Dunkin Donuts Pizza Review

Dunkin Donuts (also known as simply Dunkin) is a multinational coffee and donuts chain of restaurants. It was founded in 1950 by Bill Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts. Aside from the main offer (donuts and coffee,) DD has other products such as sandwiches, pizza, pizza bagels, muffins, hash browns, wraps, and much more.

Dunkin Donuts launched personal pan-size pizza in 2008. A five-inch dish came in three variants – Supreme, Pepperoni, and Cheese. Supreme was made of Italian sausage, pepperoni, and green and red peppers. Pepperoni pizza had a topping made of mozzarella and diced pepperoni, while Cheese was topped with asiago, mozzarella, parmesan, and romano cheese. These pizzas are no longer made in Dunkin Donuts, and their quality may be the main reason why they’ve never stuck around.

DD introduced Breakfast Pizza with bacon and veggies in 2019, but this product is also not available anymore. From time to time, DD launches limited additional products for holidays, and some of those products were varieties of pizza bagels. Also, depending on the location, you may find dunking pizza or bagels. I was lucky at the time and have tried all the pizza products DD has launched. Here is our verdict.  

What Were Dunkin Donuts Pizzas Like?

Dunkin Donuts personal pan pizzas are made for people who would like to indulge their pizza cravings on the go. It was small in size and an affordable option for working people who are looking to have a quick bite before returning to work. Also, this product was excellent for those who like to eat salty food in the morning for breakfast but don’t want to overeat. Personal pan pizzas were perfect to be eaten with some of the famous DD cups of coffee. This pizza is not for true lovers of this Italian delicacy – DD products only resemble pizzas both in taste and texture. And even though DD doesn’t make these pizzas anymore, they do have some limited editions from time to time, but I believe that even those pizzas are not good enough to bear that name. So if you would like to eat a slice of pizza, there are many better options you can try.

What I Liked About Dunkin Donuts Pizzas

The price of this product was budget-friendly, and its size was perfect for those who were not too hungry but wanted to grab a bite to keep them going until they had something concrete to eat. The cheese pizza tasted excellent – the cheese was good quality and was not too greasy. It tasted better than many frozen pizzas I have tasted before. The combination of vegetables, Italian sausage, and pepperoni, along with mozzarella cheese, gave that special kick to Supreme pizza to taste as good as most frozen counterpart products.

What I Didn’t Like About Dunkin Donuts Pizzas

Well, the first thing I didn’t like about Dunkin Donuts pizzas is their similarity to frozen pizzas. In fact, if I compare DD’s personal size “Pepperoni Pizza” to any frozen pizza in the world, it could be said their product tasted worse. If I had to describe in detail what Pepperoni Pizza was like, I would say that the cardboard with cheese probably tasted better. The pepperoni pizza was not good – the crust was too hard and chewy, while the pepperoni was not of the finest quality. If you wanted to eat something that tastes worse than frozen pizza, then this was your choice. Overall, DD produces bagels, donuts, and coffee, and it was hard to expect to eat good quality pizza. And yes, nobody expected coffee chains to use the best quality pizza ham or that their pizzas would taste like brick oven pizzas, but to be like frozen pizza is the last thing I expected.     

Pros and Cons of Dunkin Donuts Pizzas

Like in any product, there are good and bad sides. Here are listed pros and cons for Dunkin Donuts pizzas.

Low-costTasted like frozen pizza
Serving size excellent for small mealsCrust was to tick and chevy
Cheese Pizza was tastySize was too small for hungry people
Overall taste was not good

What Was Included in the Dunkin Donuts Pizzas

  • Wheat flour crust
  • Cheese (mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, and romano)
  • Italian sausage (Supreme)
  • Peperoni (Supreme and Pepperoni pizza)
  • Red and green bell peppers (Supreme)
  • DD box for pizza

Depending on the pizza type different products can be found, in our opinion the best and tastiest option is cheese pizza.  


Wheat flour crust
Five-inch size
One-inch thick crust
Outer ring of a pizza is similar to Chicago style pizza

Main Features of Dunkin Donuts Pizzas

  • Small serving size that is excellent for a quick bite
  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple ingredients
  • Thick dough 

Even though the price was not too high, the cost of Domino’s pizza was not that high either, and the taste and quality were better.  

The Final Verdict Is 3 Out of 10

DD pizzas are not among the best products I tasted. The main reason why this grade is so low is because of the fact you are buying the product at the coffee and bagel house, and you would expect a bit more effort from their side. If I wanted to eat frozen pizza, I could have made one at home and eaten it with a whole family for the same price. In fact, some frozen pizza doughs are much better options than this one was. And even though cheese pizza has tasted excellent, it still wasn’t satisfied my taste when it comes to buying pizza on foot outside. Pizza hut and local pizza stores are much better options than DD.

Also, there are breakfast pizzas at DD – these are small bagels with pizza toppings on top. They don’t taste bad, but there are other better options you can try at DD, like a Wake-Up Wrap sandwich or stuffed bagel minis.