plain foundation, and all the other ingredients go on top of it. This is not the case with white pizza, which is traditionally topped with white sauce. Some of the popular alternatives are bechamel sauce or Alfredo sauce. They are very different from tomato sauce in taste and look, so it won’t be hard for you to make a difference.
Gooey and gummy structureUnlike traditional pizza with tomato sauce, due to its ingredients, white cheese pizza tends to become gooey and gummy much faster than regular pizza. Popular opinion is that this happens because of the heavy Alfredo sauce, while others believe it happens because of the lack of tomato. No matter the case, this can be an advantage or disadvantage – depending on your personal taste and preferences.
ToppingsWhite pizza is famous for unusual topping combos, for example, chicken and vegetables. These aren’t typical ingredients for regular pizza, which makes it really unique and gives it a supreme and unusual taste.
GarlicAnother interesting ingredient that makes this pizza super delicious and different from the rest is garlic. Garlic is one of the main ingredients of the white sauce, and it gives the whole pizza supreme flavor, unlike the plain Margarita topping that only includes cheese without garlic.
CheeseWhite pizza is also known for having more cheese than regular red pizza, so it usually also contains more calories. This is why this particular pizza isn’t recommended for those who are trying to lose weight but still want to enjoy their favorite junk food from time to time. Some recipes include just one type of cheese, while others combine different cheeses all mixed together. The cheese used for this pizza should have high quality – this gives it an even better taste and rich flavor.

White Pizza Is Always Fun to Try, so Don’t Hesitate to Do It

Now that you’re familiar with all the information about these pizza toppings and sauces, you are probably dying to try them. You can jump to the closest pizzeria or make it at home at any time. If you want to achieve that mouthwatering taste that makes everyone come back for more, make sure to use quality ingredients, especially when it comes to cheese. This pizza is definitely worth trying, especially if you enjoy white sauces and garlic in general. You can even add chicken to your pizza and enjoy this interesting combination of favors.