What Specials Does Pizza Hut Have?

Pizza Hut surprises its patrons on a regular basis by launching numerous limited-edition specials. Some of the specials can be found on the menu for a very long time, while others are featured for only a couple of months. So, what specials does Pizza Hut have currently?

Pizza Hut is offering specials such as Detroit-style pizzas starting at $10.99, Original stuffed crust pizzas for the price of $12.99, the $10 Tastemaker, and oven-baked pasta.  There are numerous varieties and topping combinations available, so don’t miss out on the current specials.

Pizza with tomatoes and mushrooms

What Specials Does Pizza Hut Have?

The company has strived to update its special menu often. In 2022 one of the dishes that were the most popular were Spicy Lover’s pizzas. However, this limited edition special is currently unavailable, and the new dishes have been incorporated into the specials menu.

One can choose from meals such as large 1-Topping pizza, Original stuffed crust, Medium pizzas, Boneless & Traditional wings, and Oven-baked pasta. But, the most in-demand are new Detroit-style pizzas and $10 Tastemaker.

Pizza with ham and cheese

Brand New Detroit-Style Pizzas Should Be Your Top Choice

With the return of the Detroit-style pizzas to the menu, many diners were pleased with the company’s choice. One of the best pizza types, Detroit-style pizza, was first launched in 2021, but it soon became a fan favorite, and Pizza Hut simply had to reintroduce it again as a special in 2022.

This popular dish is characterized by its rectangular shape, thick crust that is sponge-like, crispy crust edge, and marinara sauce. The rectangular shape can be achieved by using a blue-steel pan. The melting cheese and pepperonis are flavorful and savory, making the pizzas taste incredible.

What Types of Detroit-Style Pizzas Can You Order?

These days, Detroit-style pizzas might be slightly different, but the affordability and authenticity remain as they were. Every pizza has layers of cheese and toppings from end to end. On top of everything, one can find a first-class tomato sauce, ripened in vine. There are four recipes for this pizza you can choose to order.

Type of Detroit-style pizzaPrice
Double Pepperoni (classic Pepperoni, Crispy Cupped Pepperoni)$12.99
Meaty Deluxe (Crispy Cupped Pep., Bacon, Italian Sausage)$12.99
Supremo (Red Onions, Green Peppers, Italian Sausage)$12.99
CYO (1st Topping Included, Additional toppings $1)$11.99

How Does the Detroit-Style Pizza Taste?

The star of the Detroit-Style pizza is the trick and moist crust. The crispy golden exterior and the fluffy interior make the pizza taste great. The flavor is similar to the pan pizza. The cheese that is along the edge contributes to the crispy texture.

The creamy mozzarella in the middle of the pizza is appetizing and melts easily when you pull the slices apart. The flavor is enhanced with the crispy cupped pepperoni that is not dry or overcooked.

Additionally, there is an overwhelming amount of marinara sauce that was spooned onto the center of each slice. The slightly sweet and tangy flavor is intense but not overpowering. Overall, the Pizza Hut Detroit-Style pizzas are a valuable purchase for the price it is offered at.

 Rectangular pizza

The $10 Deal Called Tastemaker Is an Authentic Addition to the Menu

The $10 Tastemaker is featured on the menu for the sole purpose of meeting a lot of people’s pizza preferences. With this incredible deal, the customers can choose three toppings on a large pizza for as little as $10. This means that the Tastemaker can come in various flavors – to be exact, 680 different combinations are possible.

Do you want pepperoni, pineapple, and olives or sausage, pepperonis, and onions? You can choose whichever combination you desire. Still, those individuals who like to layer additional toppings should know that it can get a bit pricey. One can order over the phone, online, or in-person, and the pizzas are available via contactless delivery, curbside pickup, and carryout.

Pizza with black olives on a plate

What Are the Best Three Topping Combinations You Can Order?

Having trouble deciding what three toppings would work the best together on your Tastemaker? Don’t worry! We have a list of toppings that taste amazing when paired together. Before ordering, you can select the one that seems the most appetizing to you.

  • Mushrooms, pepperoni, and banana peppers,
  • Green olives, sausage, mushrooms,
  • Green olives, bacon, and pepperoni,
  • Mushrooms, bacon, pineapple,
  • Green pepper, mushrooms, and pepperoni,
  • Tasty ham, pineapple, jalapenos,
  • Artichoke hearts, black olives, and Italian sausage.

Searching for a Classic Pizza Hut Special? Original Stuffed Crust Is the Answer

The Original Stuffed Crust pizzas are available now for only $12.99. They offer more flavor since the crust is filled with cheese as well. The Original Stuffed Crust is for anyone who is a fan of cheesy pizza. The warm golden crust is the main feature, while the soft and salty mozzarella on top of the pie is deliciously paired with other toppings. You can have a stuffed crust with black olives, mushrooms, red onions, tomatoes, and green bell peppers, as well as with meat toppings such as beef seasoned sausage and pepperonis.

Stuffed crust pizza

Other Delicious Specials Include Oven-Baked Pasta

Apart from pizzas, there are limited-edition oven-bake pasta dishes available. Each meal includes garlic bread and breadsticks, and there are four distinct recipes you can decide to order. The selection includes Italian Meat, Chicken Alfredo, Veggie, and Cheesy Alfredo. The classic combination of grilled chicken, cheese, and creamy Alfredo sauce is an ideal choice for individuals who want to enjoy tasty pasta. On the other hand, Italian Meat is an alternative to any type of pizza since it is packed with sweet tomato sauce, Italian sausage, and pepperoni.

Pasta with meat

What Specials Would You Like to Try?

Have you picked a meal you’d like to order? It might be confusing at first since numerous dishes can be found on the special menu. However, if you have a type of pizza you eat regularly, you can find the one that you will like the most. Detroit-style pizza is the new special that many people order, while Tastemaker and Stuffed Crust have remained in demand for a long time. If you don’t want to purchase a pizza, oven-bake pasta can be another option.