Pizza Hut Buffalo Pizza Review

Every true pizza fan knows there are a lot of important things that have to align in order to get that perfect crusty and delicious taste you crave in your hungriest moments. Pizza Hut Buffalo Pizza is one of the “IT” pizzas, the one that comes to your mind in the middle of your diet when you want to have a cheat day, and you want to do it right.

Pizza Hut Buffalo Pizza combines all the right things that need to be included in a superior pizza that everyone enjoys. Trying this product was definitely a highlight of my day – the smell, the taste, the crunch… Once you taste it, this is how you are going to start imagining pizza in your fantasy.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza ready to be served

This pizza is made of delicious and quality ingredients that make it supreme compared to some other regular options. It’s also decently affordable, and you can find it at numerous dining places all around the world.

Pizza Hut Buffalo Pizza – The Taste Test and My First Impressions About the Restaurant

This is a great combination of flavors, and you can’t go wrong by ordering this from the menu, you can fulfill different cravings simultaneously – both chicken and pizza (a much better combination than the pineapple if you ask me).

Right after the first bite, I could taste how powerful and hot this pizza combo is. First, you feel the spicy Buffalo sauce, grilled chicken, and then the onions and peppers. It really is an explosion of flavors.

The restaurant where I tried my pizza was clean and gave the impression that people really come here to get good food at an affordable price. Almost all the tables were full, and everyone was enjoying their pizzas and other foods.

The smells were also extraordinary, with a hint of garlic and freshly baked dough in the air, so you immediately start drooling and expecting a tasty meal to come as soon as possible.

Pizza Dough Was Thin and Crunchy, With a Hint of Garlic

You get to choose the base of the pizza, so I decided to play it safe and go for the classic crust base, thinking you can’t go wrong with this one, and it turned out I was right. It was decently crispy, but the best part was the base flavor itself.

It came with just the right hint of garlic, my personal favorite ingredient of almost every meal, so it immediately turned on all of my senses. Even though the base looked thin, it was supremely flavored and crunchy.

The next thing I noticed during the tasting process was the fair amount of tomato sauce spread equally over the base – there wasn’t too much of it, but as the base wasn’t very thick, it was just enough of it to make it juicy and tasty.

The thing that dominated all over the pizza surface was incredible Mozzarella cheese. I’m a huge Mozzarella fan, and the taste of this particular one was amazing.

Buffalo Chicken, Peppers, and Onions Made This Pizza Really Stand Out

Finally, on top of it was the king of all flavors – buffalo chicken. It had a powerful taste, just hot enough to make you want more and more. Mine had just enough pieces of chicken, so I can’t say that they were stingy with it.

Besides the chicken, there were banana peppers and roasted onions, generously spread all over the pizza surface. They were pretty generous with the onions, but I guess that is how it goes with all those “cheaper” ingredients, but I don’t mind, it didn’t do any harm.

This combination of flavors elevated the overall taste of pizza and made it really delicious. And the Chipotle mayo drizzle that I added on top was also a great addition to the whole mixture. It was easy to eat this thing – just the right amount of juiciness, flavors, and crunch.

I definitely would recommend tasting it if you have a chance. If you’re eating alone, definitely go with a smaller one, because no matter how tasty it is, I definitely couldn’t fight the large one alone because of all of the strong ingredients.

You Get Pretty Good Fast Food From Their Menu, and the Prices Are Affordable

If you are a foodie who loves experimenting, what could possibly be better than the combination of Mozzarella cheese, roasted onions, banana peppers, Buffalo chicken with tomato sauce, and Chipotle mayo drizzle? Probably not many things.

And the best part is that the whole large pizza comes for only $15. Its size is impressive, with a diameter of 14 inches – big enough to feed at least two adult hungry mouths. So this turned out to be an incredible choice for all the buffalo chicken fans like me.

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Learn More About the Ingredients and Calorie Intake

Here, I listed all the ingredients that are used in the process of creating this delicacy. You can see that it includes a lot of different things and many ingredients with strong flowers, but this is the main reason the final product is so juicy and tasty.

  • Buffalo Drizzle,
  • Buffalo Pizza Sauce,
  • Mozzarella Cheese,
  • Fresh Red Onions,
  • Grilled Chicken,
  • Pan Crust (Personal) Dough,
  • Sliced Banana Peppers,
  • Toasted Cheddar Crust Flavor (Personal Pan or Small Pizza).

This Pizza Has a Lot of Calories

Does this pizza have a lot of fat and calories? Yes, pretty much like any pizza. But if you’re worried about calorie intake, here is what you need to consider about these pizzas. In general, there are 350 calories in a Large Buffalo Chicken Pan Pizza slice.

The majority of these calories come from carbohydrates which make up 45% of it, and fat which makes up 38% of the product. This is a detailed table that shows calories per slice.

Serving Size1 slice
Calories From Fat130
Calories in General350
*Daily percent values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Buffalo pizza served on a plate

Brand Concept and History

Pizza Hut is a well-known multinational restaurant chain with an international franchise. It was founded back in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas. Its founders, Dan and Frank Carney borrowed some money from their mom to start the business in their hometown.

Together they made the brand name famous for their signature pan-made pizza, but also various other dishes, including breadsticks, pasta, and desserts.

In December 2019, this restaurant chain had 18,703 eateries all over the world. With a tradition longer than 60 years, Pizza Hut became one of the most recognizable, popular, and beloved pizza brands in the world.

These Amazing Restaurants Can Be Found All Around the World

This brand has several restaurant formats that are conceptually different:

  • Original dine-in restaurant for families,
  • Carry-out and storefront restaurant,
  • A hybrid form of the restaurant with dine-in, delivery, and carry-out options.

Another interesting option that some of the restaurants provide is a lunch buffet. Here you can enjoy the popular concept “all you can eat,” meaning that you pay a certain price and enjoy everything you want from their menu, including pizzas, salads, pasta, desserts, and famous breadsticks.

The style of the restaurant’s exterior started off as Colonial Style houses, but the vintage design of these objects changed through time. Today you can see these restaurants often paired with their sibling brands such as Taco Bell or KFC, and they are extremely popular around theme parks, college campuses, bowling alleys, and stores such as Target.

The process of making pizza

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Pizza Hut Buffalo Pizza Is Definitely Worth Trying – It’s Crispy, Tasty, and One of the Best Pizzas in Their Offer

With fast and efficient service and the opportunity to enjoy fulfilling your deepest cravings at one of the 18,703 pizza eateries all over the world, it would be a shame not to give a chance to this pizza. No matter if you’re a gourmand or just experimenting with different flavors for fun, this one is definitely worth a shot.

With its crunchy base and toppings to die for, this pizza will be a true blessing for all of your senses. It would be hard to tell which part of it you will like the most – the garlic-flavored base, quality tomato sauce, incredible banana papers scattered on top of it, or the tasty chicken with Buffalo sauce, Mozzarella cheese, and onions. If you ask me, this is a winning combination, so go give it a try.