Best Pizza at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is one of pizza lovers’ favorite stops and choices for online food ordering. But, with so many incredible pizzas to choose from, it can be hard to make up your mind. Find out what is the best pizza at Pizza Hut, and you won’t end up ordering something that will disappoint you.

The best pizzas at Pizza Hut are:

  1. Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Pizza
  2. Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza
  3. Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza
  4. Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza
  5. Pizza Hut Chicken, Bacon, Tomato Garlic Parmesan Pizza
  6. Pizza Hut BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza
  7. Pizza Hut Buffalo Chicken Pizza

#1 The Meat Lover’s Pizza Is the Best Pizza at Pizza Hut

Pizza with meat

Product Highlights

The Meat Lover’s Pizza is the best thing Pizza Hut has to offer. When in doubt, place an order for this pizza; everyone will be ecstatic. It is impossible to feel anything other than euphoria since there is so much deliciousness involved.


  • The Meat Lover’s Pizza has a lot of meat on it, as you might expect,
  • The pepperoni will be the first meat to capture your attention,
  • The seasoned pork, ground beef, ham, and Italian sausages are irresistible,
  • This pizza also has bacon slices on top of it.

What We Like About Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Pizza

The Meat Lover’s Pizza may be best known for its abundance of meat, but it also features a generous helping of marinara sauce and plenty of cheese. Regarding the crust, follow your instincts as best you can. You can use any crust you like.

For example, you can choose Thin ‘N Crispy to Original Stuffed Crust, and the pizza will still turn out great. This pizza is going to be gobbled up in no time, regardless of which crust you choose to use.

What We Don’t Like About Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Pizza

This pizza is a bit more expensive than other options, so that can be one of the things you can not like about it. It is also obviously not suitable for vegetarians – because of the abundance of meat.

Pros & Cons

Every crust pick fits fine with toppingsIt’s pricier than other pizzas
It has a lot of meatIt’s not suitable for vegetarians
It has plenty of cheese

#2 Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza with pepperoni

Product Highlights

Pizza Hut is taking an American creation and is getting very close to perfecting it. The company’s pepperoni pizza is incredibly delicious, it is almost impossible to find fault with it in any way. Choose the Original Stuffed Crust for your pepperoni pizza if you want it to taste its absolute finest.


  • It offers a fluffy center surrounded by crispy edges,
  • Good combination of cheeses – Mozzarella, Red Leicester, and Monterey Jack,
  • It goes amazing with the Original Stuffed Crust.

What We Like About Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza

Its entire surface is covered with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni slices, and there are mounds of pepperoni on top of the cheese. Under all of that, you will discover a significant quantity of their delicious marinara sauce.

What We Don’t Like About Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza

It’s possible that you’ll have to pay a little bit more for it, but the additional flair that it lends to a pepperoni pizza guarantees that the somewhat higher cost will be money well spent. You might also be dissatisfied with the number of pepperoni slices on this pizza.

Pros & Cons

It goes well with the Original Stuffed CrustHigher cost
It has a lot of mozzarella on the topNot enough pepperoni slices
It has a lot of marinara sauce

#3 Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza

Pizza with pepperoni and beef

Product Highlights

If you have trouble deciding what toppings you want on your pizza, ordering a Supreme Pizza from Pizza Hut certainly won’t be a bad choice. This pizza has a wide variety of toppings. While it may not be the best suggestion, you will still devour each and every piece that is presented to you.


  • Supreme Pizza genuinely excels in the majority of its parts,
  • The crust, marinara sauce, and cheese are just what one would anticipate finding on a pizza,
  • The seasoning on the ingredients is delicious.

What We Like About Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza

All of the ingredients, including the pepperoni pieces, ground beef chunks, and pork that has been seasoned, are mouthwatering.

What We Don’t Like About Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza

When red onions and green peppers are included in the mix, things take a decidedly negative turn. Due to the large amount of pepper and onion bits on this pizza, you might get the impression that Pizza Hut is attempting to reduce costs by occupying as much space as possible with an abundance of vegetables in an effort to save money.

