Boboli Pizza Crust Review

Truth be told, making good pizza dough from scratch can be quite time-consuming. Hence, sometimes opting for a store-bought frozen dough is not a bad choice since everything can be prepared in less than fifteen minutes.

Boboli has a long tradition of making various types of quality pizza dough. Furthermore, the price is more than affordable, and the variety of different doughs enables you to experiment with all kinds of pizza recipes.

What is more, Boboli’s products have, overall, decent nutritional values for frozen products. Although there are great delivery pizzas out there, most of them have unreasonable amounts of sodium, which is not the case with Boboli’s dough. Furthermore, by having the opportunity to choose your own toppings, you will have additional control over the nutritional value.

All in all, definitely check this review if you are looking to start preparing your own pizzas.

Is Boboli Pizza Crust for You?

If you have grown tired of always ordering Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Little Caesars, but still can’t dedicate time to make homemade pizza dough (it does require a couple of hours if you want it to be good), getting one of the Boboli’s products might be the ideal choice for you.

Boboli’s products don’t require any kind of preparation. Once you open the packaging, you can immediately start putting the toppings and ingredients of your choice. No thawing is required, and furthermore, these doughs have a long expiration time, so nothing is stopping you from keeping all the extra crusts you’ve bought in a freezer.

Finally, this type of dough can be baked anywhere. A regular kitchen oven will do the trick, but if you have fancy equipment like a pellet pizza oven, all the better. The oven should just be preheated, and the pizza will be done, as mentioned, in less than fifteen minutes.

What We Like About Boboli Pizza Crust

First of all, Boboli offers different types of dough, original pizza crust (it could be compared to hand-tossed dough in Domino’s, for example), thin crust, and cauliflower thin crust. Furthermore, they offer the two-pack original crust (smaller in size, though) for a great price which can be great for parties.

The nutritional value is what surprised us the most. A proposed serving size (regular slice of pizza like in any pizza parlor) has 280 mg of sodium. Given the fact that you can choose a good pizza ham, cheese, and sauces, this number can even stay below 500. This is great, considering that a regular slice of delivery pizza usually has around 700-800 mg of sodium.

Finally, the texture of the Boboli original pizza crust is not bad at all. It has decent crispiness, and in most cases, this pizza dough is much better than that of a delivery pizza since you will start eating immediately after taking it out of the oven.

What We Don’t Like About Boboli Pizza Crust

For starters, you have to be really careful when baking this dough. In more modern ovens, it will be done in less than ten minutes, so you mustn’t get carried away. Unfortunately, two or three additional minutes can ruin everything. The dough will get burnt easily if you don’t check it constantly.

There is no significant difference between the original crust and the thin crust. It could be stated that both can be used for making the famous New York-style pizza (known for its thin crust), which can be disappointing if you wish to try some more specific recipes.

Finally, if you want a crust that really adds to the flavor of the entire pizza, getting Boboli or any frozen dough, for that matter, will not be satisfactory. As mentioned, the dough has a decent texture. However, it is, for the most part, flavorless, and the success will depend entirely on the toppings.

Pros & Cons

Boboli offers a variety of pizza crustsNo significant difference between the original and thin-crust
Reasonable priceEasily burnt if not careful
Decent textureFlavorless
Good nutritional value

What’s Included

  • Original pizza crust,
  • Thin pizza crust,
  • Cauliflower thin pizza crust,
  • Original pizza crust, two-pack.

We especially liked the idea of the cauliflower crust, which is low on carbs. However, the freedom to choose the ingredients of your liking is truly great. The original pizza crust works wonderfully with vegan pizza cheese, for example.


  • Pre-made frozen crusts ready to be baked immediately after opening,
  • Original pizza crust has 140 calories per serving,
  • Cauliflower thin pizza crust has 160 calories per serving,
  • Thin pizza crust has 170 calories per serving.

Whatever frozen dough you choose to buy, it will be baked quickly. More importantly, similar products will rarely have such decent nutritional values. We have to say that this is a pleasant surprise since frozen products are notorious for being unhealthy. You can even make it healthier by buying quality toppings.

Final Breakdown


We want to say that making a pizza at home with frozen dough is almost always better than ordering or getting a few slices in the nearby pizza parlor. The main reason is that the pizza you make will be fresh. Taking into account all other frozen doughs that we have tried, Bobolis is not bad at all.

However, don’t forget that it is still frozen, so don’t hold any high expectations. If you want a traditional pizza, it is best to learn how to knead. However, Boboli products are ideal for birthday parties and other social gatherings where there isn’t much time for kneading. Finally, knowing that it is not as unhealthy as delivery pizza and other store-bought products is a huge plus.