Does Pizza Hut Have Sandwiches?

For all pizza lovers out there, Pizza Hut has always been a true paradise, thanks to dreamy recipes and delicious flavors. But, as it often happens, popular dining places such as this one extend their offer, so their faithful customers can choose between several different options. This is why some people might wonder: does Pizza Hut have sandwiches?

Pizza Hut currently doesn’t have sandwiches, but they did offer them in the past. The last sandwiches were introduced to customers about a decade ago when Pizza Hut launched the P’Zolo. These sandwiches were delicious and came in different flavors.

Pizza Hut restaurant

Pizza Hut continuously surprises customers with tasty and original recipes, and P’Zolo was definitely one of them. Before they were introduced, customers were not aware of how much they needed them. These tasty and affordable snacks were something you could grab at any time. You could experiment with sauces and flavors before finding out which combination was your favorite, and you would see why many think Pizza Hut is the best choice.

Does Pizza Hut Have Sandwiches?

You probably already know what style of pizza Pizza Hut is known for and what type of pizza they offer. Pizza Hut is considered one of the most popular pizza places, but many customers wonder if this place has to offer some other options besides this Italian dish. Some customers even started to wonder whether Pizza Hut has sandwiches. Interestingly, Pizza Hut did introduce some new creative recipes to their customers, and they were more than delicious. However, these sandwiches have since become unavailable.

These sandwiches came in three different flavors and were quickly winning the hearts of many faithful customers and were a true inspiration to those who expected something different, but they still kept signature seasonings and flavors that connect them to your beloved pizza. These flavors certainly amazed everyone, and these sandwiches were definitely worth trying.

There Were Three Different Flavors You Can Choose From

What can you expect from Pizza Hut’s original sandwich recipes? First of all, they were introduced to customers as P’Zolo, and this charming snack came in three flavors:

  • Meat Trio,
  • Buffalo Chicken,
  • Italian Steak.

All the sandwiches were freshly baked in the recognizable and delicious golden crust and sprinkled with Asiago cheese, which made them even tastier. Take a look at this table, and learn more about each of these fabulous options.

Meat TrioPepperoni, ham and cheese, Italian sausage
Chicken BuffaloBuffalo seasoning, white-meat chicken, and cheese
Italian SteakRoasted vegetables, marinated steak, and cheese

No matter which flavor you picked, it used to come served with your choice of ranch or marinara dipping sauce. This used to ensure you get the absolute best taste and the most fulfilling experience that will leave you craving for more.

Customers Were Also Amazed by Its Affordability

Another great thing about these snacks was their affordability. The price for one of these delicious sandwiches was only $3, which is not the best part. You could get two of them for $5, which made this offer even better.

Learn More About Nutritional Values of These Sandwiches

When it comes to street food, only one thing might worry you, and it’s not the taste – these are calories. Nutritional values are very important when it comes to eating guilty pleasures such as this one, but don’t worry; you’ll learn all about them right away.

Nutritional InfoCaloriesFatSodiumCarbsProtein
Meat Trio550 (100 from fat)28 g (11 g of saturated fat)1319 mg50 g (3 g of sugar)24 g
Chicken Buffalo420 (100 from fat)12 g (5 g of saturated fat)1350 mg51 g (3 g of sugar)27 g
Italian Steak400 (110 from fat)12 g (5 g of saturated fat)1130 mg53 g (5 g of sugar)21 g
Ranch Dipping Sauce220 (210 from fat)23 g (3.5 g of saturated fat)420 mg2 g (1 g of sugar)0 g
Marinara Dipping Sauce60 (0 from fat)0 g440 mg12 g (9 g of sugar)2 g

You can easily tell that these sandwiches were quite similar when it comes to calorie intake, but Italian steak was the “healthiest” option if you were on a diet. Eating these amazing sandwiches without sauces used to be a good way to compromise if you wanted to lower your calorie intake.

P’Zolo Has an Interesting Name Origin

One of the things that made these sandwiches super interesting was their name P’Zolo. It sounds a bit strange and most certainly Italian, so you are probably wondering what it means and how did they come up with it? It is actually short for pizzolo – another popular Italian dish. Pizzolo is a sort of stuffed pizza or flatbread which looks like a layered, flat pizza with both sweet and savory toppings. This dish can be considered similar to Pizza Hut’s P’Zolo.

Some consider P’Zolo a kind of pizza burrito. It used to have a similar flavor as pizza, but it was rolled in a way that its shapes remind you of a burrito. No matter how you look at it, this tasty meal was always enjoyable.

With These Delicious Flavors It Was Hard to Decide Which One Is Your Favorite

No matter how much you like to stick to your old routines and habits and choose something that you already know it’s good, like your favorite pizza, you should stay open to new flavors, especially when they come from your favorite pizza chain – Pizza Hut.

Every combo of these flavors, toppings, and sauces was remarkable, so it’s not surprising why they were so popular among customers. However, unless Pizza Hut decides to put them back on the menu, you won’t be able to try them for yourself.