Even though green peppers and red onions are two of your favorite toppings, you might be disappointed to see such a high concentration of them on Supreme Pizza.

Pros & Cons

Wide variety of toppingsHigh concentration of red onions and green pepper doesn’t go so well with the mixture
A great choice if you’re indecisive
A great amount of crust, marinara sauce, and cheese

#4 Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza

Cheese pizza

Product Highlights

When you order a cheese pizza from Pizza Hut, you won’t have to worry about them skimping on the quantity of fresh mozzarella they use. You can be sure that every slice will have an adequate amount of cheese because this pizza business uses so much of it (exactly 300 million pounds of it every year). As a result, you can expect a lot of it in each bite. Additionally, there will be an abundant supply of marinara sauce.


  • An abundance of fresh mozzarella cheese,
  • Enough marinara sauce,
  • Goes well with every crust, especially with the Thin ‘N Crispy option.

What We Like About Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza

Although you will be able to choose the crust for the cheese pizza, we recommend that you do not go with the Thin ‘N Crispy option. If you don’t put any toppings on your pizza, it will be gone before you realize it. Choosing to have your pizza crust hand-tossed instead will at least ensure that you are adequately satiated, even if the pizza itself is a bit underwhelming.

What We Don’t Like About Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza

Even if there is nothing significantly wrong with this pizza, selecting it is an uninteresting option. If you’re the type of person who thinks that “painting the town red” entails starting with a blank canvas and some easily removable markers, then this pizza is going to leave you completely bewildered.

Pros & Cons

Safe choiceNothing special about it
A lot of mozzarellaDoesn’t taste well with Thin ‘N Crispy crust
Lots of calories
Abundance of marinara sauce

#5 Pizza Hut Chicken, Bacon, Tomato Garlic Parmesan Pizza

Pizza with bacon

Product Highlights

The combination of the toppings goes exceptionally well with the sauce. In terms of both flavor and texture, the bacon and vegetables stood out as particularly noteworthy components of this dish. A meaty and cheesy concoction that, if not for the tomatoes, would be lacking any kind of freshness or brightness.

Coverage of the toppings was excellent, and I never wondered where the chicken, bacon, or tomatoes had gone.


  • A sauce made with garlic,
  • Delicious Parmesan cheese and Romano cheese on top,
  • A crust made with toasted Parmesan cheese,
  • A topping made with a mixture of Parmesan and parsley,
  • On top of everything, you’ll find diced tomatoes, strips of bacon, and sliced chicken breast with white meat.

What We Like About Pizza Hut Chicken, Bacon, Tomato Garlic Parmesan Pizza

The bottom crust of the Garlic Parmesan Pizza is covered with a consistent layer of caramelized shredded Parmesan, in contrast to the standard hand-tossed pizza, which is drizzled with garlic butter spread before being baked. It gives the finish a satisfying crunch and a powerful impact.

What We Don’t Like About Pizza Hut Chicken, Bacon, Tomato Garlic Parmesan Pizza

The white sauce had a fantastic garlicky flavor and was really creamy, but there was just a slight trace of Romano and Parmesan cheese in it.

Pros & Cons

Caramelized shredded ParmesanNot enough Parmesan cheese
Creamy garlic sauce
Good texture
Strips of bacon

#6 BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

Person making BBQ pizza

Product Highlights

Pizza Hut’s BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger is excellent all around. The meatballs are delicious, and everything blends together perfectly with the bacon.


  • The BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger pizza has a barbecue sauce crust,
  • This pizza also has traditional meatballs,
  • The bacon is hardwood smoked,
  • Ingredients also include fresh red onions and diced Roma tomatoes.

What We Like About BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

The bottom of the crust has a pleasant crispness, while the barbecue sauce has a mild tomato acidity, a great smokiness, and a honeyed sweetness. Although a drizzle and a coating of sauce may appear to be a lot, thankfully, both were used sparingly.

