How Is Pizza Hut Pasta?

Pizza Hut has upgraded its menu once again. After incorporating tasty breadsticks and delicious pizzas, they’ve decided it’s time to launch brand-new oven-baked pasta dishes. You can now choose between Chicken Alfredo, Italian Meats, Veggie, and Cheesy Alfredo. So, how is Pizza Hut pasta, and is it worth ordering?

Even though Pizza Hut specializes primarily in delectable specialty pizzas, their pasta dishes are on par with pasta dishes from other fast food restaurants. They are well-thought-out and filling meals that would be a perfect option if you want to skip ordering pizza again.

Pasta with white sauce

How Is Pizza Hut Pasta and What Can You Order?

Pizza Hut pasta entrees can simply be described as filling, full of flavor, and authentic. The company has decided to improve its pasta recipes after 19 years. The dishes are cheesy, doughy, and exquisite. For a pizzeria, the quality of the dishes is a pleasant surprise by all accounts.

Here are the varieties you can order:

  • Veggie – Are you searching for a unique Pizza Hut Special? Then request a Veggie pasta which is topped with opinions, tomatoes, green peppers, and black olives. The special ingredients are oven-baked cheese and sweet tomato sauce.
  • Italian Meats – The next best thing after Meat Lover’s and BBQ pizzas is Italian Meats pasta. It is a delicious meal topped with pepperoni, tomato sauce, and Italian sausage.
  • Chicken Alfredo – If you love the savory Pizza Hut Alfredo sauce, you will be delighted with this pasta variety. Apart from the sauce, the meal contains juicy grilled chicken and oven-baked cheese.
  • Cheesy Alfredo – An alternative to a Pizza Hut Garlic Parmesan pizza can be a Cheesy Alfredo pasta. It contains baked parmesan as well, but the Alfredo sauce and additional cheese layers make it an incredibly delicious meal.

This is not the end of your order if you choose pasta next time you call Pizza Hut. They have an accompanying side dish that you can choose from. The chef can top your dish with parmesan and oregano, and you can choose to have either garlic bread or breadstick. It’s up to you to decide what would suit you the best.

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How Is Oven-Baked Veggie Pasta?

Don’t expect the veggie pasta dish to be similar to Pizza Hut’s veggie pizza. The two are completely different. One can expect to have a filling and appetizing pasta that features a lot of cheese and savory but sweet tomato sauce. The vegetable ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, and black olives are not at the forefront.

Dried oregano and gooey parmesan add the strongest flavors. Therefore, if you are up for a healthier pasta version, order veggie pasta but expect the main toppings to be the oven-baked cheese and the sauce.

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How Is Oven-Baked Cheesy Alfredo Pasta?

Are you a cheese lover? Then, oven-baked Cheesy Alfredo pasta is just up your alley. With deliciously baked parmesan and delectable Alfredo sauce, you will enjoy the simplicity of this dish. It is quite similar to Veggie pasta but without the additional vegetables. What made this pasta complete is the Alfredo sauce that tastes different from the typical Alfredo sauce that you can buy in a jar at the grocery store. It is salty, creamy, and delectable. This pasta works best with an appetizing side dish.

What Side Dish to Order With Oven-Baked Cheesy Alfredo Pasta?

The perfect side dish to accompany your Cheesy Alfredo pasta are Pizza Hut’s popular breadsticks. They are crispy on the outside and incredibly soft on the inside. They are a splendid blend of cheese and chewy dough. Additionally, a special marinara sauce dip with your breadstick would improve the flavor of the entire meal even more. The combination of parmesan cheese, Alfredo sauce and marinara sauce dip with breadsticks is a go-to-combination when ordering Cheesy Alfredo pasta.

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How Is Oven-Baked Italian Meats Pasta?

If you want to have a meal filled with meat toppings, then Italian Meats pasta is the best choice. The flavor of well-seasoned Italian sausage and a bit of spicy pepperoni meshes well with the flavorful tomato sauce. The ingredients are the same as with Meat Lover’s pizza, so it is a great alternative if you order it frequently at the pizzeria.

The cheese that is featured in this pasta is not overpowering like with Veggie and Cheesy Alfredo. The only thing that Italian Meats lacks is the freshness of the Veggie pasta. It is a hearty meal without any vegetables to accompany the meat. It would taste even better if it included diced tomatoes, bell peppers and onions.

How Is Oven-Baked Chicken Alfredo Pasta?

The absolute best type of pasta is Chicken Alfredo. The ingredients just work extremely well together. It is truly a classic that will always have the top spot when it comes to Pizza Hut pasta dishes. Even though it features just grilled chicken pieces, creamy Alfredo sauce and cheese, it is still the most flavorful out of all the varieties.

The meat is juicy and tender, while the cheese is extra savory. Pizza Hut never shies away from adding a lot of sauce to their meals and Chicken Alfredo isn’t an exception. The penne is also very chewy and appetizing.

What Dessert to Order After Eating Chicken Alfredo Pasta?

When ordering Chicken Alfredo pasta, one has to ask for a dessert that would complete the meal entirely. It’s best to order Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie since it is a piping hot dessert filled with gooey chocolate. A sweet and fresh-baked dessert is perfect after having one of the best pasta varieties at Pizza Hut. A good fact to know when requesting Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie is that it is a big dish that two or three people can eat together.

Chocolate chip cookie

How Much Do Oven-Baked Pasta Dishes Cost?

The newly added specialty pasta dishes don’t vary a lot from the former dishes when it comes to the price. Here is a table of the prices you can expect in stores nationwide.

Chicken Alfredo pasta$8.99
Veggie pasta$8.99
Cheesy Alfredo pasta$8.99
Italian Meats pasta$8.99
Family Pasta Pairs – any two recipes$13.99

Choose a Pasta Dish You Like the Most and Order One Right Away

You don’t want to miss the brand new specialty dishes at Pizza Hut. Not only will you have four different recipes to choose from, but the accompanying side dishes will double the fun. Choose Cheesy Alfredo or Veggie if you want the pasta to be immersed in as much parmesan cheese as possible, but opt for Italian Meats if you are a fan of meat toppings.

But if you ask me, the finest pasta by far is Chicken Alfredo since the combination of ingredients is incredible. However, ordering two is also possible since there is a Family Pasta Pairs option. Don’t hesitate to call Pizza Hut today and place your order.