Best Pizza Axe

Since you are reading this article, you probably love pizza as we do, and having a cool cutter is a great way to impress your friends. We have tried three different axes and chosen thebest pizza axe. We will provide you with honest reviews about these products, and hopefully, you will have an easier time choosing the one that suits you best.

These are the three axes:

1. Mythrojan Viking Steel Pizza Axe – The Best Item From This List


This is a truly high-quality blade made of stainless steel and a firm wooden handle. It’s highly compact and comes in a specially designed container. However, the aesthetic appeal is probably the most prominent feature having a uniquely shaped blade and Nordic etchings.


  • Stainless nine-inch steel blade,
  • Wooden handle,
  • Comes with a specially designed box and leather case for the blade.

What We Like About Mythrojan Viking Steel Axe

Just by glancing at this item, you will see that it is no ordinary knife or pizza cutter. It’s truly an axe forged in Viking style, and what makes it even more amazing is the fact that everything is handmade. Therefore, you can be sure that your friends will be amazed when you come out of the kitchen with this extraordinary utensil.

Of course, more important is the quality of the blade, and this object is, without any doubt, one of the best pizza cutters we have used. Whether it’s Papa John’s New York pizza or the thick-crusted Pizza Hut’s Detroit, cutting will be smooth and effortless. And if you have gone a level higher and bought a pizza oven, this will be a worthy addition to your pizza utensils.

What We Don’t Like About It

Plain and simple, the only disadvantage is the price which is around 130 dollars.

High-quality stainless steel and wood
The design is amazing
Comes with a specially designed protective case

2. Milcraft Axe Pizza Cutter


Milcraft cutter is a rotating blade cutter shaped into an axe. It has a bamboo handle, and the cutter is made of stainless steel. It doesn’t come with any special packaging, but the price is probably one of the lowest on the market, which is around 6 dollars.


  • Stainless steel rotating blade,
  • Bamboo handle,
  • Can be placed in a dishwasher.

What We Like About Milcraft Axe Pizza Cutter

Before we start, we have to say that this item cannot simply be compared to the Mythrojan product. However, for its incredibly low price, it does the job it is made for. The blade is decent, and we managed to cut through both thick and thin crust (although we doubt that it will be easy to cut through Little Caesars’ calzone, for example).

The design is simple, and it looks like a child’s toy. Still, such cutters are amusing, and you are bound to make your friends laugh once you take it out of the kitchen and start cutting. Also, the bamboo handle feels quite comfortable.

What We Don’t Like About It

The overall quality of craftsmanship is low, and the blade feels flimsy once you start cutting.

Incredibly cheapThe blade is not so sharp, and the thick crust requires more effort
The design is interestingThe whole object feels flimsy
It can be cleaned in a dishwasher

3. Raven Forge Original Pizza Axe


This is another cutter that is fashioned in the medieval Nordic style. The handle is made of ash which is considered to be one of the best wood for such purposes. The blade is made of stainless steel, and beautiful Nordic etchings are done with a laser.


  • 440 stainless steel blade,
  • Ash handle,
  • Comes with a specially designed leather case.

What We Like About Raven Forge Original Pizza Axe

This is another unique utensil that is bound to draw admiration from your friends. The handle feels great, and the entire utensil is light and compact. We tried the blade on different crusts, and both thick and thin were sliced with ease. But, we went a step further here and tried cutting a good pizza ham. There were no problems at all.

Another thing which we like is the fact that it comes with a leather covering specifically designed to protect the blade. Also, when cutting, no toppings attach to the surface, so cleaning it is easy. And finally, this is another cutter that is entirely handmade.

What We Don’t Like About It

Although cheaper than Mythrojan, investing around 92 dollars for a kitchen utensil can be too much.

Beautiful handmade designExpensive
High-quality materials
Comes with a leather bag

What to Look for When Buying a Pizza Axe

Try to Avoid Plastic

When buying such items, try to avoid plastic products or those with plastic parts. They are usually flimsy and get dirty easily. Moreover, it’s much harder to clean plastic afterward. Look only for metal and wood.

Look for Ones That Come in Protective Cases

If you are planning to invest money in a cool cutter, look for products that come with protective cases or coverings. These items can easily get damaged if you are not careful, mostly the blade, which can become blunt or cracked.

Etchings and Engravings Should Be Done With a Laser

As you can see, there are some really cool axes, and the main contributors are beautiful etchings. However, some manufacturers use acidic substances for etching, and that is not considered to be a clean and safe process. Using a laser is completely clean, and etchings are of higher quality.

Final Verdict – The Best Product Pizza Axe

Mythrojan Viking Steel Pizza Axe

We have to say that both Mythrojan and Ravenforge are high-quality handmade products. However, Mythrojan wins because of the amazing design. The intricate etchings are wonderful, and the handle complements the blade, making this object look like a genuine Nordic weapon. Whether for a gift or personal use, it’s a unique kitchen utensil.


Are stainless steel pizza axes easily cleaned?

Yes, they are designed in such a way that toppings don’t attach to the blades when cutting. However, not all can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Are pizza axes durable?

It depends on the material. However, handmade stainless steel blades are usually long-term investments.