The meatballs were delicious, with a flavor that was distinctly meaty and a texture that was springy and tender. They did not, on their end, sacrifice quality either.

In contrast to the sharpness and crunch that the red onions contributed, the tomatoes brought a more subdued acidity to the dish. The toasted cheddar had a recognizable flavor, and it contributed an enjoyable crispiness to the edge crust.

What We Don’t Like About BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

The small chunks of bacon have a texture and flavor that are quite lacking; we hardly noticed them beyond the faint smokiness and the additional salt.

Delicious and quality meatballsNot enough bacon
The bottom of the crust has a pleasant crispnessVery salty
Great smokiness

#7 Pizza Hut Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Pizza with chicken

Product Highlights

With Pizza Hut Buffalo Chicken Pizza, you may satisfy multiple desires at the same time, including those for chicken and pizza. This dish has a fantastic flavor combination and you just cannot go wrong with it.


  • You can choose a traditional crust that has a fair level of crispiness,
  • It is seasoned with a touch of garlic,
  • The foundation appears to be very thin, but really flavorful and crunchy,
  • It offers a fairly even distribution of tomato sauce across the base. There isn’t an excessive quantity of it, but there is just the right amount to make it juicy and flavorful,
  • Incredible mozzarella cheese is the feature that stands out most.

What We Like About It

The buffalo chicken flavor reigns supreme above all others. It had a robust flavor, and although I can’t claim that they are very generous with the pieces of chicken, there is just the right amount of them there.

In addition to the chicken, there is banana pepper and roasted onion topping that is liberally distributed all over the surface of the pizza. It has quite a lot of onions, but that doesn’t actually make a difference in the quality of the dish.

This flavor combination took the general taste of the pizza to a whole new level and made it surprisingly good. In addition, the drizzle of chipotle mayonnaise that you can put on top of the whole thing turns out to be an excellent complement to it. This dish is quite simple to eat because it has the ideal balance of tastes, juiciness, and crunchiness.

What We Don’t Like About It

This pizza has a lot of calories, so that might be one of the negative things about it. Still, if you’re not on a strict diet, it is definitely worth trying.

Pros & Cons

Supreme ingredient: Buffalo chickenToo much onion
Goes well with chipotle mayonnaiseLots of calories
Nice balance of juiciness and crunchiness

What to Look for When Choosing Pizza

Sauce Is Very Important

You can get a good taste of the sauce by asking for an additional amount on your pizza or as a side dish with your breadsticks. Both of these options are good ways to sample the sauce.

Crust Should Provide the Right Balance of Juiciness and Crispiness

The dough is the foundation of a delicious slice of pizza. Make sure that you inspect the quality of your pizza crust when you are eating it. The bottom should be cooked thoroughly so that it provides a satisfyingly crispy bite, while still remaining fluffy and light on the inside.

Ingredients Should Be Fresh

Freshness can always be determined by the appearance of the ingredients, specifically how vibrant they are, as well as how well they maintain their appearance even after being cooked. You should look for fresh ingredients – this will ensure the best flavor while still being good for your health.

Final Verdict – The Best Pizza at Pizza Hut

The best pizza at Pizza Hut is Pizza Hut Meat Lovers Pizza. It offers an abundance of meat, cheese, and marinara sauce as well as many other delicious ingredients that all fit together perfectly. On the other hand, if you don’t prefer that much meat on your pizza, there are many other good options on this pizzeria’s menu.


Can I Get All Types of Pizzas and Different Products at All Pizza Hut Stores?

The menu is presented to the customer in accordance with the items that are currently in stock at the establishment being visited. If a particular item or items are missing from the menu page, it means that the restaurant does not offer or serve those.

Can I Change or Cancel the Order That I Placed Online?

Once an online order has been placed, it cannot be changed or canceled, either through the website or by calling the call center. This applies to both online and offline orders.